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The Spanish in the Americas

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1 The Spanish in the Americas

2 Columbus Columbus left for voyage in 1492 funded by Spain and landed on October 12, 1492 in the Caribbean (probably on the Bahamas) Named the island San Salvador Columbus’s mission was for gold 1493 returned to Spain with the good news and the monarchy funded more trips for him in the hopes of creating colonies in the new world

3 Other Explorers 1500 Pedro Alvares Cabral- Brazil
1501 Amerigo Vespucci – South America and in 1507 a German mapmaker named the continents America 1519 Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world (he was killed in the Phillipines)

4 Spain Builds an American Empire- The Conquistadors
Hernando Cortes landed in Mexico in 1519 Goes to Tenochtitlan and meets Aztec ruler Montezuma II Montezuma II initially welcomes him Cortes finds gold and silver and soon forces the Aztecs to mine for him Aztecs rebel but with no success and in 1521 Cortes conquered the Aztecs o  Superior weaponry o  Help from some native groups o  Disease- smallpox, measles, mumps, typhus Pizarro 1532 conquered the Inca easily

5 Spain’s Pattern of Conquest
Peninsulares- European-born settlers Mestizos- mixed Spanish and Native American Encomienda- system of forced labor

6 Brazil Belonged to Portugal
Not much silver or gold, so began to grow sugar

7 Spain Expands its Influence
Spain became the richest, most powerful nation during the 16th century Increased its military Settlers push north o  Florida o  Went to territory in NM, TX, OK, KS but with little gold they left the exploration to priests

8 Opposition to Spanish Rule
Spanish priests pushed for better treatment of Native Americans As a result of criticism the encomienda system was abolished in 1542 Natives also rebelled but with little success 1680 Pope led a rebellion that interrupted the Spanish for 12 years

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