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Present & Apply The final resting place of the OSI layers.

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1 Present & Apply The final resting place of the OSI layers

2 Presentation Layer Serialization Strings –Pascal (varied length) –Tables (constants) –Base64 (blobs strings) Significant Bits –Float Fixed –Matrix Quaternion Pointers Endean Order Encryption

3 Presentation Layer Buffering Packet Coalescence –TCP vs. Manual Induced Latency –Get on the boat Dead Data –UDP Large Packets –MTU and S/R buffers –Packet Length Indicator

4 Application Layer Reflection Models

5 Application Layer Input Reflection Joystick Data –Buttons –2+ axis Keyboard Data –128+ possible keys Mouse Data –Buttons –2+ axis

6 Application Layer Input Reflection Pros Simple Design –Attached Input Accurate Low Bandwidth Cons Hard debugging –Sync Test Latency Sensitive –Stop & Wait Predictive Nightmares –Complete State Save –The Undead

7 Application Layer State Reflection Mutable Objects –Position –Orient –Velocity –Acc –State (Custom) Environment State –Open/Closed, On/Off Chat Off Screen Events

8 Application Layer State Reflection Pros Easier Debugging Latency Tolerant Delta Management Cons High Bandwidth Inaccurate Hacking Delta Management

9 Application Layer Synchronization

10 Application Layer Latency Delay –Intolerable / High / Medium / Trivial Variability –Consistent (The easiest to deal with) –Spikes Line Static Player Induced

11 Application Layer Synchronization Game Time –Clocks & Ticks Dead Reckoning –Extrapolation of current state over time Play Heuristics –Patterns A.I. Assist –Way points (varied conformance) Arbitration –Client vs. Server

12 Application Layer Recovery Warping –Last Resort / Easy First Pass Implementation Speed Cheat –Give control to AI and allow special acceleration boost Interpolation –Quaternion Slerping –Modifying control points on SP lines

13 Application Layer Recovery Bugs Brick Wall – Collision Not Synched –Fabricate collision on other machine (difficult) –Flag collision to run under AI control Bee Wiggle – Over Compensation –Maintain Dead Zone Sink or Float – Vertical Terrain –Fasten to ground (or not) Rubber Banding –Match speed when approaching target Death cant be undone eloquently –Fudge Health –Synch before death –hang on by a hair.

14 Mashing Dough

15 4 Groups Design Packets Login –Account Create/Edit/Remove –Verification, Notification, … Chat –Groups, Buddies, Admin, System, … Simulation –Move, Fire, Arbitration, … Voyeurs –Web Leader Board –Web applet (Maps / Scores, for Game in Progress)

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