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SOL VS 4.5 American Revolution.

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1 SOL VS 4.5 American Revolution

2 How did the colonists’ ideas about government differ from those of the English Parliament?
Governmental Beliefs English Parliament believed Colonists believed had legal authority over the colonists their local assemblies had legal authority They should not be taxed had the right to tax the colonists no taxation without representation

3 Declaration of Independence
states that the authority to govern belongs to the people rather than to kings. Declaration of Independence Who authored this historical document? Thomas Jefferson

4 Patriots vs. Loyalists ? All of the following EXCEPT___ would be considered a patriot? Richard Henry Lee Patrick Henry General Cornwallis George Washington

5 Correct! General Cornwallis
Commander-in-Chief of the British Army during the American Revolution Surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown, VA Cornwallis was a loyalist loyal to the King of England

6 If slaves fought, some were promised their freedom.
What are some generalizations that could be made about blacks that lived in Virginia during the American Revolution era? If slaves fought, some were promised their freedom. Some slaves fought for the English. Some slaves fought for the colonists. James Armistead Ex: Some Africans were spies and fought in the war.

7 What does this picture most likely represent?
Burgesses arguing about “taxation without representation” The first representative body in North America (House of Burgesses) The beginnings of self-government

8 What famous Virginian authored the Declaration of Independence?
Click on correct photo

9 Way to go! Most of this very important paper was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, a Virginian. It stated that all people are created equal and have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

10 How did religious beliefs affect the American Revolution?
Answer: Many colonists remained neutral regarding American Revolution. (generalization) What does the term neutral mean? Neutral means not supporting either side.

11 What contribution did George Washington make during the American Revolution?
Provided strong military leadership by serving as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army

12 Thomas Jefferson Drafted the Declaration of Independence during the American Revolution era What if he had not drafted the document?

13 What if… If Thomas Jefferson did not draft the Declaration many colonists would not have read the words “the authority to govern belongs to the people and we all have “rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

14 Give me liberty or give me death!
Patrick Henry Inspired patriots from other colonies by saying ??? Give me liberty or give me death!

15 Where did General Cornwallis and the British Redcoats surrender to George Washington and the Colonial Patriots? Tidewater Region York River

16 Finish the Chart: A New Nation
Document Purpose Person Responsible Constitution of the United States James Madison Father of the Constitution Plan of national government Virginia Declaration of Rights George Mason States all Virginian should have certain rights Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom Thomas Jefferson States that all people should have the right to worship as they please Bill of Rights Gives the basic rights of citizens; ideas from Declaration of Rights George Mason encouraged Constitutional Congress to add Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson All men created equal; rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

17 The states and central government share powers.
Federal Government The United States is governed by a federal government. What does it mean to be governed by a federal government? The states and central government share powers.

18 Cause and Effect Colonists angry about Taxation and begin
war with England to fight for Independence England supported French and Indian War with money and supplies Parliament believed it had right to tax the colonists because of supporting French and Indian War

19 Finish the analogy: Appomattox Courthouse: Civil War :: ______: American Revolution Appomattox Courthouse: Civil War:: Yorktown: American Revolution

20 Europe England; Britain, & Parliament Thirteen Colonies Virginia and the House of Burgesses Atlantic Ocean

21 Questions for Quality Thinking
Why do you think Virginia became involved in the American Revolution? What do you think about the slaves’ involvement in the American Revolution? Why was the “Declaration of Independence” significant to the remainder of the World?

22 The End

23 Sorry! He was definitely a patriot.
Richard Henry Lee Virginian Called for independence from England Second Continental Congress on June 7, 1776 Later signed the Declaration of Independence Eventually became a United States Senator

24 Sorry! He would be considered a patriot.
A patriot was someone who supported the colonist’s fight for independence from Britain.

25 Sorry! This is James Madison. His contributions earned him the title “Father of the Constitution”. Many of the ideas from the Virginia Plan and his detailed notes were used to write the United States Constitution during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

26 NO! This is George Washington! - First President of the United States
-- Commander-in chief of the Continental Army -- President of the Constitutional Congress

27 Generalization Rule or statement Broad statements Clues
covers many examples or situations Broad statements cover many examples, facts, or ideas Clues most, some, usually, few, generally, typically Example: Some Africans fought in the American Revolution.


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