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Project Yourself into the Future Sheryl Morgan Project Support Manager Wintec ATEM Conference 9 – 10 July 2007 Manukau Institute of Technology.

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1 Project Yourself into the Future Sheryl Morgan Project Support Manager Wintec ATEM Conference 9 – 10 July 2007 Manukau Institute of Technology

2 Using Projects to Bring About Change (Successfully)
How can tertiary organisations going through major change ensure that the high risk of failure of their key strategic and change projects is minimised?

3 How to Avoid the Journey from Here …

4 To Here…

5 Projects are as much about the process as the tasks being undertaken
Using projects which align the organisation’s business objectives with the project’s deliverables have a robust project management structure & process pay attention to the people factors Projects are as much about the process as the tasks being undertaken

6 Managing Change Complex Difficult Changing behaviour
Tertiary sector change QRP Investing in a plan Funding

7 Risk Factors (Murphy’s Law)
Urgency of the task Complexity of the task Importance of the task Skill of the people involved Frequency they do the task aggravation constant aggravation constant aggravation constant aggravation…….

8 Achieving Strategic and Change Goals
Urgent √ Complex √ Important √ Skill of the people involved no worries/bit of coaching needed/panic Frequency they meet goals all the time/some of the time/virgin

9 Using Projects to Bring About Change (Successfully)
Why? Framework and boundaries (eating the elephant) Methodology/process Accountability Risk containment

10 Why Wintec Moved to Projects to Manage Change
2003, new CEO with strong project background Large number of issues needing attention at once Willingness to tackle things but not sure how Using projects to manage change a tried & tested method

11 What is Project Management?
Directing and co-ordinating people and resources to meet planned goals of scope, quality, time, cost, participant satisfaction Size – probably longer than 3 months, and involving more than 3 people more difficult than management of Business as Usual

12 It’s Not Perfect NZ survey of 130 projects (75 organisations) only 35% on time, budget & met scope During any project, inevitable conflict over Securing resources with competing priorities Getting people to work towards one goal Commitment to the vision (change projects)

13 No Rocket Science Required!

14 Project Management Minimum
A plan (task list) Some form of tracking the plan Some mechanism for change management (who agrees & signs off on the changes) Some way of managing project issues (the bad stuff that happens in projects)

15 Successful Projects – Project Planning
Terms of Reference with Project Goal Objectives Scope Completion & Success Factors Stakeholders Milestones

16 Project Goal Example Project goal for reorganisation of academic structure To recommend, with an implementation plan, a model suitable to support the delivery and management of WINTEC’s academic programmes and associated activities

17 Project Objectives Example – Academic Workload Project
Academic workload data collection tool developed and agreed Data collected from academic staff on workload Academic staff and other stakeholders consulted on academic workload issues Academic workload policy and processes revised Job descriptions for ASM, SASM, PASM reviewed

18 Successful Projects – Project Planning
Action Plan Risk Management Plan Communication Plan Issues Register

19 Action Plan Example – Academic Workload Project
Activity - Develop draft academic workload data collection tool Milestone – Data collection tool completed Responsible Person – Project Support Manager Due Date – December 2006 Status - 

20 Successful Projects - Aligning Projects to Strategic Direction
Project goal Project objectives (deliverables) Project sponsor Project leader

21 Successful Projects - Project Leader Skills
People skills, people skills, people skills (communication, facilitation, meeting management, conflict management, influence, trust) Task skills (organisation, delegation, planning, problem-solving) Ability to see the big organisational picture Time management & ability to meet deadlines

22 Successful Project Teams
Range of skills & experience Different levels in organisation Across organisational units Ability to move between big picture & detail Lay person Time

23 Successful Projects - Management
Project tracking/monitoring Project reporting Support

24 Successful Projects - Learning
Organisational learning - complete a project evaluation What went right? What went wrong? What could have been done better? What lessons can be learned?

25 When Good Projects Go Bad
Key Reasons for Project Failure No clearly defined outcome Wrong project manager Lack of upper management support Inadequately defined tasks Ineffective use of project management processes Reluctance to end project

26 People Problems Project Leader skills inadequate
Project management skills Interpersonal skills Project team composition inappropriate (not the right skills or at the right level) Poor team dynamics (lateness, not attending, not completing agreed tasks, conflict)

27 Project Management Problems
Failure to project plan Failure to keep deadlines Poor meeting processes Competing work pressures/internal politics Failure to agree/understand deliverables Poor relationship or lack of communication with senior management Inability to manage project dependencies Lack of communication/consultation with stakeholders

28 But Wait, There’s More Changes in the external environment
Implementation Needs the same project planning Needs a good handover from the Project Leader to the implementation manager Implementation Manager’s skills are just as important as the project leader’s

29 Wintec Project Management Structure
Project Leaders report to Project Sponsors (Executive members) Project Support Manager monitors projects & provides Executive with progress reports

30 Project Support Manager
Coaching (templates, guidelines) Support to achieve deliverables Peer support (project leaders’ network) Project issue resolution Milestone tracking (risk management for Exec) Communication Alignment with senior management

31 Project Support Project templates on intranet Terms of Reference
Action Plan Risk Management Plan Communication Plan Issues Register Changes Register Team Member Evaluation Project Leader Evaluation

32 Project Support Project guidelines on intranet Starting a Project
Team Member Selection Project Sponsor Role Project Leader Role Managing a Project Closing a Project Effective Project Meetings What Goes Wrong in Project Management

33 So, Does Project Management of Change Work? Some Wintec Examples:
Reorganising the academic structure (12 Schools, industry relationships, Team Leader roles) 2004 Centrally managed enrolment processes (merging 17 work units) 2003 Quality systems and processes for the annual review of programmes 2003 Academic workload 2007

34 Questions?

35 Contact Details Sheryl Morgan Project Support Manager Wintec
(07) ext. 7866

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