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Meridian Middle School Parent Orientation and Internet Safety Evening.

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1 Meridian Middle School Parent Orientation and Internet Safety Evening

2 Agenda Welcome Rationale General Guidelines Internet Safety, Kent Police Home Use and Care Discipline Hierarchy Student Parent Laptop Agreement

3 Why One to One Computing? There is more technology outside of schools than in schools. It is critical that students have essential 21 st century skills. Kids are wired a bit differently. ◦The world is wired ◦Distance is becoming less relevant ◦We compete increasingly on a world stage ◦Work that can be digitized can go anywhere Kent School District #4153

4 General Guidelines

5 All use of the system must support education. All use of the system must follow local, state, and federal law. No use may disrupt other users: hacking, abusing software, download or altering files, or introducing viruses.

6 General Guidelines Users may not develop programs to harass other users. Users are responsible for the appropriateness and content of public and private material on the system in any form. Using chat groups or other online services is prohibited.

7 Intellectual Property It is important to remember that there are acceptable legal and ethical behaviors related to information and technology. ◦No music, no movies, no games ◦No downloading ◦Follow Electronic Use ◦Respect Copyright ◦Don’t Plagiarize ◦ Use good common sense

8 With DyKnow Monitor ®, educators can experience the teaching and learning benefits of computers without introducing electronic distraction. DyKnow Classroom Management Software

9 Blocking non-curricular applications and URLs Taking remote control of student computers Blanking students' screens and sending a message Opening and closing applications on students' computers Shutting down and restarting students' computers Transferring files electronically Polling students and receiving immediate feedback Teaching and Learning Benefits

10 Internet Safety Cesi Velez Kent Police Community Education Specialist

11 Users should not share login or passwords. Users should follow Internet safety guidelines. Security

12 KSD will review and monitor all activity on the network for responsible use. Dyknow Classroom Management Software Users should be aware that technology use can be traced throughout the network. All files stored on the system are the property of the district and are subject to regular review and monitoring. Monitored Use

13 KSD may remove a user’s access to the network without notice at any time if the user is engaged in any unauthorized activity. KSD will cooperate with law enforcement investigations relating to any inappropriate activities. Monitored Use

14 District Internet filter ◦Filters are not perfect ◦Filter works at home but parents still need to monitor ◦Don’t bypass: violation ◦Report any glitches to teachers. Security

15 Laptop Care

16 Online gaming is allowed if: All school work is completed A parent/guardian has given permission and monitors the activity Gaming is educational appropriate. No download of any kind is needed, including ActiveX At home use

17 Instant-messaging (IM/AOL) is acceptable at home under the supervision of a parent/guardian and it follows the electronic use policy. Watching DVDs or listening to CDs is permitted with the permission of a parent/guardian.

18 Laptop Care Do not put stickers on the laptop. Do not deface the laptop in any way. This includes but is not limited to marking, painting, drawing or marring any surface of the laptops.

19 Damage Think of a laptop like a textbook—same rules apply for excessive damage or lost item. Students are responsible for their laptops and assigned parts. Students will be assessed the fee of the cost of the item. Severe damage will be evaluated by the district’s support vendor.

20 Fees and Fines ItemCost Full Package: Laptop, Charger, Extended Battery, Internal Battery and Laptop Case $940.00 Laptop$575.00 Charger$78.00 Extended Battery$112.00 Internal Battery$115.00 Laptop Case$60.00 Gross Negligence DamagePrices vary

21 Theft If a laptop is stolen while off campus, report stolen items to the police and bring the case number to school administration for the district security office. Not providing a police report and case number will result in the cost of the full laptop or any other part/item. On school site theft should be reported immediately to school security.

22 What happens if….? Discipline Hierarchy

23 Typical Tech Violations Placing the computer at risk of damage Off-task behavior during class Email IM Surfing the web Working on assignments for other classes Listening to headphones when not directed by teacher Multi-tasking Violating the Acceptable Use Policy Non-school related photos Downloaded material Inappropriate content (low- level) Playing games Accessing Facebook/MySpace outside of school Applying an unapproved desktop background Violations Of A Greater Nature Should Be Treated as a Level 3 School Violation – e.g. Student and Paperwork Sent to Main Office.

24 Meridian Discipline Hierarchy Loss of all KSD Tech Privileges Fifth Offense Indefinite Restricted computer use Tech Use Review Board/Suspension Fourth Offense 1-Month Restricted Computer After-School Detention Tech Use Review Board Third Offense 5-Day Restricted Computer License at school (computer does not go home) Second Offense 3-Day Restricted Computer License (computer does not go home) First Offense Tech violation referral to Mrs. Duckett /Infraction relating to tech. violation Classroom Interventions Verbal WarningsSeating Changes Teacher Contact with Home Re-teaching

25 Student Parent Laptop Agreement

26 Taking laptops home 1. Pass driver’s license test with 80% proficiency 2. Parent attend orientation 3. Parent and student sign laptop agreement 4. Continue appropriate use

27 Family responsibility 1. Remind your child of the rules. 2. Handle the computer safely. 3. Fully charge the battery every evening. 4. Your child is responsible for damage.

28 Thank you for coming

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