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2 UPDATE ON THE PQR Alignment to the Mission, Beliefs, and Division Plan Alignment to the Instructional Framework 21st Century Skills Diversity Rigor/ High Expectations Assessment

3 Classroom Observations Reaffirmed the use of the Santa Cruz model of encouraging reflective practice Reaffirm the concept of a “modified clinical cycle” model for classroom observations. Reaffirmed the importance of walk-through observations as supplement to and not replacement of the observation cycle.

4 Proposed Classroom Observations Cycle Probationary teachers will be observed three times each year. The observations must be done in a modified clinical cycle with pre- conferences focused on the PQR. Observations must be complete by February 15.

5 Classroom Observation Cycle Continued….. Continuing Contract Teachers will be observed every two years. The observations will be done in a modified clinical cycle with pre-conference focused on the PQR. There will be at least two observations in the cycle. A principal may place a continuing contract teacher on cycle anytime there is a need.

6 Additional Observations Peer Observations will be offered for those wishing to have additional feedback Training will be offered for peer teams in how to conduct a peer clinical cycle.

7 The Professional Growth Plan Document Discussion Points: It has lost its meaning The CSIP has taken on a larger role Teachers can only be expected to do so much Professional development has shifted from individual growth to collaborative team growth.

8 Options for the PGP 1.The PGP document focuses only on the school improvement plan 2.The PGP has a school goal, a technology goal, and a personal goal. 3. The PGP is strictly for personal goal.

9 Transition Discussion…. Why do we have to have the PGP at all? Can’t we build other process and forms built around the PQR and the clinical cycle that can serve in it’s place?

10 PROPOSAL 1. Teachers receive, review, sign PQR every year. 2. Teachers on observation cycle will have a planning conference with their supervisor and complete a planning conference form targeting areas of focus for the year. 3. Observation post-conference summary reports will serve as documentation of growth and performance based on pre- conference form.

11 Committee Recommendations Meets Policy 1. Code requires that all teachers be evaluated every year. Create an all purpose and simple evaluation form based on the PQR. 2. The all purpose form can be used to commend teachers for specific performance on the PQR at any time 3. The all purpose form can be used to notify a teachers when they have not met the expectation of a specific PQR 4. All teachers will receive a form at the mid-year and end of year.

12 Classroom Observation: Evaluation or Professional Growth? Developing a Community of Reflective Practitioners

13 Probationary Teachers Classroom Observation as Formative Evaluation: Consistent use of PQR to guide the focus of classroom observations Multiple observers to provide perspective and support. Implementation of “next steps” closely tied to mid-year and end of year evaluation.

14 Continuing Contract Teachers Classroom Observation as Professional Growth: Teacher identifies area of focus of the PQR One observer for the year to provide continual feedback on growth Observation reports and next steps not specifically tied to evaluation. Exception to this norm: Teachers who are NOT meeting the PQR.

15 Policy, Practice and Probationary Teachers 1. Probationary teachers will have two observations before December 15 with the second observation serving as a mid-year evaluation report submitted to HR along with the all purpose evaluation form. 2. Probationary teachers will have their third cycle observation between December 15 and February 15 with their observation report completed and submitted to HR. 3. The all purpose evaluation form will be submitted for probationary teachers at the end of the year documenting performance.

16 Policy, Practice and Continuing Contract Teachers 1. Continuing contract teachers “on observation cycle” will conference with supervisors to focus their professional growth- not as part of the evaluation document unless specifically stipulated by the supervisor. 2. All continuing contract teachers will receive the all purpose evaluation form at the mid-year and end of year documenting performance. 3. Any teacher not meeting or exceeding the PQR will have a conference with the supervisor in order to clearly understand of the expectation for improved performance.


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