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Welcome to Mercer Middle School. Welcome Introductions – Administrative Staff – Subject Area Lead Teacher – Michelle Kreft and Lisa Maylott – Intellectual.

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1 Welcome to Mercer Middle School

2 Welcome Introductions – Administrative Staff – Subject Area Lead Teacher – Michelle Kreft and Lisa Maylott – Intellectual Disability Program – Terry Genther – Autism Program – Stephanie Worthley – Emotional Disability Program – Deshonna Smith – 6 th Grade – Deborah Clayton-Walker and Rusty Maclin – 7 th Grade and 8 th Grade Teachers Suzanne Hinkle - Science Casey Chapman – Lang. Arts, History, and Science Michelle Kreft – Math Lisa Maylott - English

3 Introductions – Speech Language Pathologist – Katie Robertson – Occupational Therapist – Meghan Wertz – Physical Therapist – Sally Reed – Consulting Teachers – Tammi Flanagan and Sarah Buswell – Mercer SEAC Parent Liaison- ????? – PTA President – Karen Goodwin

4 Definition The case manger is the individual who has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the special education process for the student is accomplished. As such they are responsible for: – Developing, reviewing, and revising the IEP – Ensuring the IEP is implemented – Coordinating the implementation of all services – Writing and reporting educational progress – Managing the ongoing review of the student’s need for educational service, including the yearly IEP and the three year reevaluation process

5 The Mercer Case Manager Will maintain the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality Will get to know your child personally and be a partner in their success Will actively monitor academic/social progress and make necessary/immediate changes for areas of concern Will effectively communicate with parents – Proactive communication – Return phone calls and emails within 24 hours Will adhere to IEP and reporting deadlines – Draft IEP’s 1 week prior to IEP meetings – Progress reports with every report card

6 Who to contact? PersonFor What? Case ManagerQuestions related to the implementation of IEP’s, overall academic and social performance, and general questions and concerns. The case manager should also be copied on all correspondence to other staff members. TeacherQuestions regarding class and homework assignments. Any questions about upcoming projects, grades, or any specific concerns related to that class. CounselorConcerns regarding social situations, elective class schedule, scheduling parent-teacher conferences, and emotional issues common to middle school students (peer- to-peer relationships) House SecretaryEarly dismissals, forgotten items, relay message DeansAny academic or discipline concern that cannot be addressed by the teacher or counselor. This would include bus issues, bullying, and general classroom/hallway concerns. Assistant Principals We are available for all questions and concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter how trivial it might seem

7 The Mercer Experience Anti-Bullying Efforts – Safe School Ambassadors – Nick Cottone – Bully Prevention - Counselors Student Support Mentors and Clubs – Mercer Teacher Cadets – Recognized by SEAC for Excellence in Special Education – Mercer PRIDE club School Social Groups – Facilitated by counseling department, school social worker, and school psychologist Clinical Team – Meets twice a month to discuss behavioral concerns High School Transition – Student panels, teacher panels, high school visits, and high school representative at the annual IEP meeting Resource Time – Re-teaching, remediation, and enrichment time

8 New This Year New IEP software Partnership with I’m Determined Project Parent Portal – Clarity – See Mercer Middle School’s Website for more information

9 Clubs and Activities All students are encouraged to participate in after school clubs and activities School provides transportation and support (if needed) so all students can participate in the club or activity Over 25 clubs and activities

10 Clubs and Activities

11 Parents Do’sDon’ts Communicate regularly with your child’s case manager Wait to contact the case manager if you are concerned about an issue or if you have a question Read draft IEP’s prior to the IEP meeting and notify the case manager if you have any questions or concerns about the proposed IEP Send scrolling emails. If you have an serious concern or immediate issue please call or send an email requesting a phone call. (We will do the same)

12 Other Resources Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) – Meets every 3 rd Tuesday of the month at the Administration Building Mercer Middle School PTA Parent Resource Center Virginia Department of Education – Special Education Virginia Department of Education – Special Education I’m Determined Project

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