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A Fourth Grade SOL History Review.

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1 A Fourth Grade SOL History Review

2 What two bodies of water are found on the eastern border of Virginia?
Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay Atlantic Ocean and Rappahannock River Chesapeake Bay and James River What five states border Virginia? F. Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania Tennessee, South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky J. North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky

3 Another name for Coastal Plain is:
Piedmont Tidewater Valley and Ridge Appalachian Mountains What are the five geographic regions of Virginia? F. Appalachian Plateau, Blue Ridge Mountains, Chesapeake Bay, Tidewater, Plain G. Appalachian Plateau, Piedmont, Tidewater, Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge Mountains H. Peninsula, Coastal Plain, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, Tidewater J. Jamestown, Tidewater, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau

4 The Fall Line is a border between:
Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountains Appalachian Plateau and Valley and Ridge Piedmont and Coastal Plain Tidewater and Blue Ridge Mountains A peninsula is: F. An island G. A piece of land bordered by water on three sides H. A piece of land bordered by water on two sides J. A piece of land surrounded by water

5 The region made up of flat land located near the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, including the Eastern Shore, east of the Fall Line is: Piedmont Coastal Plain Valley and Ridge Blue Ridge Mountains The region made up of rolling hills west of the Fall Line is: F. Piedmont G. Blue Ridge Mountains H. Valley and Ridge J. Coastal Plain

6 The region made up of old, rounded mountains located between the Piedmont and Valley and Ridge is:
Tidewater Piedmont Blue Ridge Mountains Valley and Ridge The region made up the Great Valley and other valleys separated by ridges, located west of the Blue Ridge Mountains F. Piedmont G. Valley and Ridge H. Appalachian Plateau J. Tidewater

7 The region made up of elevated land that is flat on the top located in Southwest Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains Appalachian Plateau Valley and Ridge Coastal Plain What river were the towns of Jamestown and Richmond built on? F. Chesapeake Bay G. York River H. James River J. Potomac River

8 On what river was the town of Yorktown built?
Rappahannock River York River Potomac River James River On what river was the town of Fredericksburg built? F. Rappahannock River G. York River H. Potomac River J. Chesapeake Bay

9 On what river was the town of Alexandria built?
Potomac River York River James River Rappahannock River Because he thought he was in the Indies, Christopher Columbus called the people he found in the lands he discovered: F. Iroquois G. Sioux H. Indians J. Powhatan

10 Items such as arrowheads, pottery, and other tools which have been found and tell us a lot about the people who lived in Virginia are called: Treasure Artifacts Trash Crop The primary language spoken by the Native Peoples of the Tidewater region, including the Powhatan people, was : F. Algonquian G. Siouan H. Iroquoian J. Cherokee

11 The primary language spoken by the Native Peoples in the Piedmont region was:
Algonquian Siouan Iroquoian Cherokee The primary language spoken by the Native Peoples in Southwestern Virginia and in Southern Virginia, including the Cherokee was: F. Algonquian G. Siouan H. Iroquoian J. Cherokee

12 What foods did Native Peoples eat during the winter?
Fish and berries Harvested crops Hunted birds and animals Beans, corn, squash What foods did the Native Peoples eat during the spring? F. Beans, corn, squash G. Fish and berries H. Hunted birds and animals J. Harvested crops

13 What foods did Native Peoples eat during the summer?
Harvested crops Fish and berries Beans, corn, and squash Hunted birds and animals What foods did Native Peoples eat during the fall? J. Hunted birds and animals

14 This is NOT a reason the English colonized in America.
To increase England’s wealth and power To furnish raw materials that could not be grown in England To make the American Indians citizens of England To find silver and gold The Virginia charters granted by the King of England to the Virginia Company of London were important because: The charters gave the Virginia Company of London the right to establish a settlement in North America The first charter of the Virginia Company of London established companies to begin colonies in the New World The charters extended English rights to the colonists J. All the above

15 Which statement is NOT a reason the Jamestown settlers came to America.
Economic venture or project To gain English citizenship The Virginia Company of London provided money for the settlement The first permanent settlement in North America Jamestown became the first permanent English settlement in North America in: 1492 1607 1776 J

16 Choose which statement is NOT a reason the settlers choose Jamestown as their site to settle.
The location had beautiful trees and vegetation. The location could be easily defended from a Spanish attack by sea. The water along the shore was deep enough for ships to dock. The settlers believed they had a good supply of fresh water. The settlers in Jamestown faced many hardships because: The site they chose to live on was marshy and lacked safe drinking water. The settlers lacked some skills necessary to provide for themselves. Many settlers died of starvation and disease. J. All of the above.

