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Moving West After The Civil War

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1 Moving West After The Civil War
Review Questions

2 What minerals were found in the West that attracted settlers?
Gold and silver Copper Iron Zinc Coal

3 What are the Rocky Mountain states?

4 What were dangers on the cattle drives?
stampede rustlers no water Indians

5 How did cattle get from KS to Chicago, IL?

6 In what battle did the Indians defeat the army in 1876?
Battle of Little Big Horn

7 Who were the 2 leaders at Little Big Horn?
Sitting Bull-Sioux George Custer-Army

8 What were Indian reservations?
Land set aside for Indians Ended their way of life

9 Who was Chief Joseph? Leader of the Nez Perce
Led long journey trying to escape the army “I will fight no more forever!”

10 What happened at Promontory Point, UT?
Joining of the first Transcontinental RR Union Pacific and Central Pacific RR Companies

11 What 2 ethnic groups helped build the RR?
Chinese Irish

12 Why was the Homestead Act so important?
Gave free land to settlers on the Great Plains

13 Why did the newly freed slaves move to the Great Plains?
Homestead Act - free land Called Exodusters

14 Describe the Great Plains to each other
Flatlands rising east to west Grassland (prairie) Low rainfall (dry) Wind/water erosion Dust storms

15 What are the Great Plains states?

16 Name the inventions/adaptations that made living on the Great Plains possible
Windmills Sod houses Steel plow Barbed wire Railroad Dry farming Beef cattle raising Wheat farming

17 Why did the Homesteaders build sod houses?
No trees available Easiest natural resource

18 How did barbed wire end the open range?
Cheap fencing that divided up the land

19 What crop worked well on the Great Plains?

20 Make up a quote Indian Cowboy Sodbuster Miner RR Co owner
Soldier fighting the Indians Chief Joseph George Custer Ranch owner

21 Discussion All the reasons people moved West
How the railroad changed life in the West All the ways the Indians used the Bison

22 Which would you be? Why? Rancher Soldier Cowboy Indian Sodbuster Miner

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