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Doc.: IEEE 802.11-14/0744r2 Submission July 2014 802.11 July 2014 WG Motions Date: 2014-07-17 Authors:

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1 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission July July 2014 WG Motions Date: Authors:

2 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission July 2014 Abstract This document is a composite of all sub-group motions that are to be brought to the July WG plenary meetings. R0: motions for Wednesday TBD: –R1: at conclusion of Wednesday plenary –R2: containing motions for Friday plenary –R3: at conclusion of Friday plenary

3 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission WEDNESDAY July 2014

4 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission Regulatory SC Motion 1 Motion –To request the IEEE RR-TAG prepare the response to the ITU WP5A liaison in document “ annex-19- working-document-toward-a-preliminary-draft-new- recommendation-itu-r-m-v2x”, request for data on IEEE Std p, by copying the appropriate M.1450 information as discussed in the Regulatory SC meeting on Tuesday, July 15, Moved by Rich Kennedy on behalf of the /15 Regulatory SC Seconded: Peter Ecclesine Result: Passes July 2014

5 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission FRIDAY July 2014

6 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission July 2014 SC & TG officers for confirmation CatGroup ChairVice ChairTechnical Editor Secretary SCARCMark HAMILTONJoe LEVY SCREGRichard KENNEDY SCPUBStephen MCCANN SCWNGClint CHAPLINJim LANSFORD TGMCDorothy STANLEYMark HAMILTON, Jon ROSDAHL Adrian STEPHENS, sub-editors Emily QI, Edward AU Jon ROSDAHL TGAHYongho SEOK Alfred ASTERJADHI, Zander LEI Yongho SEOK, Alfred ASTERJADHI Zander LEI TGAIHiroshi MANOMarc EMMELMANNLee ARMSTRONG Ping FANG Hitoshi MORIOKA TGAJXiaoming PENGEldad PERAHIA, Haiming WANG Jiamin CHENHAO Peng TGAKDonald EASTLAKEMark HAMILTONDonald EASTLAKE Norm FINN Filip MESTANOV TGAQStephen MCCANNYunsong YANGDan GALDapeng LIU TGAXOsama ABOUL- MAGD Yasuhiko Inoue For confirmation Officer changed this session

7 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission July 2014 GroupDate(s)StartDuration CACMonday Aug 11; Tuesday Sept 212:00 ET1 REG SCBi-weekly Thursdays through Nov 30th 12:30 ET1 hr REG SC DSRC Tiger TeamWeekly Fridays July 31 through Nov 30 th 13:00 ET1 hr TgahJuly 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26, Sept 2, 9 20:00 ET2 hrs TGaiTuesdays July 29 to Sept 9 th 10:00 ET1 hr TGakMonday July 28, Aug 11, 2517:00 ET1.5 hrs TGaqTuesday August 2610:00 ET1 hr TGmcFriday August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Sept 5 10:00 ET2 hrs TGaxThursday August 1410:00 ET2 hrs TgajAugust 2821:00 ET1 hr Approval result:

8 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission Operations Manual (OM) changes Accept document 11-14/0629r1 as the operations manual. Moved: Dorothy Stanley Seconded: Result: (Revision 2 will also be uploaded containing tracked changes accepted). July 2014

9 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission ARC Motion Approve the Response to the IETF, with comments on CAPWAP Extensions draft, as contained in /0913r1 and request that it be sent by the IEEE WG Chair, and grant the WG Chair editorial license. Moved by Mark Hamilton on behalf of ARC SC Second: Joseph Levy Result: ARC SC vote: –Moved: Donald Eastlake III, Seconded: Richard Roy –Yes: 8 No: 0 Abstain: 1 July 2014

10 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission The IEEE WG will consider sending ac/af through PSDO Motion –The IEEE WG recommends to the IEEE 802 EC that IEEE ac-2013 and IEEE af-2013 be submitted to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 for ratification under the PSDO process –Moved: Andrew Myles –Seconded: Stephen McCann –Result: IEEE 802 JTC1 SC Result: Moved: Dan Harkins, Seconded: Stephen McCann, Result: –Will hopefully be considered by IEEE 802 EC today July 2014

11 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission July 2014 Motion – shwmp liaison ANA allocation Move to approve the request that the ANA administer the Active Path Selection Protocol Identifier values, and assign the reserved shwmp value. And request that the WG chair to notify the requestor of the allocation. Moved on behalf of the TG: Dorothy Stanley Seconded: Stephen McCann Result: In TGmc: Moved: Stephen McCann, Seconded: Guido Hiertz, Result: Passes

12 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission July 2014 TGmc Motion – 3GPP liaison Approve the liaison statement in m-liaison- response-followup-to-3gpp-tsg-ran-wg2.docx m-liaison- response-followup-to-3gpp-tsg-ran-wg2.docx And request that the WG chair send the liaison as indicated, with editorial license. Moved on behalf of the TG: Dorothy Stanley Seconded: Result: In TGmc: Moved: Youhan Kim, Seconded: Matthew Fischer, Result: Passes

13 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission Motion The IEEE WG supports the formation of the Smart Grid Task Group with the scope defined in smart-grid-tg-scope. The IEEE WG has identified the following topics that are of interest: smart-grid-tg-scope –Home Area Networks –Metering Networks –Sensor Connectivity Moved: Second: Vote: July 2014

14 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission Motion Request the IEEE WG chair to liaise document “ response-to-wba-liaison-on- latitude-longitude-values.docx” to the Wireless Broadband Alliance. Empower the WG chair to make any necessary editorial changes. Moved: Stephen McCann Second: Result: 0/0/0 July 2014

15 doc.: IEEE /0744r2 Submission References July 2014

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