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Civilian Human Resources Service Center (Atlantic) UNDE NL and Lab /NB / PEI - Regional Conference 10 July 2009.

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1 Civilian Human Resources Service Center (Atlantic) UNDE NL and Lab /NB / PEI - Regional Conference 10 July 2009

2 Civilian Human Resources Service Center (Atlantic) Created in 1997 Regional organization Part of a departmental wide HR network Advice and guidance in civilian HR Delegated in Staffing and Classification Provision of comprehensive HR services to employees and supervisors/managers

3 CHRSC(A) Services Compensation Classification Staffing/Resourcing Labour Relations HRP Learning and Career

4 CHRSC(A) – Who are we ? Director Subject Matter Experts (SME – LR, Class and staffing) Mangers of service delivery –MHRS – HRO s – HRA s –MComp –Team Leaders – CAdvisors- C Assts –MLCC – L Advisors- Learning Assistants

5 Compensation Services Compensation Advisor –Pay Administration –Benefits Administration –Personnel Files –Leave Administration –Pension/Superannuation Administration

6 Classification Services Classification Officer/ HR Officer –Review and Assess Work Descriptions –Assign Occupational Group and Level –Assist in Organizational Analysis and Design Delegated by DM following training program

7 Classification Classification is of a described set of duties vs employee performance Classification vs reclassification requests Classification Standards Delegation / authorities Work Descriptions – Format Prioritization of work Grievances

8 Service Delivery Drivers An existing methodology for prioritization Challenges in prioritization when the overall client group comprises 70+ units across 10+ Command/Group Principals SWE / Tax impacts from retroactive classifications Recognition that all service requests need action at some point

9 Influencing Workload Repeat submissions Re-writing of WDs when change is minimal Timing of WD submissions Model/generic WD vs uniques Lack of understanding of process and roles and responsibilities of managers

10 Did you know? Cyclical review of WDs may not require a re-write of WD Management assigns duties and can do so temporarily WD changes to a position can have wide impacts – supervisors / occupational group

11 The Regional Picture Atlantic Region 230 active cases 420 completed actions this year 149 active grievances N.B/PEI 51 active cases 126 completed actions this year 8 active grievances NFLD and LAB 6 active cases 10 completed actions this year 0 active grievances

12 Staffing Services Human Resources Officer –Human Resources Planning –Providing HR Support and Training to Supervisors and Managers –Recruitment/Selection/Promotion Delegated by DM following training program –Outreach –Support for HR programs (e.g. : Apprenticeship, Job Experience Training Program and Employment Equity)

13 Staffing within the Region Types of processes CF members




17 All External Advertised appointment processes are now open to all persons across Canada NAOS broadens Canadians access to job opportunities in the Federal Public Service National Area of Selection (NAOS)

18 NAOS Policy Application External Advertised processes with some exceptions PSC implementation of NAOS was incremental: -before 30 Dec 08 applied to officer levels -since 30 Dec 08 applies to all occupational groups -transition strategy during 2009

19 Exceptions to NAOS Policy Advertisements for terms < 6 months FSWEP student appointments Part time workers Seasonal employment Selection process specific to Employment Equity recruitment

20 NAOS Impact on DND Now applicable to Operational and Administrative Support groups Increase in volume of applicants for many occupational groups/levels New strategies needed for volume management Pools were created in advance of NAOS

21 HR(Civ) NAOS Framework Developing recruitment/staffing strategies Increased partnering/collaboration with others in recruitment Recognition of regional differences in labour market availability Minimizing impact on applicants National processes initiated for common, high-usage occupational groups

22 What to Expect More multi-location and multi-level job postings Varying timelines to apply Electronic applications essential Increase in electronic communications Necessity to closely monitor website for job postings

23 Labour Relations Services Human Resources Officer Demographic and trend analysis Targeted/special employment programs Analysis and input into National Programs Local strategies for national programs, e.g.: National PS Survey Participation in local strategies and programs - 3 ASG Supervisor - Student programs

24 HRP Services Human Resources Officer Collective Agreement applications/interpretations Union Relations & Consultation strategies Grievance/redress support / advice Misconduct/Performance advice / guidance Collective Bargaining/labour disruptions Return to Work/Duty to Accommodate

25 Learning and Career Centre Learning Advisors Training Delivery (State of the Art Classroom and E-learning training) –Leadership –Instructional Technique –Basic Writing Skills –HR related courses –Prior Learning Assessment –Unit Professional Development –Computer Software Training

26 Learning and Career Centre Resource Library –Internet/DWAN Computer access –Books, Videos CDs available for loan –Video Conferencing capability Learning and Career Advisory Services Civilian Education Support Program Job Experience Training Program Job Shadow Program

27 Who s Who in the CHRSC(A) Website - n/home_e.asp?reference= http://hr.ottawa- n/home_e.asp?reference= Contacts –

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