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2 Context: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CONTEXT OF PROJECTS…. The European Union Actively Sponsors Research to Increase European Competitiveness, Employment and Social cohesion. This funding is 32 Billion Euros over a 7 year period and includes large projects such as CERN (Large Hadron Collider) to Science and Industry project. The EU essentially pays for the majority of the research and organisations involved (Large Companies, SMEs, Users, Researchers, Universities) keep the results The EU through its ITEA2 program ( have just launched a call for proposals (closes end March) The precise shape of any proposal is at the behest of those participating in the project but must fit into the scope of the call and be a consortium of organisations around Europe This PowerPoint is the vision of one project, SMASH. This project concept is lead by TIE (a Netherlands based SME involved in Connecting Businesses) The purpose of this PowerPoint is to present the project to parties to both visually describe it and to present to other who we believe could both add value and benefit from being part of this proposal and funded consortium Once a proposal is constructed, it is then neutrally evaluated with many other proposals and if retained will go into a phase ii where the full project plan needs to be elaborated. The overall process takes around one year Whilst this document takes a rather user-friendly approach to explain the SMASH-IT story for a range of audiences, this project will indeed be very serious to service a serious need. The project will submit around a 5-10 Million Euros costs, of which around 50% is funded dependent on country location of company, and involve approximately 15 parties around Europe with already big names in the ICT and Research World Committed More information available on request of the process

3 ITEA2: See See ITEA 2, the follow-up to the successful ITEA programme, is a strategic pan-European programme for advanced pre-competitive R&D in software for Software-intensive Systems and Services (SiS). Our ambition is to mobilise a total of 20,000 person-years over the full eight-year period of the programme, requiring a significant increase in investment. This ambition is based on experience in ITEA, the need to further close the gap in R&D investment (3% of GDP, Lisbon objective) and the ever growing importance of SiS. In the ITEA & ITEA 2 programme over 1000 partners from 27 countries work together on building crucial middleware and preparing standards for embedded and distributed software. Approximately one third of the partners are small companies, another third large companies and the final group are from research institutes and universities – Message for Project

4 ITEA2 / Call 5 SMASH Smart Mash-up

5 Nature of Project TypeITEA2 Budget:5-10M Costs, 2.5-5M Funding TimingStart mid-2011, 3 Year Duration

6 The Slogan The no-mash-up mash-up project

7 The bi-line: Which user has ever heard of, or wants to hear of SOA, Services, Repositories, Annotation and Context? They have one aim – connecting what they see on the web without THEM having to connect together what they see on the web! Automatically. Without repositories, registries, service and process composition. It just does it

8 Contents of slide set: The objectives The story – Before SMASH – After SMASH The message The science The impact The innovation The architecture The call coverage

9 The Objectives

10 SMASH Primary Objectives – Front End Give users the (web) service frontend that they understand and are able to handle Define multimodal methods to capture the users intention (e.g. drag and drop web sites, input text,…) Determine users context, profile, and level of experience (e.g. integrate iTunes information) Adapt the service frontend accordingly (e.g. show one integrated web site adapted to the device capabilities) Provide a suitable means of interacting with the service; user feedback methods (e.g. web browser, mobile application, natural language, surface computing…)

11 SMASH Primary objectives – A Future Internet Platform Enable a drag-and-drop like combination of services Develop a meaningful and evolvable service description format that can be automatically combined when the services are combined (i.e. the service combination description can be automatically generated) Define methods of interpreting the users intention in the right way (decide which services to merge and what data to combine – semantic interoperability) Enable effect-driven service combination to consider long tail services (e.g. weather information can be provided by a variety of services)

12 SMASH Primary objectives – Exploiting Research Re-use, cross-fertilize, integrate and extend existing research projects as well as add other technology: STASIS: Enables semantic interoperability between business objects SOA4All: Service Composition on the web ezWeb: Service Front End Others?

