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Transition Plan Update

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1 Transition Plan Update
Conflict Management Program Transition Plan Update

2 Transition Vision To ensure a continued ability to provide the highest level of Conflict Management (CM) services to the Defence Team.

3 Transition Plan – Phase I Taking Care of Our People
Maintain open communications with DGADR members on processes and decisions made Enable alternations and supporting employees to engage in future employment opportunities Marketing and networking staff to other departments Conduct interviews for the AS06 SERLO process on Sept 18 – 19, 2012 Issue remainder of Opting letters no later than end of November 2012 Inform all term and assignment employees verbally and give them a minimum 30 days written notice i.e. paid for employees to travel for interviews, putting together an information brief on how to get on the standing offer, I have been spending a lot of time networking with other departments about to consider our staff for future positions as well as marketing them to colleagues of mine in the private sector, if I hear of anything that might be suitable for the staff I forward on the information - the SERLO board consisted of myself, Cdr Tony Crewe from DHRD and Catherine Lauzon Ombuds from Health Canada I term in Trenton and 2 assignment positions in Esquimalt 3

4 Transition Plan – Phase II Consultation & Develop Concept
Information Gathering (Jun – Sep 2012) RMs one-on-one meetings with stakeholders & clients Conduct regional gatherings with employees to review consultation information and to add field input into future service delivery concept Service Delivery Concept Development (June to Oct 2012) Finalize draft Concept from stakeholder/clients & field inputs Conduct Departmental needs assessment for ADR training Conduct focus groups to review draft concept Conduct Pilot Project of concept using DRCs closing this FY Cold Lake (Oct 2012) Trenton (Nov 2012) 4

5 Transition Plan – Phase II Consultations
Patterns and Trends Resulting from Consultations General frustration and lack of understanding from stakeholders on bases where the DRCs are closing Concern for our ability to continue to support mandatory informed consideration for ADR in grievance processes Availability of training both off the shelf and tailored Drop in service and response times for requests especially in outlying sites Appropriate manning for number and Web Site inquiries Lack of ability to connect with the military due to fewer Officers and NCMs on staff Quebec region worried that there wont the same level of francophone service from Ottawa Only 3.6 percent of all our intervention work is grievance related and that is both Mil and Civ - 15 to 20 interventions and that is being generous 5

6 Transition Plan – Phase II ADR Training
Current (June 2012 to April 2014) Determine what training can be done with current resources Reduce Resolving Conflict Effectively to a 3 day course Reduce integrated training, limit Conflict and Effective Leadership Intervention to one serial/DRC/year Cease providing Conflict Management for Leaders and tailored training Initiate Training Needs Assessment to determine what is essential ADR Training for DND Explore potential alternate delivery platforms (on-line, DL, etc) Explore possibility of using other schools (CSPS, LCC, CDA) CELI is a 3 day course

7 Transition Plan – Phase III Implementation
Modify Concept for Service Delivery from Lessons Learned in Pilot Project Finalize Concept for Service Delivery Monitor Program to ensure Transition Vision is being achieved Conduct HR staffing action as required Where necessary conduct moves to new locations Transition to new Regional Centres and closure of DRCs by 31 Mar 14 Kingston will be moving to a new location on the base to accommodate the need for more room 7

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