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Reading A nurse doctor driver teacher artist actress.

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3 Reading A

4 nurse doctor

5 driver teacher

6 artist actress

7 player basketball

8 A. Fishing with birds

9 1.Do you like fishing? 2.How many fishing methods do you know? 3.How do you fish? 4.Do you know a traditional Chinese fishing skill?

10 raft

11 cormorant

12 fishing with birds

13 New Words still enough push require late tie swallow remove hang attract rest divide traditional adv. v. adj. v. n. v. adj.

14 a Paragraph describes a kind of bird. a. exciting b. uninteresting b Paragraph is about the future of this type of work. c. Paragraph describes an old d. Paragraph describes how the old man works. 2 4 1 3 A1. Read the following four sentences and then look quickly at the article. Write the numbers 1-4 in the blanks.

15 Read the article again and find words or numbers to complete Jessicas letter. Dear Joyce It would be a good idea to have some articles about traditional Chinese skills in our newspaper. For example, I saw a programme on television about a (1).He fishes with birds called(2) He is over(3), but he fishes every day with his (4) birds. He lives with them all the time. Sometimes the birds even sit on his(5) ! The birds swim down and catch (6), but they cannot eat them because the man ties a piece of (7) around their necks. They take the fish back to him, and he removes the fish from the birds(8). After the programme I wrote this article for our newspaper. I hope you like it. Jessica Cormorants fisherman 60 12 headfish grass mouth

16 Please find the phrases in the article. on the side of … on the river be good at … be used to do sth on the bamboo raft a piece of grass remove from … be interested in … divide between … …… …… ……

17 Please find the sentences with be+done. be+done done tied 3.are removed 4.are thrown hung 6.are sold 7.are divided 8.are used

18 A4 What do the words in italics refer to? 1.They are good at catching fish … 2.That is done for him by his twelve cormorants. 3.This helps Damin see better, and also attracts the fish. Cormorants Fishing A light

19 Important point He is cooking a meal, with a large bird on his head. He lives and works with his cormorants on his river. A piece of grass is tied around the neck of each bird, so it cannot swallow the fish.

20 1. Some important language points: Their large feet are used to push them quickly through the water. be used to do sth: Wood can be used to make paper. used to do sth: I used to swim in the lake near my village when I was young. be used to doing sth: My grandpa is used to going for a walk after dinner.

21 2. Later, some of the fish are sold, and the rest are divided between Damins family and the cormorant. divide sth between A and B A B He is always so busy because he divides his time between school and work. divide…into… … … For today's lesson, the teacher divided the students into two groups.

22 3. All the astronaut should have the ability to work calmly and must be good at working as part of a team. have the ability to do sth He has the ability to do the work by himself.

23 4. hang hang hanged hanged hang hung hung, She has hung the clothes on the line. He was hanged for murder.


25 Please retell the main idea of article. Groups work

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