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Minh C. Ta, Ph.D., IEEE Senior Member Vice-Chair of Vietnam Section Vice-Dean of Fac. of Elec. Engineering Hanoi University of Technology B.Sc. 1986, Czech.

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1 Minh C. Ta, Ph.D., IEEE Senior Member Vice-Chair of Vietnam Section Vice-Dean of Fac. of Elec. Engineering Hanoi University of Technology B.Sc. 1986, Czech Republic Ph.D. 1998, Laval University, Canada Post-doctoral 1998-1999, Fukuoka, Japan JSPS Fellow 1999-2001, Tokyo, Japan Senior Engineer 2001-2004, Maebashi, Japan

2 Introduction to IEEE Vietnam Section IEEE R10 Meeting, Ahmedabad, India February 3, 2008 Minh C. Ta, Hanoi University of Technology Vice-Chair of Vietnam Section

3 Presentation Outline IEEE Vietnam Section was established as part of R10 in March 6, 2007. Education System in Vietnam IEEE Vietnam Section 2007 Report 2008 Plan

4 1. Education System in Vietnam

5 Vietnam In South-East Asia Neighbors  China  Laos  Cambodia  Ocean 82 mil. habitants Long country Major cities:  Hanoi (Capital – North)  Ho Chi Minh city [Saigon] (South)  Hue (central)

6 Education System Structure of the education system is 5-4-3  5 years of primary education (grades 1-5)  4 years of lower secondary (grades 6-9)  3 years of upper secondary [high school] (grades 10-12) Higher education systems  Junior Colleges: 3 or 3.5 years  teachers colleges  technical and vocational and training colleges  Universities: 4, 5, or 6 years  4 years: Economics, Foreign languages, … (Bac.)  5 years: Technical, Technology (Ing.)  6 years: Medicine (Med. Dr.) Graduate programs  Master (2 years)  Doctor (4 years)

7 High Education University Entrance Examination: very important and very difficult  1 million Vietnamese students took the UEE (2004)  only 1 out of 5 candidates succeeded Universities  Public: 70  Non-public: 23 Majors Universities  Vietnam National University Hanoi  Hanoi University of Technology  University of Medicine  National University of Economics  Vietnam National University at Ho Chi Minh City  Da Nang University  Hue University.  Thai Nguyen University

8 University System Characteristics Long tradition  Temple of Literature in Hanoi - 1 st Vietnam university 1000-years old  1884-1954: French education system  1954 - : Soviet model  2004 : Reform  Internationally oriented (US and Western systems) Complete education system Many international cooperations Fairy good facilities Faculty staff: 30% graduated from abroad Education is the 1 st priority for Vietnamese people Vietnamese students  Very hard-working  Strong points: maths, physics, …  Weak points: practical skills

9 2. IEEE Vietnam Section Conditions  Good national-wide university system  Several world-class researchers, professors and world-recognized works  Vietnamese studying around the world  considerable number of IEEE members  Strong will to open an IEEE Section in Vietnam (dated back to 2000)  Great support from Executive Board of IEEE Region 10 March 06, 2007  IEEE Vietnam Section officially launched during the RIVF 2007 conference in Hanoi.  Presence: Prof. Janina Mazierskam, Director of Region 10 Prof. Jung Uck Seo, Past Director Prof. Nim Cheung, President of IEEE Communication Society Thank you !  Very import event for Vietnamese professional community 89 Active Members (as of 31 Dec. 2007)

10 3.2007 Report 3.1. Organization Coordination Committee in 2006 – Vietnam Section founding committee  Group of Vietnamese professors working abroad (Prof. Duong Nguyen Vu, Prof. Ho Tu Bao)  Group of Vietnamese professors working in Vietnam (A/Prof. Cao Hoang Tru, Prof. Nguyen Thanh Son) Interim Executive Committee mandate: May 2007 - July 2008 Section General Assembly, during RIVF08 in HCM City, July 2008.

11 Interim Executive Committee Chair: Dr. Thanh-Son Nguyen, Hochiminh City University of Technology Vice-Chair (up-coming Chair): Dr. Minh C.Ta, Hanoi University of Technology Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Development Coordinator, Conference Coordinator (in charge of Conferences), ByLaws and Operational Manuals Coordinator Technical Activities Coordinator (in charge of creation and liaison with Chapters and Societies), Industry Liaison Coordinator, Special Projects Coordinator (Creation of Section's Journal in ICT). Student Activities Coordinator.

12 3.2. Activities Close contact with HQ Working on action plan Membership development Preparation for new chapters creation Technical sponsor for conferences (ICCE 6-2008)

13 4. 2008 Plan Membership development Student activities New chapters creation Publication Working visits Conferences

14 Membership Activities Membership actual statistics  89 active members in the Section  Estimated several hundreds IEEE members around the world  Increase the number of members: 150 to the end of 2008 Student Branches & Activities  Promoting campaign of IEEE to students and industries  Open 2 student branches (in Hanoi and HCM city)  10 free student membership per year for the best students (IEEE membership contest)  Reduction of IEEE student membership fee  IEEE Vietnam Section Awards for student research contests

15 New chapters creation To develop 3 professional Chapters (by July – 2008) Radio-Electronics Chapter (long outstanding relationship with ComSoc) Computational Intelligence Chapter (already more than 12 required members in this Society) Joint IAS/PELS/IES Chapter (Energy Convention Chapter) Distinguished Lectures program

16 Professional activities Publication  Promote and partially financially support for Journals, Magazines, Conference papers  Section's international standard Scientific Journal in the field of ITC Working visits  Support IEEE TA/MGA Visits Program (May/June 2008 to Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi)  Participation of IEEE Vietnam Section to the regional activities

17 Conferences Technical sponsor for conferences: 2008  ICCE in Hoian, June 2008  RIVF08 in HCM City, July 2008 Future conferences  PEDS 2011, Hanoi  TENCON 2012, HoChiMinh City  …

18 Call for Collaboration Section Collaboration Agreements  During PEDS 07 (Bangkok, Nov. 2007) Thailand Section Singapore Section  During R10 Meeting (Gujarat Feb. 2008) Seoul Section Malaysia Section We need more collaboration from other sections

19 5. Conclusion Our mission: Bring the IEEE to the life of Vietnamese professional community ! Our duties: What can we contribute to IEEE ? To expand and to develop the technology to a higher level. Vision for the IEEE Vietnam Section for the next 10 years: Membership of 10,000 10 student branches 10 Women in Engineering affinity groups 5 societies We have to work hard We need your help and collaboration

20 Thank you for your support and collaboration !

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