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Florida By Megan Tuck. What is the capital? Tallahassee.

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1 Florida By Megan Tuck

2 What is the capital? Tallahassee

3 What are the state’s big tourist attractions? Beaches National Parks Fishing Disney World Many more….

4 What are the states that border Florida? Georgia Alabama

5 What are the main colleges and universities in this state? Florida State University of Florida

6 What is Florida’s state bird, state tree, and state flower? Mocking Bird Sabal Palmetto Tree Orange Blossom

7 What is Florida’s landscape? Lakes Oceans Hills Lowlands Highlands

8 What is this state’s population? 15,982,378 people

9 When was Florida founded and by who? 1528 Juan Ponce de Leon

10 What is Florida’s climate? Warm all year around Above 90 degrees

11 Who is Florida’s governor? Charlie Crist

12 Works Cited “Florida.” 23 January Chui Patricia. Florida: The Sunshine State. Milwaukee: World Almanac Library, 2002. Jean Craven. “Florida.” The Book of Knowledge. 2002, Vol.1, pp. 200-220.

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