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Academic Reflection & Best Works.  Think about your grades and reflect on each of your classes to complete the front side of the Academic Reflection.

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1 Academic Reflection & Best Works

2  Think about your grades and reflect on each of your classes to complete the front side of the Academic Reflection  Turn the form over and think about what you are doing now and what you could do differently to improve your academic performance.  Find a partner and share what you are already doing for your classes that is working and what you are willing to do try to improve your grades.  Share what you discussed with the class. Listen to others’ ideas for things that might work for you! Academic Reflection

3 “For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice” John Burroughs What are you willing to do to accomplish your dreams?

4 Start on Time The majority of our TBirds are doing a great job of Starting on Time! Let’s make sure we keep following the TBird Way! Student’s who DO NOT start on time are expected to get a pass from the designated hallway staff to enter class.

5 Start on Time We have re-named Detention to the new REDIRECTION ROOM On the 4 th, 5 th, and 6 th tardy, you are expected to serve your time in the REDIRECTION ROOM (Presentation Rm) during lunch on Tuesday or Thursday. You must report to the REDIRECTION ROOM within the first 10 minutes of lunch. Students who fail to serve their time will automatically be assigned THURSDAY SCHOOL. On the 7th, 8 th, and 9th tardy, you will automatically be assigned THURSDAY SCHOOL and we will enlist the help of an intervention team that includes you and your parent to help you get to class on time. On the 10 th tardy you may be assigned a suspension and an intense intervention plan will be put in place before you return.

6 “The Tbird Way” Take Responsibility Be on time to class Put trash in proper cans Move swiftly to your destination Walk and Talk Respect Everyone Stay to the right Keep your hands to yourself Speak quietly and appropriately Keep posted materials up Discussion question: “Is this currently happening in our hallways? Why or why not?”

7 You are expected to have a VALID pass any time you are in the hallways when classes are in session. Expect any staff member in any area of the building to… Ask if you have a pass and to check that it is valid. Tell you when you are not meeting the Hallway Expectations Ask you to identify yourself and where you are suppose to be Students who choose to not comply with these expectations can be subject to further intervention. Let’s respect our hallways and our staff at all times!

8 Students who follow “The Tbird Way” in the hallways and classroom will be rewarded! All staff members will distribute REWARD TICKETS to any student that is following the Tbird Way. If you receive a ticket, you will need to write in your name and ID# and return it to the staff who gave it to you. Each month we will have a drawing and you can win some AWESOME prizes! The next drawing is October 30 th.

9 ake Responsibility e Safe ntegrity Counts espect Everyone o your best work ee yourself successful

10  Samples of work a student has completed in a variety of settings and/or classes. The goal of the Best Work is to demonstrate academic growth.  This means you do not have to get an “A” on an assignment for it to be a Best Work. It can be something you learned from, was challenging for you, or was a demonstration of improvement.  Best Works are required items as part of Mount Tahoma’s Culminating Project.  The goal is that students will demonstrate essential skills through reading, writing, speaking, production, and/or performance as demonstrated by their Best Works.

11  For each year you are a student at Mount Tahoma you need three Best Works.  In other words…  Freshman need 3 Best Works  Sophomores need 6 Best Works  Juniors need 9 Best Works  Seniors must have 12 Best Works by Student Led Conferences in April  You may change your Best Works as you continue to build your Portfolio (you do not need to use an example for each year.)

12  A math test and/or project  A science lab or project and presentation  An English or social studies project  A performance or project from Health, PE, Art, Music, or CTE  Any academic assignment or paper  You may use videos, pictures or any accepted resources that enable an advisor to understand the Best Work.

13  An assignment qualifies as a Best Work as determined by the teacher giving the assignment (not the student or the Futures Advisor).  If you have an assignment you’d like to use, ask the teacher if they agree it qualifies. It is up to that teacher to choose whether or not they will sign off on a work sample as a Best Work.  If you want to use an assignment from a teacher who is no longer at Mount Tahoma:  Talk with the Department Chair of the subject for the assignment. Explain the situation and together determine if the assignment appears appropriate. In these situations ONLY, the Department Chair may agree sign off for the Best Work.  Keep in mind that this could happen and get Best Works signed as early as possible! How do I choose my Best Works?

14 Ashton Kutcher Speech - Teen Choice Awards (HQ) - YouTube Ashton Kutcher Video

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