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By: K.W. Reed

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1 By: K.W. Reed

2 The cell starts to grow. The call makes DNA copies. It prepares to divide. Interphase nterphase.html DNA/DNArep/pcinterphase.html

3 Nuclear membrane and nucleus disappear Spindle Fibers Appear Prophase phase.html

4 Metaphase section2.rhtml Duplicated chromosomes move to the middle Sister chromatins meet and connect

5 Sister chromatins separate and move to their own side Anaphase ell-cycle-sequencing

6 Nuclear Membrane and nucleus reappear Chromosomes loosen up and become chromatins Telophase munofluorescent_lm tml

7 The cell divides into two cells. Cytokinesis ?lang=en s/section3.rhtml

8 Cell Cycle StageParts of itWhat it does Interphase Growth, DNA Replicates, Prepares to Divide Mitosis ProphaseNuclear Membrane and Nucleus disappears, Spindle Fibers appear, see duplicated chromosomes MetaphaseChromosomes move to the middle, sister chromatins meet in middle AnaphaseSister chromatins move to their own sides TelophaseNuclear membrane and nucleus reappear, chromosomes loosen up and become chromatin Cytokenesis Cell divide into two cells

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