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Love U 2 Session 7 Dating & Emotions: Is it Healthy??

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1 Love U 2 Session 7 Dating & Emotions: Is it Healthy??

2 Overview Practical guidance about how to tell if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy By answering 3 essential questions, you can explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships

3 Signs of Healthy Relationships Sometimes, adults and teens in relationships find themselves feeling that something is just not right Sometimes, people find themselves attached, almost glued to someone who has big problems and is no good for them Its not always easy to get out of a bad situation Always trust your gut instinct

4 3 Important Questions Conditional or Unconditional? Controlling or Equal & Supportive? Mostly Physical or Attraction on Many Levels?

5 Sculpting Activity I need 6 groups to form: 4 groups of 4 and 1 group of 3 Feeling Cards – describe a relationship that is unhealthy in someway Each group is to read the card and brainstorm what that kind of relationship would be like Work together to make a sculpture that represents the feelings written on their card or that represents that kind of relationship Be CREATIVE! It can be funny or serious Think Symbolically using symbols/icons to represent your thoughts For example: for the feelings card equal and supportive one group sculpted an ice cream cone with a scoop of ice cream. The cone supports the ice cream and the ice cream makes the cone worthwhile. Theyre equally necessary.

6 Talking Points When dating…its VERY important to ask yourself if it feels like the attraction is mostly just physical. Its easy to get blinded by the physical chemistry

7 General Guidelines for Dating 1.Look at how your date treats friends. 2.Plan fun activities. 3.Start on a low romantic note. 4.Dont give too much too soon. 5.Dont ignore friends and previous activities and interests. 6.Dont teach someone to treat you badly. 7.Establish your goals in life. 8.Set personal limits on the ways you are willing to express affection. 9.Think: Is it really worth it??

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