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Manukau Institute of Technology Working with Communities Pasifika Development at Manukau Institute of Technology.

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1 Manukau Institute of Technology Working with Communities Pasifika Development at Manukau Institute of Technology

2 Manukau Institute of Technology Pasifika Peoples Profile Pasifika Peoples Profile Facts and Figures NZ Population Total Population 4,177,912 Total NZ Pasifika population 265,974 (6.4%) Pasifika population in Auckland 178,338 (67%) Manukau City Population Total population 310,335 Pasifika population 86,616 (28%) European 38% Asian 21% Maori 14% Other 6% Pasifika Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga, Niue, Fiji Tokelau, Tuvalu

3 Manukau Institute of Technology Background Target 2010 Institute Strategic Project (2003…) … by the year % MIT graduates will be Maori 20% MIT graduates will be Pasifika 10% increase in school leavers Focused Activities Teaching departments e.g classroom pedagogy, teaching & learning, staff professional development -staff conferences, workshops, etc Service areas e.g Student Services- orientations, peer mentors, pastoral and learning supports, graduations. Liaison, etc

4 Manukau Institute of Technology Background PASIFIKA Preliminary research & findings– environmental scan tertiary providers and MIT (TPN) Further consultation and research with key stakeholders –internal (TPN), external Development of a strategic implementation plan Focus – institute capability and capacity building - effective engagement and responsiveness to Pasifika communities

5 Manukau Institute of Technology MIT’s Commitment to Pasifika MIT through its Charter / Profile / Strategic Plan / Investment Plan reflects the Tertiary Education Strategy and the Pasifika Education Plan:  Increasing Pasifika students’ participation, retention and success;  Strong connections with Pasifika communities;  Supporting Pasifika success;  Increasing literacy, numeracy, foundation skills;  Increasing Pasifika achievement though qualifications at all levels.

6 Manukau Institute of Technology Key areas of Development Establishment of:  leadership structures for Pasifika advancement;  an external Pasifika Advisory Group (PAG);  a Pasifika Centre on the North Campus;  Development of and representation of Pasifika staff at all levels across MIT  Review of “Tagata Pasifika Network”, its role and objectives;  Sharpening of the focus on relationships with Pasifika communities.

7 Manukau Institute of Technology Project Phases Phase 1  Pasifika Community Advisory Board  Tagata Pasifika Network review etc  Pasifika Staff Workforce Development and Leadership Programme  Pasifika Community Relations Plan  Pasifika Centre  MIT Pacific International Plan Phase 2 Leadership components Pasifika Programming Provision Articulation PCAB with Executive / Council

8 Manukau Institute of Technology Staff Workforce Development Pasifika Staff CurrentTarget 2010  Total Staff6% (67)15% (150)  Academic Staff4% (14)8% (30)  Allied Staff9% (53)20% (120)  Senior Managers3% (1)30% (4)  Dept. Admin Managers15% (2)30% (4)  Senior Academic Roles 0 4  Executive 0 1  Academic Board 0 1  Ac Bd Sub-Committees 0 6

9 Manukau Institute of Technology Pasifika Advisory Board To provide advice to MIT Chief Executive, Executive on:  strategies for recruitment, retention & success of Pasifika students at MIT;  building strong relationships between MIT and Pasifika communities of Counties-Manukau;  increasing number of tertiary qualified Pasifika people in Counties-Manukau;  the establishment and development of the Pasifika Centre;  meeting goals of the TEC PP Strategy;  monitoring the implementation of MIT PDPlan

10 Manukau Institute of Technology Tagata Pasifika Network  A central forum for all Pasifika staff To advise on the development and implementation of: a Pasifika Staff Development and Leadership Plan; the Pasifika Community Relations Programme; a Pasifika Centre to include a Pasifika research, teaching, community and conference facility; establishment of a Pasifika Academic Advisory Sub- Committee of the Academic Board; establishment of a Pasifika Students Advisory Committee.

11 Manukau Institute of Technology Pasifika Community Relations Strategy  Develop and maintain strong positive working relationships with key stakeholders:  Pasifika community groups and churches in the Counties Manukau Region  Key Organisations - MCC, PBT, MPIA etc  MIT -preferred provider of polytechnic education for Pasifika peoples

12 Manukau Institute of Technology Pasifika Development Targets for 2010 Dr. Stuart Middleton Executive Director External Relations & Student Administration Sally Steedman Target 2010, Project Manager Toleafoa Sina Aiolupotea-Aiono Target 2010, Pasifika Development Manager

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