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Recommended. Vision - Henrico County Public Schools will be the PREMIER school division in the United States. Mission - Henrico County Public Schools,

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1 Recommended

2 Vision - Henrico County Public Schools will be the PREMIER school division in the United States. Mission - Henrico County Public Schools, an innovative leader in educational excellence, will actively engage our students in diverse learning experiences that inspire and empower them to become contributing citizens. Vision & Mission

3 All students will graduate upon completion of the Henrico County Public School curriculum that exceeds state and national standards. All students will develop life skills for individual success and total well-being. All students will graduate prepared to be self-sustaining and competitive as they pursue their personal aspirations. All students will practice civic responsibility and good stewardship of resources in their communities. All students will become responsible and effective users of technology. Strategic Goals

4 Budget Highlights Minimal impact to instructional programs No additional recommended increase in class size All staff reductions will be absorbed through attrition Continuance of PREP Program at adjusted rate (24% to 20%) Extend four-year elementary laptop lease to six years Reduction of Central Office positions (27.5) Adjustment of transportation services for increased efficiencies Adjustment to staff positions due to declining enrollment (9) One-time federal funds were not used to balance the budget

5 New Instructional Programs: Advance College Academy (Partnership with J. Sargeant Reynolds) Teacher Incentive Fund Grant (Five-year $16.5 million grant) Expansion of the Virginia Preschool Initiative Program ($283,000 investment) Budget Highlights cont’d

6 In Henrico, we have made a commitment to change the way we do business, while always doing what’s best for children.

7 Stakeholder Input: The Process School Teams Student Congress Parent Groups Teachers School Board Members Public Input Sessions Community Groups County Staff Budget Advisory Committee Division Leadership Team Web Site Link

8 2011-2012 Summary of All Funds 2010-2011 Approved 2011-2012 Recommended Change % Change General Fund402,409,019401,250,000(1,159,019)-0.3% Debt Service36,522,77437,523,5691,000,7952.7% General Fund & Debt Service 438,931,793438,773,569(158,224)0.0% Special Revenue Funds 55,648,33461,352,1285,703,79410.2% Total All Funds494,580,127500,125,6975,545,5701.1%

9 General Fund Revenues 2010-2011 Original 2011-2012 Recommended Change % Change State199,130,580202,196,1283,065,5481.5% Federal475,000300,000(175,000)-36.8% Other1,137,0001,190,00053,0004.7% From County201,666,439197,563,872(4,102,567)-2.0% Total General Fund402,409,019401,250,000(1,159,019)-0.3%

10 Five-Year Comparison of Changes to General Fund General FundChange% Change 2007-08394,047,35526,579,1767.2% 2008-09421,296,86327,249,5086.9% 2009-10424,250,0002,953,1370.7% 2010-11402,409,019(21,840,981)-5.1% 2011-12401,250,000(1,159,019)-0.3%

11 Five-Year Comparison of Changes to Debt Service Debt ServiceChange% Change 2007-0832,055,8032,492,4858.4% 2008-0934,820,6912,764,8888.6% 2009-1040,054,7905,234,09915.0% 2010-1136,522,774(3,532,016)-8.8% 2011-1237,523,5691,000,7952.7%

12 2011-2012 General Fund Expenditures $401,250,000 Instruction 79.4% $318.4 School Board & Superintendent 0.3% $1.3 Finance 0.9% $3.4 Operations 17.0% $68.2 Administrative Services 2.4% $9.8

13 2011-2012 General Fund Expenditures 2010-2011 Approved 2011-2012 Recommended Change % Change Instruction317,962,948318,522,965560,0170.2% Administrative Services 10,246,6759,764,885(481,790)-4.7% Operations69,613,53068,220,951(1,392,579)-2.0% Finance2,970,6923,423,774453,08215.3% School Board & Superintendent 1,615,1741,317,425(297,749)-18.4% Total General Fund 402,409,019401,250,000(1,159,019)-0.3%

14 2011-2012 Major Changes by Division Instruction Added 7.0 teacher reserve Operations Pupil Transportation – adjustment of services C & M – reduce frequency of routine maintenance Utilities - savings on county phone service

15 2011-2012 Major Changes by Division 2011-2012 Major Changes by Division cont. Administrative Services Realignment of staff positions Elimination of Visiting International Faculty Finance Realignment of staff positions School Board & Superintendent Realignment of staff positions

16 2011-2012 Budget Shortfall 2011-2012 Total proposed general fund budget 401,250,000 2010-2011 Adopted general fund budget 402,409,019 (1,159,019) Additional operating expenses required for 2011-2012 (7,410,474) Total reductions needed from 2011-2012 budget (8,569,393)

17 2011-2012 Additional Operating Expense Increases/Decreases 2% VRS rate increase5,842,856 Healthcare rate increase1,325,066 Reinstate teacher reserve (7 positions)407,452 Temporary Exceptional Education instructional assistants and contract services increase 1,600,000 School’s phone savings(165,000) Move state technology budget from general fund to special revenue fund (1,600,000) 7,410,374

18 Personnel Cost Reductions through Attrition 2011-2012 Budget Central Office positions (27.5)1,243,565 Adjustment of staff positions due to declining enrollment (9) 461,420 Elimination of permanent substitute positions 274,910 Restructure PREP (24% to 20%) 1,397,376 Restructure temporary positions 570,000 Savings in attrition from PREP program717,688 Total personnel reductions4,664,959

19 Non-Personnel Reductions 2011-2012 Budget Contract renegotiation (elementary laptops, toner cartridges, TLS circuits, building rentals, Excel Academy)1,970,744 Maintenance/utilities570,000 Textbooks (excess replacement costs)341,000 Adjustment of transportation services329,555 Visiting International Faculty225,900 Equipment180,000

20 Non-Personnel Reductions 2011-2012 Budget Non-Personnel Reductions 2011-2012 Budget cont’d Educational consortiums and community organizations85,571 Standardized testing76,386 General operating supplies from Central Office52,976 Dues & association memberships39,000 Publications23,302 Advertising10,000 Total non-personnel reductions3,904,434 Total reductions8,569,393

21 Central Office Staff Reductions 2011-2012 2.0Administrative 2.0Intervention specialist/coordinator 1.0School test coordinator 4.0Technology support 2.0Itinerant 3.5Clerical 13.0Operative/service 27.5Total Central Office staff reductions 9.0 Adjustment of staff positions due to declining enrollment 36.5Total staff reductions through attrition

22 Elementary PTR and Secondary Class Size 1997-2011 Year Elementary PTR Middle Class Size High Class Size 199723.222.221.7 199822.921.920.9 199922.022.120.1 200021.422.021.3 200121.322.021.7 200221.322.121.1 200321.322.421.3 200419.921.720.9 200520.921.721.0 200620.021.020.3 200720.321.721.1 200819.821.521.2 200919.920.921.4 201020.622.121.8 2011*20.722.721.7 *estimated

23 Next Steps February 3 - Review with County Manager February 8 - Teachers Advisory Council – budget presentation 4 p.m. Longdale Elementary February 10 - Freeman High School TBD: Work session/budget work session 6 p.m. Public hearing on proposed 2011-12 budget following budget presentation to County Council and Lay Advisory Additional Budget Work Sessions will be scheduled as needed.

24 Next Steps February 24 - Work session/budget work session School Board approval of proposed budget March 17-Review with the Board of Supervisors April 12-Board of Supervisors public hearing on the budget April 26-Board of Supervisors adoption of county budget May 12-School Board adoption of 2011-2012 Annual Financial Plan

25 2011-2012 HCPS Recommended Budget

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