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ISSCC Task Force 1 Region 10 SSCS Chapters Meeting J.Van der Spiegel 5 November, 2008 Fukuoka, Japan.

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1 ISSCC Task Force 1 Region 10 SSCS Chapters Meeting J.Van der Spiegel 5 November, 2008 Fukuoka, Japan

2 ISSCC Task Force Thanks to our hosts …  Thanks to Dr. T. Furuyama and Professor M. Ikeda, and other officers for their kind help in making the local arrangements.

3 ISSCC Task Force Meeting Agenda  Welcome and Mutual Introductions (Anne O’Neill, CK Wang)  SSCS Reports (Anne O’Neill)  ISSCC Initiatives overview (CK Wang)  ISSCC Satellite conference (T. Kawahara)  Presentations by Chapter Chairs (3-5 minutes) Tohru Furuyama (Tokyo) H.Kabuo (Kansai) Wei Zen Chen (Tainan) Shen-Iuan Liu (Taipei) Xiaoyang Zheng (Shanghai) Zhihua Wang (Beijing) Yong Ping Xu (Singapore) Shiho Kim (Seoul)  Questions and Answers 3

4 ISSCC Task Force 2009 ISSCC FE Initiatives Overview 2009 ISSCC FE Initiatives Overview Compiled by Takayuki Kawahara Chorng-kuang (C-k) Wang (ISSCC Executive Committee) Fukuoka, Japan November 5, 2008

5 ISSCC Task Force ChinaHongKongIndiaJapanKoreaSingaporeTaiwanAustralia 2006 Submission 2007 Submission 2008 Submission 2006–2008 FE Industry/Academic Submissions (*) * Provided by FE Academic Submission 2007 Academic Submission 2008 Academic Submission 2006 Industry Submission 2007 Industry Submission 2008 Industry Submission Malaysia Thailand Acceptance 1

6 ISSCC Task Force China Hong Kong IndiaJapanKoreaSingaporeTaiwanAustraliaMalaysiaThailand 2006 Acceptance 2007 Acceptance 2008 Acceptance 2006 Academic Acceptance 2007 Academic Acceptance 2008 Academic Acceptance 2006 Industry Acceptance 2007 Industry Acceptance 2008 Industry Acceptance –2008 FE Industry/Academic Acceptance Acceptance

7 ISSCC Task Force Taiwan (Industry) Taiwan (Academic) Korea (Industry) Korea (Academic) FE ISSCC Papers from Taiwan & Korea in by Affiliation Acceptance

8 ISSCC Task Force FE ISSCC Papers from Japan in by Affiliation Japan (Academic) Japan (Industry) Acceptance

9 ISSCC Task Force 9 ISSCC Submission/Acceptance in China and India from India China India China Submitted

10 ISSCC Task Force 10 ISSCC Far-East First Paper Student Scholarship (Silkroad Award)  Purpose Establish a prestigious student scholarship to recognize highest quality submissions and students from emerging countries Goal is to publicize this scholarship and encourage future publications  Target students and areas Those in FE who got ISSCC papers accepted at the first time First and presenting author Students presenting from emerging countries  Selection committee ITPC (Far-east regional committee) selects the scholarship recipients based on reviews and regions

11 ISSCC Task Force 11 ISSCC Student Scholarships Criteria  First Student Author  First Time ISSCC Student Paper Accepted  Student When Presents Paper  Emerging Countries/Univ. is Priority Received 60 application forms. Qualified 18 papers accepted.

12 ISSCC Task Force 12 ISSCC 2009 FE Press Conference  Local member will lead the FE press conference for rescue the ISSCC budget crisis. No travel for EC members and FE officers. (Possible attendance of one FE offices for Taipei and Shanghai each for support.) PlaceDateLocal Organizers Tokyo (Tue)Takayuki Kawahara Taipei (Wed)W.Z. Chen / S. I Liu Seoul (Fri)Hoi-Jun Yoo Shanghai (Mon) Zhihua Wang and Zhongyuan Chang **Provided by Dr. T. Kawahara

13 ISSCC Task Force 13 Tokyo Keidanren Kaikan Taipei Grand Hyatt Taipei Seoul Korea Press Shanghai Inter. Convention ISSCC 2009 FE Press Conference

14 ISSCC Task Force 14 FE Initiatives along with ISSCC 2020 Task Force Issues -Virtual Conference Beta Sites Compiled by Nicky Lu Chorng-kuang (C-k) Wang San Francisco, USA May 29, 2008

15 ISSCC Task Force 15 Macro Trends (with notes)  Real-time “web publishing” of papers vs holding an anticipated event All were in favor of holding an event. Chip Olympics, Super Bowl, Oscars, etc. Synonymous with our brand. Snapshot of WW state-of-the-art. Snapshot of where peers and competitors are. Recognition venue. Personal excitement/reward of presenting before a a large distinguished body. Supports posters. Major media event. Concern about the long latency. Is 12 mo too long given the pace of technology? (idea: “early admissions” concept ala universities). Every 6 mo too burdensome (big increase in TPC load and more “interference” with sister conferences).  Virtual conferencing Technology probably not limiting factor. How far should we go? Given that there will still be an event, what is the best use of virtualization for remote attendee vs on-site attendee? e.g. would on-site attendee prefer to sit in room and electronically paper hop vs mix with the human sea in the ballrooms?  Growth of Asia region & local conferences (opportunity) -Provided by Dennis Monticelli

16 ISSCC Task Force 16 Why Satellite Conferences?  To satisfy need for a single “Chip Olympics” without requiring all attendees travel to a single (remote) site.  To support social & professional networking and interactive sessions (e.g. posters, panels, etc)  To expand the size of the conference beyond the current constraints while preserving the high value of physical venues and ITPC judging of the top papers in the world.  To extend the reach of the conference to emerging regions and bring the benefits of ISSCC closer to home  To have ISSCC be as relevant as possible to the various and unique needs of each region - from Dennis Monticelli

17 ISSCC Task Force ISSCC 2009 Student Forum  Goals of the ISSCC Student Forum is to encourage students participation and networking at ISSCC  It provides graduate students with: A great opportunity to showcase the directions of their work An opportunity to experience ISSCC quality An opportunity to interact with others in the ISSCC community Encouragement for future regular-paper submissions An opportunity for mutual understanding of academic research styles and cultures An opportunity to exchange experiences An opportunity to improve communication skills 17

18 ISSCC Task Force ISSCC 2009 Student Forum Contents  The ISSCC Student Forum is organized as short presentations (5 minutes) of work-in-progress.  It will NOT be considered as pre-publication in subsequent ISSCC regular-paper submissions  Each Faculty member can recommend only one student from their group 18

19 ISSCC Task Force Foundry Access for India  Access to fab in Taiwan to one university  Contact with IIT, Madras (Chennai)  Through NTU (technology) and MIT/NTU on designs  Further discussions shortly  Early designs in the Student Design Forum 19

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