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1 Welcome New Members  Carolyn Treleven – Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction  Teresa Maxwell – Executive Director of Communities in Schools.

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1 1 Welcome New Members  Carolyn Treleven – Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction  Teresa Maxwell – Executive Director of Communities in Schools  Rosalind Medina, Director of Budget  Lillian Ebersole-Hunter – Principal at Oakland  Mary Chapman – Principal at Franklin  Joseph Raniero – Career Counselor at Wilson  Riley Kilen – Senior from Wilson Revised 11/7/2007

2 Tacoma Public Schools Technology Planning Advisory Committee Meeting November 13, 2007

3 3 Agenda 5:00pm – Welcome and Member Introductions. Administrative Comments. 5:20pm – Review Mission, Vision, Committee Purpose, Meeting Dates 5:30pm – Milestone Accomplishments and Update 5:40pm – Project Discussion 5:55pm – Load Bus for Tech Equity Tour 6:05pm – Begin Tour at McCarver 6:35pm – Tech Equity 6:55pm – Feedback for Steering Committee 7:15pm – Next Steps and Plus / Delta 7:20pm – Complete McCarver Visit 7:30pm – Load Bus for Return to Admin Building Revised 11/7/2007 

4 4 Welcome Co-chair Ron Hack – Chief Financial Officer Guest: Lester “Flip” Herndon - Assistant Superintendent K-12 Support Revised 11/7/2007

5 Meeting Rules  Listen. Respect all committee members.  Participate fully (store PDAs, cell phones)  Keep comments brief and to the point.  Help keep to the agenda.  Share your ideas. Differences are respected.  Attack the process, not the individual. 5Revised 11/7/2007

6 6 District Vision The vision of the Tacoma Public School District is to establish and maintain an alliance among students, parents, administrators, teachers, staff and community, which will continually adapt to new situations by improving the education offered to our students in order to prepare them for the ever-changing challenges of life. Revised 11/7/2007

7 7 Technology Services Mission The Tacoma School District's Technology Services Department’s mission is to develop, implement, operate and maintain cost effective systems providing tools, services and support to students and staff. Revised 11/7/2007

8 8 Committee Purpose and Role Purpose  Provide focus from a stakeholder perspective  Review and Discuss Technology Plan Updates  Monitor the 3-Year Technology Plan Progress Role  Provide feedback for District Steering Committee consideration and prioritization Superintendent and Cabinet Revised 11/7/2007

9 9 Committee Meeting Dates  5pm – 7:30pm at the Administration Building February 5, Tuesday May 6, Tuesday  Informal meetings will be scheduled between the main committee meeting dates for more frequent discussions and updates for those interested, please sign up on the Interest Sheet. Revised 11/7/2007

10 10 Milestone Accomplishments  Three Year Tech Plan Approved ! Board Approved June 14, 2007  Projects By the Numbers: 7 Complete 17 Underway 9 Added 5 Pending Simplification Decisions Revised 11/7/2007 Complete

11 11 Update to Projects Revised 11/7/2007  eProject – Project Management Methodology – On Track  Remote Desktop - Done  Accelerated Reader - Done  E-Rate Qualified - Done  PBX Upgrade – On Track  eSIS System Upgrade – Done  

12 12 eProject Sreenshots Revised 11/7/2007

13 13Revised 11/7/2007 

14  Student Electronic Lockers Implemented where possible  T.A.D. Rehosting (Tacoma’s assessment tool for student performance) - Done  Library System Conversion - Done  Tech Equity – Almost Done Update to Projects (cont.) 14Revised 11/7/2007

15 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 15Revised 11/7/2007

16 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 LAWSON ERP Project Acctg & Purchasing Personnel, Payroll, Prof. Devel. Budget, Dashboards, Business Intel. Sharepoint Project – Web portal Replace Web Enhance Web Portal District Wide Dashboards Via Web Portal ESIS Student Records System Special Services IEP Advance Module Web Version Upgrade Implementation Potential Parent Access Module Implementation? (Grades, HW, Attend, Disc. On line) Automate and train end users to create own reports Teacher Assist with Grade-book Module Implementation? Technology - Other Projects Textbook Inventory System Wireless Project TAD Grades On Line Pilot Data Warehouse with Dashboards TAD Re-engineered Programmed and Implemented APEX On Line Gray MS UpgradeMcilvaigh Upgrade Pod Casting and TPS-TV Phone Switch Replacement in All Schools (AVAYA Upgrade) Three Year Tech Plan Development Technology Simplification MAC vs PC Std Software Images Novell vs MS vs Linex… Modernization Phase 1Modernization Phase 2Modernization Phase 3 Single Network Operating System Create Test Lab for Software Acceptance Tech Equity Student Electronic Lockers 16Revised 11/7/2007

17 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 17Revised 11/7/2007

18 18 Tour at McCarver 1.5 minute personal break 2.Put tent card in binder 3.Take your binders and personal belongings 4.Load bus in the parking lot 5.See you at McCarver! 6.If you plan to drive separately, please meet at the main foyer entry. Driving instructions are provided by Cindy Pantley. Revised 11/7/2007

19 19 Project Progress (cont)  Tech Equity Principal Welcome Teacher Demo and Sharing Librarian Demo and Sharing Revised 11/7/2007

20 Feedback – Open Forum  Please provide your comments and suggestions for feedback to the Technology Steering Committee  Open Forum  Keep to 2 minutes maximum to allow others to share.  Comments will be captured on the flip chart. 20Revised 11/7/2007

21 21 Next Steps  Save Tuesday, February 5, 5pm start.  Provide updates from today to your constituency.  Informal Discussions and Updates, “Coffee with Shaun,” will be provided for those that would like a more frequent update on project activity. Dates and times will be determined. Please sign up  Email with any questions following this Revised 11/7/2007

22 22 Plus / Delta +∆ Revised 11/7/2007

23 23 THANK YOU!!  Please board the bus and take all belongings.  Have a GREAT QUARTER!  Thank you for taking time to be a valued and key Technology Advisory Committee Member! Revised 11/7/2007

24 24 ROUNDTABLE INTRODUCTIONS  Your name  Your role / title  What would you like to get out of committee participation? Revised 11/7/2007 

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