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My Tentative Plans for 2009 John Vig 2009 IEEE President & CEO 2 February 2008.

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1 My Tentative Plans for 2009 John Vig 2009 IEEE President & CEO 2 February 2008

2 Plans are Tentative Because… l Term starts in 2009; 11 months from now. Plans will probably change by next January. l President’s powers are limited; can’t make major changes without the Board of Directors’ approval l Term is short; i.e., 1 year; I would like to do many things; but, can’t do everything; must focus on a few goals What should be these few goals???

3 What I Would Like to Do - 1 Public Visibility l Expand the IEEE’s marketing efforts, including the marketing at conferences activity l Start an “IEEE Technology News,” similar to Science News l Reinvigorate the merchandise program, for students, especially l Change the membership message (be proud to be a member; identify with IEEE) Humanitarian Activities l Start a Presidents’ Real-World Problem-Solving Competition for SBs and GOLD l Start a “sustainable world” initiative – continuing the theme…

4 What I Would Like to Do - 2 Improve IEEE l Continue the India initiative l Create a great IEEE website - to improve member satisfaction and reduce customer service costs l Make conference presentations & tutorials available on-line l Start a “milestones” program for seminal papers & patents l Increase appointments from R8-10 (N&A comm’s) l Improve the election process/website l Add blog-like features to Xplore and myIEEE l Write the IEEE’s and the OUs’ history

5 What I Would Like to Do - 3 Improve IEEE (continued) l Start a “life sciences” activity - “What physics was to the 20 th century biology will be to the 21 st ” - headline in The Economist l Greatly improve student retention – develop loyalty & identification with IEEE l Digitize IEEE Press books & make them a membership benefit l IEEE-USA  Professional Activities Board (w. IEEE-USA unchanged except for its Board seat) l Mergers, acquisitions, partnerships (leverage the IEEE’s advantages); collaborate more with other professional societies l Use data mining of IEEE (members, authors, conf. attendees…) l Greatly improve submission-to-publication delays of our journals

6 What I Would Like to Do - 4 l Dance more!

7 What is Sustainability? l “…meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs*.” l Fossil fuel reserves, agriculture, fisheries, raw materials, water population, biodiversity… l Climate neutrality is one metric for overall sustainability. l Increased prosperity usually leads to increased levels of environmental protection, but, sustainability is more than just environmental protection. * Brundtland Commission definition.

8 Grand Challenge: Sustainability l Energy l Water l Food l Environment l Raw materials l Population What role will the IEEE play?

9 Thank you! Questions?

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