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1 What Every Student Needs To Know To Be Successful at Mattson Middle School

2 Attendance: ABSENT FROM SCHOOL 1
Attendance: ABSENT FROM SCHOOL 1. Bring a note from parent/guardian excusing the absence or have parent or guardian call the Attendance Office within 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in discipline Report to the Attendance Office BEFORE school. 3. Receive an Admit Slip from the Attendance Office. 4. Have teachers sign – leave the slip with your last teacher. 5. Excessive absences may impact your grade. 6. Family vacations are not excused absences unless approved by principal

3 General School Rules: BACKPACKS Each student at Mattson is assigned a locker; backpacks are to be stored in their locker. Students may bring a backpack to transport their books and supplies to and from school but it is to remain in their locker during the day. A backpack is anything that is worn on the back or off the shoulder that is big enough to carry books, binder, etc.   BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS, ETC. There will be no riding of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, shoe skates, etc. on school property. Students must walk these items on campus and lock them in the bike cage or put them in their locker during the school day.

4 General School Rules: Cheating: 1st Offense: Teacher will assign a 0 for the assignment and parents will be contacted. 2nd Offense: Teacher will refer the student to the office and assign a 0 for the assignment. Office will determine further consequences including: 1. After School Detention 2. In-School Suspension 3. Out-of-School Suspension

5 General School Rules: HATS/HOODIES/HEADGEAR Headgear is not allowed on campus at anytime. Students are expected to remove their headgear upon arrival to campus. Students that continue to wear their headgear on campus will have the item confiscated. Refusal to turn over headgear to ANY staff member will result in discipline up to and including suspension. Only hoodies or stocking caps may be worn OUTSIDE during excessive cold weather. NO BASEBALL CAPS. PERIOD. DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR POLICY A student shall not intentionally cause the substantial and material disruption of any school operation (e.g. horseplay, academic dishonesty, inappropriate display of affection, insulting or verbal abuse to any staff member, etc.). Failure to comply will result in school discipline.  

6 General School Rules: ELECTRONIC DEVICES / CELL PHONES / Nooks/IPads/IPods/MP3’s 1. Electronic devices/toys are not allowed during school hours from 8:30 a.m. to 3:01 p.m. (e.g. music players, headphones, cell phones, electronic games, etc) Cameras are only allowed during the last week of school Items will be confiscated and school discipline enforced. Confiscated items must be picked up by parents/guardians. The school is not responsible if any of these items are stolen Confiscated phones are subject to search. 5. The progression of discipline for cell phone confiscation is as follows: First offense: Student’s phone will be confiscated, turned in to the office, and will be returned only to the parent. Second Offense: Student’s phone is confiscated and the parent must make an appointment to conference with an administrator. Third Offense: Student may be suspended for two school days for non- compliance with school policies.  

7 General School Rules: DRESS CODE Students who report to school wearing clothing that is distracting to the educational process or is dangerous to health and safety will be directed to change into appropriate clothes. The following guidelines pertaining to wearing extremely brief clothing will be in effect throughout the entire school year: *No bare midriff or showing of underwear (eg. bra straps, boxer shorts, etc.) *No sagging- persons with pants that sit below the waist line will be sent to the office and given a string to secure their clothing. *No upper attire with plunging necklines that shows cleavage *Skirts and shorts must be longer than fingertip length *Pants with rips are subject to the same guidelines as shorts/skirts *No blankets *Hoods are not permitted to be worn during school hours *No smooth bottomed slippers (Uggs are OK)  

8 General School Rules: HARASSMENT POLICY Mattson Middle School has a zero-tolerance for harassment. It is a strongly upheld belief that all students should be able to attend school and learn in a social environment that is free of any and all forms of harassment and discrimination. Students have the right to be treated with respect and civility and have the responsibility to treat others the same. Harassment is prohibited in the work place and school and may result in a suspension. HALL PASSES Students are not to be in the halls without a uniform pass. The uniform school pass for Mattson is a bright yellow crossing guard vest. If you are caught in the hall NOT wearing the vest you will be brought down to the office for disciplinary action.  

