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Bruce Christianson Civilian Health and Return to Work Coordinator UNDE NL/NB Regional Conference 10 July 2009.

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1 Bruce Christianson Civilian Health and Return to Work Coordinator UNDE NL/NB Regional Conference 10 July 2009

2 Mission … to develop, coordinate, promulgate and administer the DND/CF General Safety Program… Vision … reduce accidents in order to add to the operational effectiveness of DND and the CF, minimize personal suffering… and contribute to the morale and well-being of all personnel. D Safe G

3 Safety Governance Workplace Health and Safety Committees Health and Safety Issues Violence in the Workplace Workplace RTW Committees RTW Training Workplace RTW Committees Concerns Overview

4 General Safety Program Functional Authority Framework VCDS National Safety Policy Committee DND/CF Safety Council D Safe G National Return to Work Committee General Safety Consultative Framework Command / Group GSOs Formation / Base / Wing GSOs Unit GSOs Chain of Command Workplace Committee 1. General Safety Council 2. Workplace Committee 3. Return to Work Ctte. Workplace Committee 1. General Safety Council 2. Workplace Committee 3. Return to Work Ctte. CLC Part II 1.Steering Ctte 2.Consultative Group 3.Working Group LEGEND: Red: Legislation Greens: DND Policy / Program & Governance Blue: Program Delivery CLC Part II

5 Mandate …addressing health and safety matters that apply to individual work places. CLC Part II section 135. Authority …a workplace health and safety committee is required where 20 or more Public Service employees normally work. General Safety Program, volume 1, chapter 3, section 45 a. Workplace H&S Committees

6 Membership Fifty percent or more representation chosen by the bargaining agents and the remainder by the unit CO. Reflect ratio of military vs. Public Service employees Reflect ratio of different occupations in workplace For public service employees a term of office is two years, but may serve for more than one. Two alternating chairpersons

7 Roles and Responsibilities – Terms of Reference Deal with H&S complaints of employees Implement and monitor DNDs H&S programs Develop, implement and monitor H&S programs that have hazards unique to workplace Participate in all inquiries, investigations, studies or inspections pertaining to H&S Implement and monitor PPE program Ensure adequate records of complaints, work accidents, injuries and health hazards Workplace H&S Committees

8 Roles and Responsibilities – Terms of Reference Cooperate with H&S Officers Implement of changes that may affect OHS Assist employer in investigating & assessing exposures to hazardous substances Inspect each month all or part of workplace, so every part is inspected at least once each year Render a recommendation on all health and safety issues prior to submitting them to a higher authority Required to meet at least 9 times/year Become familiar with A-GG-040-005/AG-001, General Safety Program, Workplace Safety and Health Committee Guide. Workplace H&S Committees

9 Training The Canada Labour Code, Part II, Art 125.(1) (z.01)states that the employer: must ensure that members of workplace committees and health and safety representatives receive the prescribed training in health and safety and are informed of their responsibilities under this Part. Basic Safety Officer Training Course Safety Management Course Occupational Health Course Safety Program Evaluators Course Hazardous Occurrence Investigation Training Workplace H&S Committees

10 Recourse to Resolve Issues CLC Part II Chain of Command Workplace H&S Committees


12 Regulation 8 May 2008 The Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (COHS Regs) were amended by adding Part XX: Violence Prevention in the Workplace

13 Workplace Violence constitutes any action, conduct, threat or gesture of a person towards an employee in their work place that can reasonably be expected to cause harm, injury or illness to that employee (COHS Regulations, Part XX, Section 20.2) Definition

14 The Violence in the Work Place Regulation provides a specific instrument to allow for improved prevention programs and enforcement that are specific to work place violence. ( Liaison Bulletin No.74, HRSDC- Labour Program) Benefit of Regulation

15 Working Group Draft Policy –Guidance Presentation at the H&S Policy Committee Related Activities to Date

16 Next Steps Reconvene Working Group –Determine OPI –Policy Framework –Define Roles & Responsibilities (Chain of Command) –Impact Assessment Timelines

17 Local RTW Committees

18 Membership Management Representative Union Representatives RTW Program Advisor/GSO Human Resource Officer Units HR Business Manager OR Assign RTW Duties: 1.Workplace Health and Safety Committee 2.Injury on Duty Leave Committee 3.Employee Assistance Program Local RTW Committees

19 Mandate … provide policy, direction, and procedures for the organizations Return to Work Program. RTWP Manual, chapter 3, section 9. Authority Each Base, Wing, and major unit with more than 20 civilian employees must establish a committee or assign return to work duties to one of the previous mentioned committees in order to provide resources, policy direction and help the Return to Work Program Advisor manage the Return to Work Program. RTWP Manual, chapter 3, section 8. Local RTW Committees

20 Resources D safe G Funded Training RTW Advisors Course RTW Committees Course RTW Awareness Course Locally Funded Training RTW Employee Awareness Course RTW Program

21 Agreement Process Supervisor / Employee Supervisor / Employee / Employee Representative Supervisor / Employee / Employee Rep / RTWP Advisor Local RTW Committee Case Manager RTW Program

22 Challenge National Lead Absence Training Needs Local Committees Issues Action D safe G Priority Updated and Scheduled Seek Feedback of Stakeholders RTW Program

23 Success Several Local RTW Programs have established: Communication; Collaboration; and Trust Between All RTW Stakeholders. RTW Program

24 Vision Establish Departmental RTW Best Practices By: Sharing Lessons Learned; Gathering Employee Satisfaction Questionnaires; and Continually Monitoring the Programs Performance. RTW Program

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