13 SMASH Possible objectives – Social communities could be also interesting here (i.e. integration of data stemming from social networks) – Furthermore, privacy is an aspect that should be considered when dealing with user's profile or context information

14 The Story Once upon a time….

15 Hey mum, hows the booking going? The Scenario

16 The Story I - Before Smash Case 1: Classic Scenario Nadine is a busy lady. She works all day and dreams of travel all night. Even a weekend away is very special to her and her family but if she travels its got to be nice – sunny, warm and no rain. Shes English after all. But this weekend is a good one and she decided to make a last minute holiday booking. She doesnt care where but it has to be a cheap price and she must have good weather! That evening she goes to to explore those last minute deals. Theres several available but she needs to keep checking the CBB Weather site for the forecast on these place. Paris? – No rainy for next two weeks, Rome? – Possible but whats the weather on Sunday? She spends the time flipping between flight and weather sites trying to remember all the details and book that weekend away. Why is this so hard? Children can make joined-up writing …what about a joined-up web to make her life easy!

17 Case 2: Current Research Scenario Hey mum says her IT-aware son. Why are you wasting your time doing all that flipping around? Havnt you heard there are some great technologies out there like the SOA4ALL project to make this easy for you. These sites are all about services and you just need to connect them together. Sounds good and simple – show me how she says. Yeh its easy, you just need to couple the context aware services, and you do this by opening the process editors to find the pre-requisite services from the distributed repository systems and its all based on SOA, aggregation,federation, discovery and enabled all through a SaaS approach and you can even add new services by annotating them.Its great - NOT! Only for nerds and geeks The Story II - Before Smash

18 Uulp. Do I need to wear a hoodie as well? I think I need to take a break…somewhere hot and sunny and cheap. Help!!! Hey mum, hows the booking going?

19 OK, Mum. What you need is SMASH

20 The Story …Happily Ever After Note: This Story is an illustrative example only…the purpose will be to make this happen in a completely generic way and not specific to anyone set of websites

21 Hey mum, hows the booking going?

22 Ive got the flight site…..

23 …and weather site open - I just need to connect them ….

24 hold on a minute whilst a drag one website to the other

25 or another example – this time only components

26 Hold on, its now its asking me [something] I will select destination and it will remember this in my preferences. Hello Nadine, are you looking for weather during your trip or just at the destination? Flight Destination OK Cancel

27 Prague Pragure Hey this is great, it knows where I am and the sites are synchronised together as I enter information Manchester Prague

28 Ah, I see lots of others have made similar connection before and its asking if I want to auto-integrated information if I need a cheap broadband connection in that country when im there Lets accept that as well. Hey neat. It just drops it in Hello Nadine, lots of other people integrated as well. Would you like to Yes No

29 Hello Nadine, lots of other people integrated as well. Would you like to Yes No Hang on mum, what about the dog? You had best check Granny is at home that weekend to look after it – find and drag in her Outlook calendar as well. Oh great she is free.

30 Lets search. Right Prague and Barcelona seem to match the criteria. This is so easy when you just use a single interface to do everything. SEARCH Prague

31 Hey, I remember you promised if we went that I wont be bored and we could see a concert – let me access and drag that in – shame, no good bands on that week.

32 Prague Hold on, SMASH has detected my phone, good ideal let me drag in my music collection. Hey excellent, TheSMASHBand are playing that weekend in Barcelona – Phone detected…Would you like to see if any events match your Music Collection Yes No SMASH Band

33 Prague Lets book the flights and tickets all in one go. OK, I will just drag in my internet banking portal and we will be done. SMASH Band

34 Outputs E-LM-RThreeFacebookOutlookBankPhone Just send all the info to my mobile when im done mum, im sure you will find a service on the SMASH network to do that. You know I live by that thing and also my social page to everyone know im going to that cool concert..

35 And your fridge as well I suppose?. No, thats SMASH2 – the Future Internet has its limits and besides thats in the kitchen and I stay clear of there!

