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Sewing & Craft Exposition Stacey. 1 to 2 Day Projects.

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1 Sewing & Craft Exposition Stacey

2 1 to 2 Day Projects

3 Dish Towels Add a trim, appliqué or an embroidery. Dig through the scraps, buy the perfect material and ready made dish towels to embellish. These make great gifts and Christmas will only be four months away!

4 Pillows From easy solid colors to fantastic print to quilted to appliqué. Sew two pieces together poke your pillow inside and close it up for a new look. Bring the pillows you want to cover and we will help you! Have the fabric, great! Just an idea? Then we can hit the stores!

5 Placemats From easy to fussier, placemats are another project that won’t take a long time! Don’t forget a quilted one! Quick project for a new and fun look. Two solid pieces of fabric with trim Appliqué on one side, solid on the other with trim

6 Table Runners Solid or spice it up with a machine embroidery! Simple block quilting! Use up those scraps or precious pieces from favorite clothes. Just measure your table for length and width and bring those fabric scraps, use ours or buy new to make it perfect!

7 3 to 4 Day Projects

8 Recovering Yep, we can even help update those chairs and stools to match your décor! Many of the chairs, just flip them over and remove the screws holding the seat in place, so you only have to bring the seats! (Hint: number the chair and the seat so you match them up again.) Depending on the design you may have to bring the stool with you. Full recovering like on the rocker will take more time, but is easy to do. Just bring the cushions.

9 Small Throw or Wall Hanging Wall hangings can be any size, shape or even framed. Small throws are usually 60 x 72. What about those beautiful scarves as a wall hanging! Let your imagination go!

10 Art & Craft Projects Bring what you are working on and just enjoy the company!

11 Quilts Sure, some quilts can take months or even years, but a simple pattern like the Nine patch can go together in a few days. Or, what about that quilt top in your “cedar chest” that just needs to be put together? Just see all the room we will have! Look Ma, no grey!

12 August 15-19 We will have lots of table space, outlets and most of the hardware you will need to create these projects (or yours) We will have 5 sewing machines, 2 sergers, irons, staple guns, glue guns, rotary cutting tools and of course all the other utensils and best of all – access to bunches of craft or fabric stores. (Bring your fabric scraps to mix, match and share to create the “scrap” ideas.) Bring any “I wish I could” or half-formed ideas to get input from the group! Oh! I forgot the picture of the memories quilt, we will have access to printers that can print on fabric if you would like to create a fabric project with photos. Pillows or framed art? On Monday the 15th arrive anytime around noon. Once everybody is here we will caravan down to the school and unload. We will share our project ideas while we eat lunch, go through the fabric scraps, create our lists and head off to the stores to get necessary supplies. (Stores are open until 9 so we will have plenty of time to really go through our ideas and available supplies.) Then we will be ready to start on Tuesday morning. (Food responsibilities will be hashed out and divided up later.) Airport is easy! Mail your project ahead, fly in and join us as it fits your schedule! Come for a couple of days or the week!

13 RSVP to Jean The dates you will possibly be attending and the projects you are interested in to ensure equipment needs are met. Always wanted to know how to…there will be lots of helpers to make your projects a success!

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