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1 It can be concluded that the experiment was a failure. 2 3 a.The directional motion of vehicle is controlled by a steering system. b.Attention must.

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2 1 It can be concluded that the experiment was a failure. 2 3 a.The directional motion of vehicle is controlled by a steering system. b.Attention must be paid to the working temperature of the electric machine. c.When ignited, the exothermic reaction reaches the welding temperature within a few seconds. d. Cylinder sleeves are used in engine blocks to provide a hard wearing material for pistons and piston rings. 1.

3 4 The connecting rod, in essence, is a bar or strut with a bearing at each end, whose purpose is to transmit the piston thrust to the crankshaft. 5 a. computer programming teaching device manual

4 6 7 An automobile body is a sheet metal shell with windows, doors, a hood, and a trunk deck built into it. It is quite plausible that it is because of this attitude that the United States continues to lag behind Japan in improving manufacturing productivity.

5 8 9 A paradox of manufacturing parts is that the faster the parts are made, the less accurate they are-and vice versa.

6 a.The fuel system takes a correctly proportioned mixture of gasoline and air to burn and develops the power needed to push the piston down the cylinder. To store, mix, and deliver this air-fuel mixture is the duty of the fuel system. b.Front axle is used for steering front wheels carried on stub axle swiveling upon king pins at the axle extremities.

7 3 a.Gasoline powers the majority of vehicles, but diesel fuel is used in some vehicles. b. Various speeds may be obtained by the use of large and small pulleys. c.Press the INV key and you can raise the constant e ( ) to x powers. 4 a. Internet is of great help to our work. b.Mankind has always reverenced what Tennyson call the useful trouble of the rain.

8 d. We have progressed a long way from the early days of aerial surveys. e. In spite of the growth of other kinds of transport, rail roads continue to be, as they used to be over years, the backdbone of the transportation industry. f. The maps are symbolic of thousands of data points stored in control unit memory. c.In fact, it may be said that anything that is not an animal or vegetable is mineral.

9 5 ) g. As soon as the piston reaches the top of the exhaust stroke, it starts down on another intake, compression, power, and exhaust cycle. h. In the electronic injection system, the air-fuel mixture is controlled in one of two ways.

10 3. 1 2

11 Title Topic Authors Name Institution Abstract Summary Contents Text Introduction Conclusion(s) Appendix Acknowledgement(s) Biography 4.

12 b.Somebody (1990) gave a theoretical overview of …, but … c.However, these studies were limited to … d.The method worked well at … e.The models of … has recently received considerable attention. f.In the last decade, several approaches of … were independently proposed. g.The study of … was in vogue for several years until… …… a.By the late 1980s, researchers has started scientific work on …

13 What are the chances of a nuclear war in the near future? How many Americans would survive a nuclear attack? Would such an attack make living conditions impossible for the survivors? These and similar questions are being asked by citizens groups throughout this country as they debate the issue of arms control and nuclear disarmament.

14 These two new windmill designs will, of course, have an even more important impact on the energy industry in the future. Although these two designs may never be used on a large scale, their impact may be felt through influencing the design of even more efficient models in the years ahead.

15 Grateful acknowledgement is made to… A special gratitude is expressed to… Thanks must be given to… Funding for this work was provided by the Ministry of Energy and Resources. The work was supported by National Science Foundation of China… Id like to acknowledge…

16 Computer Imitation System for … Investigation of the Feasibilities of … Primary Study on … Mathematical Model of … Study on Torsional Vibration Analysis of ICE Crankshaft. Development of Automobile Electronics and Domestic Application. A Simulation Optimization Method for Automotive Cooling System Microprocessors in Transport Current Status and Developing Trends of …


18 This paper presents/discusses/studies/deals with/investigates This paper presents an analysis of principles of magnetic refrigeration with application to air conditioning. A comparison with conventional evaporation-condensation gas cycle device is presented. Conclusions concerning the applicability of magnetic refrigeration to air conditioning are made.

