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Hosted by Carol Almarez DSLCC Summer Institute 2006: Windows for Educators.

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2 Hosted by Carol Almarez DSLCC Summer Institute 2006: Windows for Educators

3 100 200 400 300 400 CustomizeTerminology DesktopWindows 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 Row 1, Col 1 You right-click on this to customize the display What is the Desktop?

5 1,2 A list of choices that you see when you right-click an item on the desktop or window What is a drop-down menu?

6 1,3 The part of the desktop where everything starts What is the START menu?

7 1,4 The three keys that will help unfreeze Windows What are Control-Alt-Delete?

8 2,1 You can customize this desktop item by changing its icon or putting a picture on it What is a folder?

9 2,2 The on-screen work area on which windows, icons, menus, and dialog boxes appear What is the Desktop?

10 2,3 The part of the START menu where you will find a calculator What is Accessories?

11 2,4 This little Windows program will organize your pictures for you What is Microsoft Clip Organizer?

12 3,1 This is the first step in customizing the START Menu What is right-click the START menu?

13 3,2 When the mouse is moved across a desktop or window item and a description of the item appears, we call it this What is a mouseover?

14 3,3 Name one of the 3 programs you will find if you click Entertainment (one of the Accessories on the Program List) What is Windows Media Player, Sound Recorder, or Volume Control?

15 3,4 File, Edit, and View are all found on this part of a Window What is the Menu bar?

16 4,1 This is the easiest first step to customizing sounds What is right-click the speaker icon on taskbar?

17 4,2 The ShowSounds feature in Windows is an example of this What is accessibility?

18 4,3 What is Notification? The part of the taskbar where the clock is found

19 4,4 You’re in the My Documents window. This is the quickest 1 st step to creating a new Word document What is: right-click in white space of the window?

20 5,1 You drag a program icon to this section of the taskbar so you can open it with one click What is Quick Launch ?

21 5,2 A section of a window that opens to the side of the main window, offers the user a choice of tasks or destinations What is the Task Pane ?

22 5,3 If I want to add a program to the top left side of the Start Menu, I have to do this What is PIN it?

23 5,4 This Windows view shows you pictures of your files What is Thumbnails ?

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