36 Hey mum, hows the booking going? S M A S H i n g

37 The Message

38 The message: SMASH makes a paradigm shift in service technology. From todays focus on technology, processes, technical gadgets and what technicians see as a technical future to the Future Internet where the individual is in control. No technology, no acronyms just intuition and intelligence. A Future Internet of networked services composed together by real people without the need for composers and orchestrators but enabled by Service front end the truly empower the users. An internet composable by kids, mums and small business. An internet which integrates into your physical and software applications. But an internet which is realistic. SMASH is not intended to deliver academic bookshelves but to be real, inventive and look forward to 3-4 years time when this will happen and where it can be the exploitation basis for European Companies. The classic and already innovated service technologies related to description, discovery, composition are of course behind the scenes and there are many of them, and many interesting results, to take advantage of but the innovation of SMASH brings the service world to the next level of technology-free, process free, infrastructure-free interoperable connectivity. The Future Internet: Nadine is a busy lady, but no longer busy flipping web pages or learning how to mash up repository artefacts. Shes on the beach, her son is at the concert and they are both having a SMASHing time.

39 Or another Way









48 In Practice


50 The Science

51 SMASH Scientific Areas Semantics, rich descriptions – Meaningful, mergeable, and effect-driven service descriptions – Context and profile descriptions, description of user intents – Mash-up/web site template description (to incorporate information from multiple sources and of multiple types) Web technologies, mash-ups – Mash-up technology as input of user requests – Instant creation of mash-ups and templates, combination of inputs – Integrate social web information

52 SMASH Scientific Areas Multimodality, context sensors – Capture and combine context information to adapt the service frontend – Prepare service frontend for user feedback – Provide context information (e.g. location) to service frontend Profiling, recommender systems – Use profile information to recommend users particular services or inputs proactively Telecommunication – integration of telco features in web-apps/mash-ups such as calling your friend or a web site contact from the mash-up, synchronize numbers from your mobile phone with the web application or capture location information from the mobile

53 Which Technologies WSDL, WADL SOA WS-BPEL / BPEL XUL (realization as a Firefox plug-in?) WSMO (i.e. MicroWSMO and WSMO Light) DSRN SparQL RDF OWL Which Possible Project/standards/approaches assets SOA4ALL Studio components (not UI) STASIS Semantic (TIE) DSRN (TIE / iSOFT) OpenInterface project ( Multimodal interaction OPUCE ( Easy service creation MobiLife Context-awareness BONDI@OMTP Mobile phone API for the Web W3C standards HTML5 etc

54 The Impact

55 SMASH Impact Future Internet Contribution – SMASH will provide convergence by creating all devices as service containers and seamlessly integrating and interoperating as perceived by the following examples involving desktop, web and device applications Deep Technical Advices – SMASH will take the user experience from the technician to the user. To do this will require state of the art MashUp3.0 technologies involving the SOA Stack but also inventing technologies to scrape the hidden services of most web pages Lowered Barriers for Service Providers – By making services more useable, more people will use and mash which will make the market more attractive. Equally by providing wisdom-of-crowds reutilisable Mashup repositories it will also encourage more use and thus more market. In addition SMASH interfaces and created technologies will all be entered into European standardisation and are expected to be open source.

56 SMASH Impact Massive Uptake of Services – The wholly user centric front end of SMASH will empower the users and this will be proven and driven by focus groups of real communities making their third party service mashups on the fly without recognition of the technology behind SMASH Strengthened EU industry – SMASH will leap-frog what is on the market today. The US providers have currently not announced Mashup 3.0 as envisioned by SMASH with the likes of Yahoo still focusing on non User-centric process editors through the likes of Yahoo-pipes – SMASH will also be contextualised for the EU service environment focusing on services from EU providers in the prototype linking services be able to catch up with the USA (eBay, Yahoo, Google, …)

