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Welcome to our class. Unit6 Life in the Future Reading.

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1 Welcome to our class

2 Unit6 Life in the Future Reading

3 What conclusion can you draw from these two pictures? Human beings dream of flying into the space for thousands of years now come true.

4 What he saw in the future world: *atomic energy hovercraft *video watch (micro TV) *floating train *stereo film *contact lenses *large pumpkin *watermelon without seeds *man-made moon *robot at home Little Smarts dream came true twenty years later.

5 Pre-reading : 1.Read through the passage as quickly as one can and find out the main idea. 2.How many parts are there in the passage? 3. The related words about each item Transportation Related words: Car/ train /electric bus/ plane /maglev Train/ taxi

6 Business Related words Shop/ department store/ supermarket/ Company / on-line shopping/ shopping centre/ Shopping mall/ sundries market

7 Health careRelated words Tuberculosis/ smallpox/ high-blood pressure/ Leukemia/ bird flu/ SARS

8 Education Related words Teacher/ student/ college/ university/ E-school/ lifelong learner/ certificate/ Self-educate

9 4. What is the general idea of the text? (In the opening and closing paragraph) Reading : 1.scan the text, and answer the questions. (1). How will people travel in the future? (2). How will people shop in the future? (3). What will happen in the field of health and medicine in the future? (4). Why is it important to be lifelong learners? (5). What should we do to make sure we will have a bright future?

10 2. Fill in the blanks: (1). One way to __________of the future is to examine some of the major ________in _______society. (2). Public transportation is already well developed in most________ areas of China. (3). The new maglev train is _________ friendly, __________ and travels at an ________430km/h. (4). Many companies and consumers have already began ______ the way they do business. (5). The abbreviation of Severe acute respiratory syndrome is_____. (6). Shopping is no longer just a ________, it has became a form _____. (7). You can________, _________, ________and even ____in a mall. (8). To pay for their _______, people will use __________ _________ instead of ________. (9). New discoveries in ______and ______may help the doctors cure diseases. (10)._______ ________will help people study whenever they have time and wherever they may be.

11 3. Read for details: ItemsMain ideaSupporting details transportation Transportation is becoming cleaner,faster and safer. *Cars, taxies, buses and trains dont pollute the environment. *Maglev train Business Business wont be as usual in the future. *E-commerce,or business done on the Internet has become more and more popular. *Shopping has become s form of entertainment. *People will use smart cards instead of cash. Health and medicine People will enjoy a longer,healthier and more active life. *People are careful about healthy diet and exercise regularly. *Advances in medical science have also overcome new disease. *New discoveries in genetics and biochemistry will be used. Education and knowledge *The school in the future will be different. *The way we view knowledge is changing. *In the future,there may be more schools on the air or e-schools. *We will become lifelong learners.

12 Discussion: 1.Choose one of these to discuss. Itemsadvantagesdisadvantage Future transportation Smart cards On-line shopping E-school

13 Shanghai maglev train: Information:the first maglev train for business opertion/in 2002/500km/h Advantage:faster/ safer/ cleaner Disadvantage:high ticket/ not convenient/ short of passengers

14 Jinyuan shopping mall in Beijing *the largest shopping mall in China *started in 2004 *It is about 600km from the east to the west and 120km from north to south. *Only one wide way to the shopping mall. *The entrance is too small. *Not fashionable enough.

15 Homework:Write a composition(select one of them) 1.You are going to be Alexzander in the film Time Machine. write down what you saw and experienced in the time machine. 2. My life in the future.

16 Thank you for sharing it with me!

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