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Introduction to the Scientific Method: Planning an Investigation.

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1 Introduction to the Scientific Method: Planning an Investigation

2 Launch it! Intro to the Scientific Method Key Question: What steps do scientists take before they actually do the experiment? Initial Thoughts: (Hint: what did Dr. Golderberger do?)

3 Evidence: Airplane Launcher Brainstorm In your lab group, “play” with your launcher and make observations. You have 10 minutes. Things I could change or vary: Things I could measure or observe:

4 Choosing Variables I will Change: I will Measure: I will keep these the same: What vocabulary words could you use for these?

5 Asking A Question: What is the effect of _______________________ (manipulated variable) On the _____________________? (Responding Variable)

6 Making a Prediction or “Hypothesis”: As the _______________________ increases/decreases (Manipulated Variable) the _______________________ (Responding Variable) will increase/decrease/stay the same. You also need to provide a reason WHY you making that prediction. More on that later…

7 Evidence 2: Scientific Questions W.S. Change the broad, general question into a TESTABLE question. Work in your table groups. I will check 1 person’s worksheet in each group.

8 The Scientific Method 1. Make observations 2. Think of a testable question 3. Research the topic 4. Make a hypothesis 5. Plan the experiment 6. Conduct the experiment 7. Record the data 8. Analyze the data 9. Make a conclusion/Revisit hypothesis

9 10/2/12 Do Now: Analysis Questions 1. What are the first 2 steps a scientist does in the scientific method? 2. Why did you predict the responding variable the way you did? 3. Why is it important to keep the control variables the same?

10 Summary 5-6 sentences What did you think before about the scientific method What did you learn about the scientific method Further Thoughts, questions, connections Make sure this is thoughtful and thorough.

11 Reflection Think of another toy or sport item you could experiment with, and identify one manipulated variable and one responding variable and explain how you would test it.

12 Big Idea Scientists carefully plan experiments to answer questions and solve problems.

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