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Rules and Credits Created by Mrs. Miller, 3rd Grade T.C. Walker Elementary School Let’s Play...

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2 Rules and Credits Created by Mrs. Miller, 3rd Grade T.C. Walker Elementary School Let’s Play...

3 English 100 200 300 400 Math 100 200 300 400 HistoryScience 400 300 200 100 400 300 200 100 500


5 English 200 400 600 800 Math 200 400 600 800 HistoryScience 800 600 400 200 800 600 400 200 1000

6 A.. B. ? C. ) D. ! Which is the correct end mark for the sentence below? Who is your best friend

7 A. because B. should C. studiing D. likely Which word is NOT spelled correctly?

8 A. We B. They C. Us D. She Which pronoun can replace the underlined words in the sentence below? Jan, Susan and I went shopping on Saturday.

9 A. Me and my dad B. I and my dad C. My dad and me D. My dad and I Which group of words correctly completes the sentence? _____________________ built a tree house in the backyard.

10 A. schools B. schools’ C. school’s D. schools’s Which word will correctly replace “mascot of the school” in the sentence below? The __________ mascot is a wildcat.

11 A. 4,279 B. 4,379 C. 4,389 D. 5,379 Which of the following numbers is less than 4,379?

12 A. 50,435 B. 503,592 C. 545,392 D. 543,592 What is the standard form for 500,000 + 40,000 + 3,000 + 500 + 90 + 2?

13 A. B. C. D. Which picture shows of the circles shaded? 3 7

14 A. 4 B. 6 C. 7 D. 20 There were 24 blocks in a bag. After each child took 4 blocks, all the blocks were gone. How many children took blocks from the bag?

15 A. $0.19 B. $0.24 C. $0.34 D. $0.76 Luke bought a pencil, glue, and scissors. He gave the clerk $1.00. How much change did he receive? $0.15 $0.24 $0.37

16 A. roots B. stem C. leaves D. flowers In which part of a plant is food made?

17 A. instinct B. mimicry C. camouflage D. learned behavior A pheasant is a bird that lives in the woods and sometimes in farmer’ fields. The female pheasant is brown and tan in color. What is this coloring an example of?

18 A. lever B. inclined plane C. wheel and axle D. pulley What type of simple machine is a used to raise a flag?

19 A. corn plant B. grasshopper C. field mouse D. eagle Which is a producer?

20 A. food B. clean air C. room to run D. shelter from enemies Which of the following is NOT a basic need of all animals?

21 What is the capital city of the United States? A. New York B. Richmond C. Washington D. Los Angeles

22 A. mayor B. governor C. supervisor D. speaker Who is the top elected leader in a city or town?

23 A. blue with 50 stripes B. white with red feathers C. blue with two warriors D. green with white flowers Which statement describes the Virginia state flag?

24 $800

25 A. China B. Rome C. Egypt D. Greece Which civilization had an empire that stretched from Europe and Africa into Asia?

26 A. producer B. consumer C. laborer D. investor Who is a person who uses money to make more money?

27 A. dr Jan a Smith B. Drake Ave C. Mr. D. L. Jones D. richmond va Which is written correctly?

28 A. there B. their C. they’re D. they are Which word correctly completes the sentence? Parrots have colorful patterns on ____ feathers.

29 A. their B. her C. its D. your Which pronoun correctly replaces the underlined words? We put the friends’ bikes in the garage.

30 A. give B. gives C. gave D. given Which word correctly completes the sentence? She __________ us the paper yesterday.

31 A. spoke B. clearly C. gave D. report Which word in the sentence is the adverb? She spoke clearly when she gave her report.

32 A. cube B. cone C. sphere D. cylinder Which of the following has only flat faces?

33 A. 333 B. 1,333 C. 3,135 D. 3,245 Tim’s class collected newspapers. They collected 1, 789 the first week and 1,456 the second week. How many newspapers did they collect all together?

34 A. 40 L of soda B. 100 L of water C. 200 mL of juice D. 500 mL of milk Which of the following units of measure is greatest?

35 $1,600

36 A. 0.14 B. 0.46 C. 0.76 D. 0.84 Which decimal is shown in the grid below?

37 A. blue line B. purple lines C. green lines D. red lines Which of the following are parallel lines?

38 A. its taste B. its color C. its smell D. its shape When a sugar cube was broken into pieces with a hammer, something about it changed. Which one of these things changed?

39 A. herbivore B. omnivore C. carnivore D. producer What kind of animal is a bear who eats berries and fish?

40 A. condensation B. evaporation C. precipitation D. run off What is happening when water vapor turns back into water?

41 A. earth turning on its axis B. earth revolving around the sun C. moon revolving around the earth D. moon turning on its axis Which of these motions causes nights and days on earth?

42 A. recycle B. miners C. sandy soil D. natural resource What do we call something that people use that comes from the earth?

43 What numbered part of the map has the place where the Pilgrims and other English colonists first settled? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 4 3 2 1

44 What was the first English settlement in the New World? A. Quebec B. Mexico C. Jamestown D. Washington

45 What did the ancient Greeks call a person who owned slaves and helped run the government by voting? A. Roman B. citizen C. pyramid D. democrat

46 Which of these is NOT a promise to pay for something? A. check B. credit card C. dollar bill D. loan

47 Which event happened first? A. Egyptians invented writing B. Jamestown colony was settled C. Romans built an empire D. Columbus sailed to New World



50 Moo-rific!

51 Can’t Touch This!

52 Bear-y Good!

53 Splashing Good!




57 No LION, You’re the BEST!


59 Celebrate

60 You are HOT Today!!

61 You’ve got it on the Ball!! Strike!!

62 Superstar!!






68 You’re Despicable!


70 Oh, D...D...D...Dear!

71 Maybe There Is No Intelligent Life After All!

72 Oh, bother!

73 Mother said there’d be days like this!

74 Life’s Not Fair, Is It?

75 This is the perfect time to panic!

76 You’re Mocking Me, Aren’t You?

77  Teams choose topic and amount.  Teams decide on answer.  Teams earn points for a correct answer.  Teams do not lose points for incorrect answer.  Team with the most points after all the questions have been answered is the winner!  Thanks to the Jeopardy Game for the idea.  Thanks to Mrs. Rainier for creating the gameboard.  Blast Off! Books by Buckle Down Publishing  Sound files found at

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