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S PECIAL E DUCATION Kick Off Department Updates August 29, 2011.

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1 S PECIAL E DUCATION Kick Off Department Updates August 29, 2011

2 TPS S PECIAL E DUCATION R EPORT C ARD State/Federal Compliance Factors ExcellentSatisfactoryUnsatisfactory On-time IEPs/EvalsX Over-Identification/High Enrollment X Suspension/Expulsion RatesX DisproportionalityX # of Due Process HearingsX Least Restrictive EnvironmentX

3 IDEA COMPLIANCE F ACTORS Late IEPs/Evals 3 times the state average Over-Identification 12.99% for 10-11 40 students unfunded as of Feb 2010 Suspension/Expulsion Rates Exceeds state target high range Disproportionality EBD: Black SLD: American Indian Number of Due Process Hearings

4 IDEA C OMPLIANCE F ACTORS Least Restrictive Environment YEARDISTRICTSTATETARGET 200419.8 200517.2 200618.4 200719.614.114.3 200820.913.914.06 200921.213.613.81 2010 As of 11/1/10 22.113.5 Not provided yet

5 L OOKING B ACK 2010-2011 Provided weekly newsletter, Special EDition, to staff and administration, consistent messages, guidance, resources, and data Classroom visits Implementation of LRE Oversight Committee & initiation of District Behavior Intervention Team Aligned processes and procedures with state and federal requirements, revisions to dept manual February 2010 Awarded $1.3 million in Safety Net, budgeted for $1 million, had requested $2.3 Implementation of IEP Online

6 L OOKING B ACK 2010-2011 (C ON ’ T ) Recognition for on-time evaluations and IEPs (completed and submitted on-time for enrollment reporting) Review and revisions to ESA deployment Increased committee work opportunities with staff participation and voice (i.e. web-based IEP/eval systems, IEP Online trainers, assistive tech team, LRE committee) Recommendation and planning for program moves to create continuums and reduce travel time for students Deaf/HH program development and alignment with state standards WAAS portfolio gains!!!

7 L OOKING A HEAD 2011-2012 Special education enrollment over state maximum funding, too many students identified or continued in special education Late IEPs and evaluations, 3x the state average Loss of funds Compliance risks Compliance Coordinator (formerly SETS Coordinator position) Alignment of baseline present level performances and measurable goals LRE data-too much time in special education classes, need to increase time with non-disabled peers in general education classes, to be determined student by student

8 L OOKING A HEAD 2011-2012 (C ON ’ T ) Raise expectations through alignment of special education with general education Exceeding state high range for suspensions/expulsions of disabled students Disproportionality: Over-identification of Black EBD and American Indian SLD students Due Process Hearing requests and citizen complaints Student academic performance in all areas Class visits (don’t stop teaching!)

9 L OOKING A HEAD 2011-2012 (C ON ’ T ) Decrease the overreliance on 1:1 paraeducators, emphasis on data collection, training, and goal setting for 1:1 paras Reduce 7 hour paraeducator positions through attrition Paraeducator schedules submitted by 9/30 Implementation of revised department manual Implementation of best practice data collection/progress monitoring to drive instruction and report in IEPs (collecting from you to share with all)

10 D EPARTMENT G OALS 2011-2012 Goal 1: Increase academic achievement Goal 2: Increase parent and community collaboration Goal 3: Improve compliance and enrollment reporting

11 C ORRECTIVE A CTION O RDERED Written guidance and training required: Implementation of IEP Inviting parents Documenting invites Excusal of team members Progress reporting

12 D EPARTMENT M ANUAL Link to Manual TPS Special Education Webpage cial_education/Pages/default.aspx cial_education/Pages/default.aspx Anything that looks confusing? Please contact Anne Chambers Manual at a Glance Responsibilities of staff Enrollment Intake process for new students Suspensions/expulsions/IAES Evaluation IEP Placement Discipline Para Educators

13 IEP O NLINE S UPPORTS IOL Drop-In Sessions and specific trainings QRDs on dashboard Department Manual: step by step alignment Bat Phone: x 1090 SELS Team

14 S OURCES OF G UIDANCE Department Manual QRDs Special EDition Weekly and archives OSPI website WACs SELS Liaisons

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