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April 2009 doc.: IEEE /xxxxr0 July 2014

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1 April 2009 doc.: IEEE /xxxxr0 July 2014 IEEE Regulatory SC DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team Summary of activities since May F2F Date: Authors: Jim Lansford, CSR Technology Rich Kennedy, Research In Motion

2 April 2009 doc.: IEEE /xxxxr0 July 2014 Abstract Summary of activities in the IEEE (Regulatory Standing Committee) DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team since the May F2F in Waikoloa. Jim Lansford, CSR Technology Rich Kennedy, Research In Motion

3 July 2014 Background FCC allocated 75MHz of spectrum in the 5.9GHz band ( MHz) for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) in October 1999  In FCC NPRM (13-49), the FCC requested comments on a potential sharing of the DSRC band, to understand if a feasible sharing solution that protects DSRC users could be developed. DSRC would remain as a primary user of the band The new band would be designated U-NII-4 802.11ac could be modified to operate in this new UNII-4 band if approved by the FCC FCC did not specify the framework or etiquette by which band sharing would occur Jim Lansford, CSR Technology

4 Work to date Objectives of the group Possible work items Final report
July 2014 Work to date Objectives of the group    Create a document that describes and quantifies possible coexistence mechanisms between DSRC and extensions of the base standard in the proposed UNII-4 band, if the FCC allows such band sharing in a future R&O. Possible work items    > Review of ITS/DSRC field trials    > Review of work to date on coexistence > Presentations on use cases > Presentation of possible coexistence approaches    > Modeling/simulation of possible coexistence approaches    > Testing, field trials, and presentation of results from proposed prototype approaches Final report > Includes outputs from all work items > One or more “snapshots” (summary of work to date) will be provided to FCC * First snapshot in mid-January Jim Lansford, CSR Technology

5 Activities since May F2F
July 2014 Activities since May F2F Presentation on “Communication and Data Movement in Connected Vehicles” – Walt Fehr (USDoT): 30 May 2014 Agenda: Presentation: Minutes: Presentation on “Technical discussion on Re-channelization Proposal for DSRC band coexistence” – Tevfik Yucek (Qualcomm): 11 July 2014 Agenda: Presentation: Minutes: Not posted yet (Did not complete presentation and discussion) Jim Lansford, CSR Technology

6 Future Work Anticipated presentations between now and Athens
July 2014 Future Work Anticipated presentations between now and Athens Additional presentations on existing proposal(s) Response to questions Channel models Additional coexistence proposals Invitation for future presentations: How CCA works DSRC field trials Use cases Proximity of public access points to heavily traveled highways Jim Lansford, CSR Technology

7 References DSRC Summary July 2014
FCC NPRM (changes to 5GHz band rules, including proposed UNII-4 band): FCC Comments FCC Reply Comment framework document FCC Comments survey FCC Reply Comments Letter to FCC OET from IEEE 802 regarding DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team activities   DSRC Summary Jim Lansford, CSR Technology

8 July 2014 References (2/2) IEEE submissions on DSRC (since p was ratified) Jim Lansford, CSR Technology

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