17 The settlement’s survival was ensured by:
The settlers discovered a fresh water supply Two supply ships arrived Captain John Smith was a strong leader who made tough new rules, forced the colonists to work, and emphasized self-sustaining agriculture B and C Trading between the Powhatan people and the settlers was started by: Chief Powhatan Captain John Smith Pocahontas J. John Rolf

18 The Powhatan people traded food, furs, and leather with the English in exchange for:
Lumber, tools, pots Tools, pots, guns Pots, lumber, furs Guns, tools, furs On what did the economy of the Virginia colony depend as a primary source of wealth? Fishing Building Agriculture J. All of the above

19 The most profitable agricultural product of the Virginia Colony was:
Furs Lumber Corn Tobacco A crop that is grown to sell for money rather than for use by the growers is called a: Primary source Profitable crop Cash crop J. Self-sustaining crop

20 Trading or exchanging of goods and services without the use of money is called:
Savings Bartering Debt Credit Buying a good or service now and paying for it later is called: J. Credit

21 A good or service owed to another is:
Savings Bartering Debt Credit Money put away to save or spend at a later time Is: J. Credit

22 In what regions did the English primarily settle?
Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian Plateau Tidewater and Piedmont Appalachian Plateau and Piedmont Valley and Ridge and Shenandoah Valley In which region did the Germans and Scotch-Irish primarily settle? Shenandoah Valley Appalachian Plateau J. Valley and Ridge

23 In which regions did Africans primarily settle?
Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian Plateau Tidewater and Piedmont Appalachian Plateau and Valley and Ridge Valley and Ridge and Piedmont In which regions were the American Indians/First Americans traditional homelands located? Tidewater, Piedmont, Shenandoah Valley Tidewater, Valley and Ridge, Piedmont Tidewater, Piedmont, Appalachian Plateau J. Tidewater, Appalachian Plateau, Shenandoah Valley

24 In 1619, the governor of Virginia called a meeting of the Virginia Assembly which included:
Two citizens or burgesses from each division of Virginia The governor’s council The governor All of the above The first elected legislative body in America was the: Virginia Congress Virginia Assembly Virginia House of Burgesses J. Virginia Senate

25 Which is NOT a factor that influenced the move of the capital from Jamestown to Williamsburg?
Drinking water was contaminated by seepage or flow of salt water Jamestown was too far from the water Dirty living conditions caused disease Williamsburg was situated at a higher elevation than Jamestown Cultural landscapes include: Barns, homes, schools Barns, farms, Places of worship Barns, places of worship, fields J. Barns, homes, places of worship

26 The English Parliament believed they had the right to:
Legal authority in the colonies Give the colonists legal authority To tax the colonists A and C The Declaration of Independence was written by: George Washington Patrick Henry James Monroe J. Thomas Jefferson

27 The Declaration of Independence stated:
The people should be governed by the king Parliament has the right to tax the colonies All people are created equal and have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Parliament had legal authority in the colonies George Washington’s contribution to the Revolutionary War was as: President of the House of Burgesses Writer of the Declaration of Independence President of the United States J. Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army

28 Thomas Jefferson’s contribution to the Revolutionary War was as:
The writer of the Constitution The writer of the Bill of Rights The writer of the Declaration of Independence Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army Patrick Henry’s contribution to the Revolutionary War was as: Writer of the tax law Spokesman for the King Spokesman against taxation without representation J. Writer of the Constitution

29 Virginian James Armistead Lafayette:
Was neutral and did not take sides in the revolution Served in the Continental Army and was given his freedom after the war Was loyal to the king Was a general in the Revolutionary War _________________ was elected as the first President of the United States. George Washington James Madison George Mason J. Thomas Jefferson

30 _________________is called the “Father of the Constitution”.
George Washington George Mason Thomas Jefferson James Madison __________________wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Thomas Jefferson George Washington George Mason J. James Madison

31 __________________wrote the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom.
George Washington Thomas Jefferson George Mason James Madison ________________was the basis for the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. Virginia Declaration of Rights Declaration of Independence Constitution Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

32 ________________farming was hard on the soil, causing many farmers to look west and south for new land to farm. Corn Wheat Tobacco Cotton Virginians migrated into _____________territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunities. southern western northern J. eastern

33 The economy in the northern part of the U. S
The economy in the northern part of the U.S. was ______________________. agricultural technological industrial based on slave labor The economy in the southern part of the U.S was_____________________. agricultural technological industrial J. machines

34 Northern states wanted new states created out of the western territory to be_________.
Slave states Part slave and part free states Able to decide on their own Free states Southern states wanted new states created out of the western territory to be_________. Slave states Part slave and part free states Able to decide on their own J. Free states

