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New York By: Lashonda Tatum.

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1 New York By: Lashonda Tatum

2 What states border my state?
Pennsylvania and New Jersey border my state.

3 What is my states most famous tourist attraction?
My state has great festivals and parties!

4 What is my state’s area in square miles?

5 What year did my state join the Union?
July 26, 1788

6 What is my state’s motto, bird, tree, flower, etc.?
Eastern Bluebird, Sugar Maple, Rose, (motto- excelsior)

7 What is the state’s capital?
The capital is Albany.

8 What is the state’s population?
The states population is 18,976,457 people!

9 Who are some famous people from my state?
Giovanni da Verrazzano

10 Are there any Presidents who were born in my state?
George Washington was born in New York.

11 Who is my state’s governor?
Eliot Spitzer

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