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EDGE Institute 2014 Accessible Technology for Struggling Learners Rose Racicot, MS, OTR/L.

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1 EDGE Institute 2014 Accessible Technology for Struggling Learners Rose Racicot, MS, OTR/L

2 Agenda Review of CEL5D Guiding Question connections, objectives and success criteria UDL Principles KSD Accessible Technology Tools Explore software or watch videos on: – Snap&Read text reader – WYNN 7 literacy support software – Clicker 6 multimedia presentation and writing tool – Co:Writer 7 word prediction software Follow up Training Opportunities

3 Session Domain and Guiding Question What strategies create a safe, respectful classroom culture that embraces diversity, equity, and accountability? – Universal Design for Learning – Frontloading accessible tools for all learners – Addressing diverse learner needs English Language Learners Physical limitations Learning differences Mental Health and Behavioral issues

4 Participants will be able to: Understand the concepts of Universal Design for Learning Identify location and various options for KSD Accessible Technology Resources Plan strategies to integrate technology tools into the classroom Session Objectives:

5 Participants will be able to: Explain to colleagues and community how flexible teaching materials and strategies create a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Know how to locate and access KSD accessible technology resources Design a lesson plan using at least one new tech tool you have learned about Success Criteria:

6 Universal Design for Learning Principles Provide students with multiple means of – Representation - Accessing information – Expression – of knowledge based on student’s unique viewpoint – Engagement - with the curriculum Video from Nonprofit CAST= the Center for Applied Special Technology

7 Multiple Means of Representation for students to access information Visual presentations – i.e. Discovery Education Streaming videos, teacher created visuals Enlarged print, use of color, & design – i.e. Readability tool Audio text support – i.e. ReadPlease, WebAnywhere, WYNN, Co:Writer, Clicker 5 Multimedia presentations – PhotoStory 3, Clicker 5, Powerpoint, Windows Movie Maker, SMART Notebook Internet links to background information

8 Multiple Means of Expression for students to demonstrate learning Graphic tools – i.e. Inspiration, Kidspiration, Word tools Keyboarding with spelling supports – i.e. Co:Writer, MS Word spellcheck, WYNN, word banks Narration, audio recording, podcasts Multimedia tools- i.e. PowerPoint, Photostory 3, Clicker 5, Inspiration, SMART Notebook 3-D models Artistic displays – i.e. drawings, collages, paintings Data displays – i.e. graphs and charts

9 Multiple Means of Engagement Infused throughout your classroom – Student choices – Audio/visual/hands on – SMART Response clickers – Multimedia – Project-based inquiry – E-mail, blogging, wikis – Collaborative learning

10 The Science behind Universal Design for Learning Brain Networks – each person is unique Show video – Recognition Networks – The way we gather facts (What) – Strategic Networks – The way we plan and perform tasks (How) – Affective Network – The way we are engaged and motivated (Why)

11 What is AIM? Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) that ensure access to the content in educational resources used by all students. Specialized formats include: – Braille – Audio – Digital Text – Large Print


13 Explore Time – 10 minutes UDL video to educate others: – Find UDL Lesson Plans – – Read more about AIM: – –

14 KSD Resources KSD Accessible Tech Resources Tech Talks 2014-15 Fall AT hands-on classes – on Clicker 6, WYNN 7 and more Curriculum Center – Atomic Learning software tutorials Bookshare Membership – For qualified users only due to copyright restrictions MackinVIA e-Books

15 Curriculum Center Central location for district instructional resources and lesson planning ideas: Online Tools and Resources: i.e. Atomic Learning, Discovery Education, e-Learning, etc. Lesson plans by grade level and subject KSD Literacy Pathways Document: KSD Literacy Pathways Document – Technology Support Intervention Resources Technology Support Intervention Resources

16 Bookshare Bookshare is an accessible online library for people with print disabilities – Many of our KSD textbooks and novels are available on Bookshare for qualified students – KSD has an organizational membership – KSD teachers can sponsor student members and download books on their behalf – Contact Barb Mendez, AT team, to become a teacher sponsor: Copyright Law – Chaffey Amendment

17 MackinVIA ebooks KSD has recently purchased e-books through MackinVIA ebooks available at secondary level at middle and high schools Book titles vary by school E-books will be available for both KSD students and staff to use on both district and personal mobile devices


19 KSD UDL Software Examples Clicker 6 free download – productevaluationform.aspx productevaluationform.aspx WYNN 7 free download – cts/wynn_demo.asp cts/wynn_demo.asp


21 REPRESENTATION: READING ON THE WEB WITH SCREENREADERS Example: WYNN Wizard software with webmasking FREE online Screenreader: Webanywhere Representation: Reading on the web with screen readers

22 Representation, Engagement, & Expression: WYNN Wizard Software Story with interactive vocabulary lesson Rose

23 REPRESENTATION AND EXPRESSION: CLICKER 6 MULTIMEDIA WRITING SUPPORT Students listen and read literature on a subject first to gain ideas. Students then write about the subject with custom wordbank, pictures and speech feedback support Rose Representation and Expression: Clicker 6 Multimedia Writing Support

24 Clicker 6 Math Ideas for Representation and Expression Plotting Coordinates Tell the Time

25 EXPRESSION: CO:WRITER WORD PREDICTION SOFTWARE Expression: Co:Writer Word Prediction Software

26 Representation, Engagement, & Expression: Inspiration…

27 Expression: Inspiration Templates with Outlining

28 Explore Time – Choose One 1. Clicker 6 : Free Demo -Try Quick Start Word Processor -Explore Example folder -Watch video 2. WYNN 7: Free Demo -Explore colored toolbars -Watch video 3. Snap&Read video: read/#.U6DB2HeBp8E read/#.U6DB2HeBp8E 4. Co:Writer 7 video:

29 Enhance your Teaching Effectiveness for ALL Learning Styles Think Universal Design for Learning Frontload accessible technologies into the curriculum Ensure success for all students!

30 Continuing Support KSD Tech Talks and AT classes this fall Call or email the Customer Support Center. – Extension 7030 – Email to CSC Check out the Help Center in Staff Link.Help Center Watch a tutorial through Atomic Learning. Contact Rose Racicot, MS, OTR/L @ 253-373-7430

31 EDGE Institute Survey – June 19 EDGE Institute Survey – June 19

32 EDGE Institute Survey – Aug 14

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