35 ______________led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia.
Nat Turner Harriet Tubman John Brown Abraham Lincoln _____________established the Underground Railroad to assist escaped slaves. F. Nat Turner Harriet Tubman Abraham Lincoln J. John Brown

36 _________________led the raid on the United States Armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.
Nat Turner Abraham Lincoln Harriet Tubman John Brown Virginians were divided about the secession from the Union, which led to the creation of _____________. South Carolina West Virginia Maryland J. North Carolina

37 The first major battle of the Civil War,___________, was fought at Manassas, Virginia.
The Wilderness Twin Forks Bull Run Fredericksburg _______________was the Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Robert E. Lee Ulysses S. Grant J. William T. Sherman

38 _________________was the capital of the Confederacy.
Fredericksburg Manassas Alexandria Richmond An important sea battle between the _____________and_______________, two iron-clad ships, took place in Virginia waters. Steel Head and Metal Back Constitution and Declaration Monitor and Merrimack J. Mercy and Comfort

39 Richmond fell to __________________and was burned near the end of the war.
General Lee General Jackson General Grant General Sherman After ____________became President of the United States in 1860, some southern states seceded from the Union. Lincoln Jefferson Grant J. Washington

40 The Civil War ended at _______________________.
Court House Square, Virginia Manassas, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Appomattox Court House, Virginia The period following the Civil War in which Congress passed laws designed to rebuild the country and bring the southern states back into the Union. Surrender Defeat Civil War Law J. Reconstruction

41 Virginia’s economy was in ruins after the Civil War because:
Confederate money had no value Banks were closed Railroads, bridges, plantations, and crops were destroyed All of the above The _________________Bureau was a government agency that provided food, schools, and medical care for freed slaves and others in Virginia and the rest of the south. Housing Freedmen’s Poll J. Reconstruction

42 _____________was a system common in Virginia after the war in which freedman and poor white farmers rented land from a landowner by promising to pay the owner with a share of the crop. Reconstruction Segregation Sharecropping Discrimination ____________________means the separation of people, usually based on race or religion. Reconstruction Segregation Sharecropping J. Discrimination

43 _______________means an unfair difference in the treatment of people.
A. Reconstruction Segregation Sharecropping Discrimination During Reconstruction, __________________began to have power in Virginia’s government, and men of all races could vote. African Americans Asian Americans American Indians J. Hispanic Americans

44 ______________were passed by southern states which allowed for segregation or separation of the races. Housing Laws Jim Crow Laws Separate Laws Sharecropping Laws _______________ helped expand business, agriculture, and industry in Virginia. Coal Tobacco Factories J. Railroads

45 ________________deposits were discovered in Tazewell County after the Civil War.
Diamond Coal Clay Tobacco The cities of Virginia grew because people were moving from rural to _______areas. Southwest Northwest Rural J. Urban

46 The U.S. Supreme Court ruling which stated that “separate but equal” public schools was unconstitutional was the case of ______________________. Brown v. Brown Brown v. Board of Education Board of Education v. Virginia Virginia v. Brown In order to comply with the new civil rights laws, all public schools in Virginia were ordered to ________________________________________. Separate Modernize Desegregate J. Resist

47 ______________was the first African American woman to become a bank president in the United States.
Harriet Tubman Betsy Ross Dolly Madison Maggie L. Walker _____________ was the first African American winner of a major men’s singles championship. Harry F. Byrd, Sr. Arthur R. Ashe, Jr. L. Douglas Wilder J. Frederick Douglas

48 _____________________, former governor of Virginia, was the first African American to be elected a state governor in the United States. Harry F. Byrd, Sr. Arthur R. Ashe, Jr. L. Douglas Wilder Frederick Douglas The government of Virginia is divided into _______ branches. Two Three Four J. Five

49 The General Assembly is the _______________________branch of the Virginia government that makes state laws. Executive Governor Legislative Judicial The General Assembly is divided into two parts – the _____________and the ____________________. Legislative and executive House of Delegates and governor Senate and courts J. Senate and House of Delegates

50 The ______________________heads the executive branch of the government.
Governor Legislative Judicial The _____________________branch makes sure that state laws are carried out. Executive Governor Legislative J. Judicial

51 The ___________________branch is the state’s court system.
Executive Governor Legislative Judicial Since World War II, Northern Virginia has experienced growth due to increases in the number of _______________jobs located in the region. Factory Federal Railroad J. Coal

52 ______________is a major part of Virginia’s economy and welcomes visitors from all over the world.
Tourism Markets Recreation Technology Because many federal workers live and/or work in Virginia, the ___________________ has a significant impact on Virginia’s economy. Military State government Local government Federal government



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