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News from the India Ad Hoc Yatin Trivedi 15 May 2012.

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1 News from the India Ad Hoc Yatin Trivedi 15 May 2012

2 Visit to IIM-Bangalore In March, IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group went to India Harish Mysore, with the IEEE India Office, helped organize a presentation at Indian Institute of Management—Bangalore. Significant outreach event for two reasons: –First outreach to Business School –First use of the IEEE 515 Case Study 2

3 Internship Proposal Proposal for Joint Standards Internship Program between SEC and ITU Endorsed by SEC and currently under review at ITU The overall goal is to ground engineering students in an understanding of standards development in their technical field of interest while providing participating corporations with interns who can support company engineers at standards development working group meetings and perhaps become new hires in the future. The program is designed to give students broad exposure to standards work, with time spent at the host SDO, the host corporation, and at actual working group meetings. Project plan calls for first interns to begin in January 2014. 3

4 IEEE-SA/DTU Conference IEEE-SA/DTU International Conference on Standards in Engineering and Technology—2012 Plans for a 3-day conference to be sponsored by IEEE-SA and Delhi Technological University. –Standards development in Smart Grid, Nuclear Tech, Computer Tech –4-6 October 2012 Evolved through discussion and negotiation from an earlier SEC proposal for a Standards Education Conference Standards Education will remain an important component. Standards Education Speakers Bureau would like to support three speakers for the event (Rona will provide more information on this today). IEEE-SA and DTU Marketing departments will share marketing responsibilities. India Office staff will take the lead. 4

5 India Strategy Staff and volunteers are engaging now to develop a Strategic Plan for Standards Education in India. Meetings with key stakeholders being set up to gather input. We will build on existing research done by IEEE-SA and the Institute and conduct other research as needed. Analyze data and develop a Strategic Plan for Standards Education in India. 5

6 IEEE India Office India Office becoming more deeply engaged. –DTU, IIM-B are both examples. Sri Chandra will join the team officially on 21 May. –His focus will be on Standards. –He will be spending time in Piscataway this summer. India SIG, too, remains critical to success. 6

7 India Ad Hoc of the SEC India Ad Hoc will continue its work. With so much activity in India, we want to take this time to issue a call for active participants. The Ad Hoc membership list and reflector will be updated. Please let us know if you want to join us! 7


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