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Doc.: IEEE 802.11-14/0901r0 Submission July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 1 IEEE 802.11 Regulatory SC DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team Summary of activities.

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Presentation on theme: "Doc.: IEEE 802.11-14/0901r0 Submission July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 1 IEEE 802.11 Regulatory SC DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team Summary of activities."— Presentation transcript:

1 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 1 IEEE Regulatory SC DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team Summary of activities since May F2F Date: Authors:

2 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 SubmissionJim Lansford, CSR Technology Abstract Summary of activities in the IEEE (Regulatory Standing Committee) DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team since the May F2F in Waikoloa. July 2014 Slide 2

3 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission Background FCC allocated 75MHz of spectrum in the 5.9GHz band ( MHz) for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) in October 1999  In FCC NPRM (13-49), the FCC requested comments on a potential sharing of the DSRC band, to understand if a feasible sharing solution that protects DSRC users could be developed.  DSRC would remain as a primary user of the band  The new band would be designated U-NII ac could be modified to operate in this new UNII-4 band if approved by the FCC FCC did not specify the framework or etiquette by which band sharing would occur July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 3

4 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission Work to date Objectives of the group Create a document that describes and quantifies possible coexistence mechanisms between DSRC and extensions of the base standard in the proposed UNII-4 band, if the FCC allows such band sharing in a future R&O. Possible work items > Review of ITS/DSRC field trials > Review of work to date on coexistence > Presentations on use cases > Presentation of possible coexistence approaches > Modeling/simulation of possible coexistence approaches > Testing, field trials, and presentation of results from proposed prototype approaches Final report > Includes outputs from all work items > One or more “snapshots” (summary of work to date) will be provided to FCC * First snapshot in mid-January July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 4

5 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission Activities since May F2F Presentation on “Communication and Data Movement in Connected Vehicles” – Walt Fehr (USDoT): 30 May 2014 –Agenda: reg-agenda-for- dsrc-coexistence-tiger-team-30-may-2014.ppt reg-agenda-for- dsrc-coexistence-tiger-team-30-may-2014.ppt –Presentation: reg- communication-and-data-movement-in-connected-vehicles.ppt reg- communication-and-data-movement-in-connected-vehicles.ppt –Minutes: reg-may-30th- dsrc-coexistence-tiger-team-minutes.doc reg-may-30th- dsrc-coexistence-tiger-team-minutes.doc Presentation on “Technical discussion on Re-channelization Proposal for DSRC band coexistence” – Tevfik Yucek (Qualcomm): 11 July 2014 –Agenda: reg-agenda-for- dsrc-coexistence-tiger-team-11-july-2014.ppt reg-agenda-for- dsrc-coexistence-tiger-team-11-july-2014.ppt –Presentation: reg- technical-discussion-on-re-channelization-proposal-for-dsrc-band- coexistence.pptx reg- technical-discussion-on-re-channelization-proposal-for-dsrc-band- coexistence.pptx –Minutes: Not posted yet (Did not complete presentation and discussion) July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 5

6 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission Future Work Anticipated presentations between now and Athens Additional presentations on existing proposal(s) –Response to questions Channel models Additional coexistence proposals Invitation for future presentations: –How CCA works –DSRC field trials –Use cases –Proximity of public access points to heavily traveled highways July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 6

7 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission References FCC NPRM (changes to 5GHz band rules, including proposed UNII-4 band): – FCC Comments reg-fcc comment.docx FCC Reply Comment framework document – reg-fcc reply-comment- framework.doc reg-fcc reply-comment- framework.doc FCC Comments survey – reg-fcc comment-survey.docx reg-fcc comment-survey.docx FCC Reply Comments – draft-reply-comments-of-ieee-802- re-5-ghz-nprm-fcc-et docx draft-reply-comments-of-ieee-802- re-5-ghz-nprm-fcc-et docx Letter to FCC OET from IEEE 802 regarding DSRC Coexistence Tiger Team activities – dsrc-coexistence-tt-status-letter-to- oet.docx dsrc-coexistence-tt-status-letter-to- oet.docx DSRC Summary – July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 7

8 doc.: IEEE /0901r0 Submission References (2/2) IEEE submissions on DSRC (since p was ratified) – wng p-dsrc-and ac- coexistence.ppt wng p-dsrc-and ac- coexistence.ppt – wng-dsrc-applications-tutorial.pptx wng-dsrc-applications-tutorial.pptx – wng-dsrc-support-information.pptx wng-dsrc-support-information.pptx – reg-proposal-for-u-nii-4-devices.docx reg-proposal-for-u-nii-4-devices.docx – reg-proposal-for-sharing-in-unii-4- band.pptx reg-proposal-for-sharing-in-unii-4- band.pptx – reg-harmful-interference-to-dsrc- systems.pptx reg-harmful-interference-to-dsrc- systems.pptx – reg-dsrc-per-versus-rss-profiles.pptx reg-dsrc-per-versus-rss-profiles.pptx – reg-proposal-for-dsrc-band- coexistence.pptx reg-proposal-for-dsrc-band- coexistence.pptx – reg-use-cases-for-dsrc-coexistence.ppt reg-use-cases-for-dsrc-coexistence.ppt – reg-v2v-radio-channel-models.ppt reg-v2v-radio-channel-models.ppt – reg-cca-issues-for-dsrc-coexistence.ppt reg-cca-issues-for-dsrc-coexistence.ppt – reg-world-spectrum-sharing.ppt reg-world-spectrum-sharing.ppt – reg-communication-and-data- movement-in-connected-vehicles.ppt reg-communication-and-data- movement-in-connected-vehicles.ppt – reg-technical-discussion-on-re- channelization-proposal-for-dsrc-band-coexistence.pptx reg-technical-discussion-on-re- channelization-proposal-for-dsrc-band-coexistence.pptx July 2014 Jim Lansford, CSR TechnologySlide 8

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