9 General School Rules: LUNCH BREAK RULES 1
General School Rules: LUNCH BREAK RULES 1. Students will accept the responsibility for handling their own garbage, recycling their own styrofoam trays and cleaning up their own spills, etc. 2. Students will behave in an orderly, reasonable manner. Running, shouting, throwing objects, crowding into lines, having others purchase your lunch, being disrespectful to staff or other students, taking food or drinks out of the cafeteria or saving seats is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action by an administrator. 3. Students should be in the cafeteria when the tardy bell rings. It is then permissible to go to the courtyard after students have finished their lunches. While in the courtyard students are not to go beyond the red painted lines that rest at the edge of the courtyard  

10 General School Rules: LUNCH BREAK RULES 4
General School Rules: LUNCH BREAK RULES 4. Students are to remain in the cafeteria or in the courtyard until the bell rings for the ending of 1st or 2nd lunch. 5. ALL FOOD IS TO BE EATEN IN THE CAFETERIA. FOOD IS NOT TO BE TAKEN INTO THE HALLS OR CLASSROOMS OR BROUGHT BACK TO LOCKERS FOR LATER CONSUMPTION. IF YOU BRING SNACKS AND DRINKS FROM HOME FOR AFTER SCHOOL ATHLETICS, LEAVE THEM IN YOUR LOCKER DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. 6. Lockers may be used before and after the lunch period, but not during lunch. The consequences for violations of the above guidelines for LUNCHROOM BEHAVIOR will result in Lunch Duty or other disciplinary actions  

11 General School Rules: AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY The purpose of after school activities is to have fun in a safe way. We hope to avoid problems that will create a dangerous situation for students. It is also our wish that students who attend the activities will enjoy themselves without fear of injury. Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure the safety of all students as well as the continuation of activities at Mattson. 1. Doors to the M/P (Multi-Purpose) Room will not open before the starting time of the activity. 2. Only Mattson students are allowed at activities. It is a closed campus situation. 3. Once you enter, you must remain inside. When a student leaves an activity, he/she will not be allowed back in. Students who leave an activity are expected to leave campus No horseplay is allowed (e.g. running, piggyback riding, standing on tables, throwing objects, etc.) Rule #4 is a safety rule. If the activity you want to do is unsafe, then it is not allowed  

12 General School Rules: AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY 5
General School Rules: AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY 5. There will no inappropriate or offensive style dancing (e.g. moshing, slam dancing, bump and grind, etc.). 6. The school dress code will apply for all activities. 7. There will be no physical display of affection. This includes kissing, inappropriate embraces or hands in inappropriate places. 8. All school rules including those concerning alcohol and tobacco are in effect at the activity Make arrangements for rides home before coming to the activity. Telephone calls will not be allowed from the office telephones. Students are expected to be picked up within 15 minutes following the end of the activity. Students who fail to comply with the rules will be asked to leave and parents will be notified. Further disciplinary action may be taken, including exclusion from future activities  

13 General School Rules: SCHOOL HOURS The doors to the school open to students at 8:00 AM. No student should be on campus before this time. Between 8:00 AM and the start of school students need to take care of non-academic related business (paying fees, going to lockers, schedule concerns). The doors to the school will be locked at 3:15PM. All students should be off campus BEFORE this time unless he/she has made arrangements to be with a staff member on campus. All unsupervised students on campus after 3:15will be escorted off the premises. Repeat loitering offenders may be subject to school discipline. Fight Instigation Fight instigation is any behavior that does not work to stop or report a fight on campus. Fight instigation may include (but is not limited to) the promotion, urging, filming, watching, spreading rumors that may lead to an altercation, or holding personal belongings of person fighting. Any person that is found to have been guilty of fight instigation will be suspended  

14 REMEMBER! You are here to prepare for your future…
Make it a GREAT year!!!

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