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Unit 8 First Aid DR ABC.

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1 Unit 8 First Aid DR ABC

2 Describe the accident:
The car: The passengers: upside down get hurt/injured/bleeding

3 What would you do to help them if you witnessed the accident?
be present and see I would___________________. call 110 police department call an ambulance emergency medical services call 120 _______________ is the most important before a doctor comes? Giving first aid

4 What? First aid is ___ ______ __ giving _______ ____ to a person before a doctor can be found. the science of medical care Who? Anyone with the right knowledge. How? quickly correctly It should be given _______ and _________. Seconds count in an emergency. Time is life

5 What do hospitals recommend to us when we have to think fast?
D --- Danger R --- Response A --- Airway B --- Breathing C --- Circulation DR ABC

6 ? Keep DR ABC in mind D: Do you think it’s dangerous to see an accident? What do you need to give first aid? R: What does it mean when a person can give some response? A: How can you open a person’s airway? B: In what way can you start a person’s breathing? C: Can you show me the way to check a person’s pulse? What can you do to stop the bleeding?

7 D --- Danger R --- Response A --- Airway B --- Breathing
C --- Circulation courage/ bravery/to stay calm conscious/breathe Open airway by tipping his/her head back slightly. Mouth-to-mouth breathing should be done ___________. within 5 ms cover/press on

8 3 important things to keep in mind?
If the person’s heart isn’t beating, you should _________________. If the person is not breathing, you should ________________. If the person is bleeding badly, you should _______________. start his heartbeat start his breathing stop the bleeding

9 Tip his head back and clean his mouth.
Take fresh air in. Pinch his nose and breathe air into his mouth. Put one hand onto the other Press his chest times per minute.

10 Press fingers onto the bleeding point and hold it.
Cover the wound with a piece of clean cloth or bandage.

11 Animal bites burns Common injuries cuts poisoning

12 Cover the pan Wash & dry Put a piece of dry cloth See a doctor Wash the wound. Dry & cover See a doctor.

13 Clear the airway Start his/her breathing Spit out the poison Send him/her to hospital with the bottle. wash dry cover

14 Quiz: 1. If a pan of oil catches fire, pour some water into the pan. F 2. If someone is chocking, we should turn him over and slap his back heavily. T 3. Mouth-to-mouth breathing should be given within 10 minutes. F 4. Check a person’s pulse by putting a finger on the person’s neck or wrist to make sure his/her blood is circulating. T 5. The letters DR ABC show us what to do in an emergency. T

15 6 We should put the person in the recovery position after having given first aid.
7 We should put poisons or medicine within children’s reach. F 8 Tipping the person’s head back can help him become conscious. F

16 Homework: Supposing you were a doctor, you would give a talk about first aid. Prepare your speech. Find out the sentences with the Subjunctive Mood in the passage.

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