57 The Innovation

58 Innovation – User Point of View User can do what they have always done Intuitive – drag and drop, no new skills Looks to all their assets – not just the web, other devices No more technology – process editors etc No more terminology – Mashup, repositories etc Reutilising existing information from repository – wisdom of crowds Adding your work to repository - prosumer – Business Point of views Innovative – appears not to exist now, exploitable Exploitable – services will increase exponentially, SMASH is ready Open to any service/device. Right now service connections are made bilaterally – eg Easy-LastMinute- Ryan mashes to the CBB, but then to CBC weather, then ABC weather – a n! situation Mashup are user driven – ie by market demands

59 Innovation – Technical Point of view No competition right now – Things like Yahoo pipes is like case 2 (SOA4ALL Studio) and only about connecting to Yahoo. Not generic, too technical Existing Technologies/projects combined in user centric way Interface technology will be the key Service formal definitions can be reutilised but must will be processing unstructured website and creating services definition Website, Applications have many different technology so scraping them and neutralising them will be difficult Context must be generated….is it at take of, flight, landing or after you land that the weather is important Can link to interesting technologies available which will be hidden - eg projects STASIS, SOA4ALL, Linked Data and other ld, forth coming 1.2 technologies

60 The Architecture Simplistic

61 Recognition Web PC BBC LateJet Outlook Music Device Eg Structured: WSDL etc Eg Non-Structured: WSDL etc Eg Bespoke: Adapters / APIS Storage Known Services Inputs RockBand Reconstruction Adaptation & Context Reutilised Services Outputs Facebook Outlook Bank Phone Simplistic Architecture

62 The Architecture Detailed


64 R T D Requirements Management SMASH Service Recognise & Autobuild SMASH Housekeeping & Management SMASH Adaptation, & Context SMASH Mashup Resources Quality Integration SMASH Service Frontend Reconstruction VisionMarket DemonstrationValidationPilot DisseminationDiscussionImpact ExploitationInterworking Functional View Specification SOTAArchitecture

65 WP2 WP1 Requirements ManagementQuality VisionMarket WP9 Use Case Verification WP3 Workpackage View WP10 DisseminationDiscussionImpact Exploitation Specification Architecture SRA WP4 SRA SMASH Service Recognise & Autobuild WP8SHM SMASH Housekeeping & Management WP6SCA SMASH Adaptation & Context SRP WP5 SRP SMASH Mashup Resources WP7SRE SMASH Service Frontend Reconstruction Interworking SOTA Build Pilot Demonstration

66 R T D Workpackage View RTD Workpackages WP4 SMASH Service Recognise & Autobuild Website Applications Devices Environment WP8 SMASH Housekeeping & Management Monitoring Execution Process Integration WP6 SMASH Adaptation & Context Context Personalisation Privacy Recommendati ons WP5 SMASH Mashup Resources Federated Storage Templates Memory Semantics WP7 SMASH Service Frontend Reconstruction User mashup Gadget Making HCI Reuse


68 Operational Board (lead TIE) Partner Organisations European Commission Coordinator (TIE) Executive Board (lead xxx) Research (R) (Science) Management (xxx) Impact & Exploitation Management (xxx) Technical & Development (T&D) Management (TIE – Dr Sven Abels) User Management (xxx) Task Leads Focus GroupsAdvisory Board Partner Leads Project Management (TIE – Stuart Campbell) WP LeadsTask Members Partner Leads WP1-2 WP leads: WP3-10 Research Forum : WP3-8 Tech/Dev Forum : WP4-8 User Forum: WP9 Impact Forum : WP10

69 Executive Board (lead TIE) Partner Organisations European Commission Coordinator (TIE) Board Of Partners (lead ATOS) Research (R) (Science) Management Impact & Exploitation Management Technical & Development (T&D) Management User Management Task Leads Focus GroupsAdvisory Board Partner Leads Project Management WP LeadsTask Members Partner Leads

70 END

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