19 The smart and light, numerical designing and machining, automation in performance test etc. represents the development orientation for automobile starters. In this paper, principle is introduced for the starter with gear speed reducer which leads the majority in starter products nowadays. The state of the art in research and development for automobile starters by computer-aided engineering technology is overviewed. New research topics are brought forth at last from our enterprises realities.

20 5 1

21 Title Author(s), address Objectives,purpose,hypotheses ………………… …………… Methods,materials,procedures ……………… …………………………………………….. Results,data,observations,discussion ………………… Conclusions

22 a.This paper is performed to study the free-vibration characteristics of engine crankshaft. b.Most alternative fuels for internal combustion engines have low cetane numbers. (2) (methods and materials) Two digital strain gauge pressure transducers measured the vapor pressure of the upstream and downstream of the test tube. This experiment was performed by testing the vibration of automobile body/suspension (1) (objectives purposes)

23 These results appear to refute the original assumptions. (4) ( conclusions ) It was concluded that/ It can be concluded that/ It is determined that It can be concluded that the new diagnosis method is feasible through theory analysis and experiments on 12V180 type diesel engine. (3) (results and discussions)

24 Title Author(s), address Background, problems that need to be solved, rationale for the present study Objectives and scope of this study Outline of the main contents and results Conclusions:

25 1 2 3 be have 4 5 3

26 4 1 Title The An A 2 ; 3 ; 4 5 ; 6 ; 7 Power consumption of telephone switching system was determined from data obtained experimentally.

27 concerns tests investigates reports discusses describes explains analyzes determines demonstrate considers This paper This study This project This research Our project This survey 5 1

28 b.This paper researched on the more injections effect on engine performance and emission experimentally and theoretically. c.This paper studied the application of wavelet transform in signal denoise. a.This paper discusses the basic identification techniques of dynamic systems.

29 The objective of this paper is to analyze the performance of active and passive suspensions. The goal of this study is to discuss The aim of this paper is to evaluate The purpose of this project is to examine The objective of this research is to test this survey investigate /measure/ demonstrate / analyze /determine

30 a. This study aims to discuss the influence of the parameters of suspension system on the smoothness and operating stability of the whole car. This research is designed to determine … This study is designed to measure … This project is designed to evaluate … Our project aims to calculate …

31 a. Multiple faults of injector were simulated on the experimental table, and acoustic signals that sent out by working diesel were collected over the cylinder head. Using wavelet and neural network technology, this paper analyzed the acoustic signals in detail and diagnosed the different faults successfully. b.The experimental system was composed of four parts, i.e. indirectly electrical heated furnace, pyrolysis reactor,online sample collected analyzer, and gas condenser & collector. 2

32 Results indicated We found that The results showed that Data suggested that It is shown that It can be concluded that The examination/investigations proves that This paper then concludes that From the table it can be seen/concluded that… From the figures it may be estimated/calculated/inferred that… It follows from what has been said that … 3

33 The measuring instruments were defective; accordingly/hence/consequently the experiment was a failure. The results show that the error of estimated value of both throttle position sensor and manifold pressure sensor are less than 10%, and the strategy put forward in this paper is valid.

34 Exercises 1.Read and analyze the following abstract and point out the objective, methods, results and discussion. A Hybrid Internal Combustion Engine/Battery Electric Passenger Car for Petroleum Displacement I. Forster and J. R. Bumby This paper examines the potential of the hybrid electric vehicle in substituting petroleum fuel by broad-based electrical energy. In particular a hybrid car is considered. The way in which the power-train can be controlled and the effect component ratings have on achieving the petroleum substitution objective are described. It is shown that a hybrid vehicle can be designed that can achieve a petroleum substitution of between 20 and 70 percent of the equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle. In addition, it will be capable of entering environmentally sensitive areas and yet be capable of a range at high and intermediate speeds that is limited only by the size of its fuel tank.

35 Purpose:_________________________________ Methods and materials:______________________________ Results and Discussion: _____________________________________ ____

36 2. Translate the following expressions into English or Chinese. 1) (passengers car) (air suspension) (spring bracket) (FEA) 2) 3) A calculation procedure of the torsional vibration of internal combustion engine shafting system was developed.

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