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Anglican Church of Australia National Insurance Program Stallholders Insurance Overview January 2013 1.

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1 Anglican Church of Australia National Insurance Program Stallholders Insurance Overview January

2 Coverage Summary 2 Insured Declared stallholders of markets which are arranged by Insured ANIP members Period of Insurance From4.00 p.m. on 31st December 2012 ) Local To4.00 p.m. on 31 st December 2013 ) Time Limit of Liability Public Liability $10,000,000 any one occurrence Products Liability $10,000,000 any one period of insurance Deductible $1,000 each and every claim

3 Insured ANIP Members 3 Diocese of Adelaide Diocese of Bathurst Diocese of Bendigo Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn Diocese of Gippsland Diocese of Newcastle Diocese of North Queensland Diocese of Tasmania Diocese of The Murray Diocese of Melbourne Diocese of Brisbane

4 Premium Per Stall 4 StatePremiumGSTStamp DutyTotal SA$2.25$0.22$0.27$2.74 NSW$2.25$0.22 $2.69 QLD$2.25$0.22$0.19$2.66 VIC$2.25$0.22$0.25$2.72 ACT$2.25$0.22$0.25$2.72 WA$2.25$0.22$0.25$2.72 TAS$2.25$0.23$0.20$2.67

5 Deposit Premium The deposit premium will be reviewed in June 2013 and November 2013 based on declarations from each insured ANIP member. ANIP Member Estimated No. of Stallholders per Market No. of Markets each Year Estimated No. of Stallholders Premium Adelaide $ Bathurst - Mudgee $ Bathurst - Kandos51050$ Bathurst - Oberon81296$ Canberra - Goulburn $5, Gippsland $ Newcastle $ North Qld $ Tasmania $2, The Murray8864$ Bendigo $ Melbourne??? Brisbane $1, Total $11,741.80

6 Insured Members Responsibilities 6 1.Maintain a record of all Stallholders that require to be covered by this Insurance. Please use the attached template – “ANIP Insured Stallholders 2013 Register ”. 2.Provide a copy of the complete “ANIP Insured Stallholders 2013 Register” to Aon before the 28 June 2013 and 29 November Ensure that the markets are conducted in accordance with all local legislation requirements in particular Occupational, Health & Safety. 4.Report to the ANIP office any incidents as soon as possible but no greater than 30 days from the date of the incident.

7 ANIP Insured Stallholders 2013 Register 7 ANIP Member Name of Market Address of Market Date of Market Time of Market (commencement to completion) Name of Stallholder Contact Details of Stallholder Telephone Number Postal Address Type of Stall (e.g. Food, Clothing, Furniture)

8 As with any insurance policy, there are exclusions. Listed below is an extract from the policy wording. We recommend that you take the time to read the wording for full policy limits and exclusions. General Exclusions 8 Excluding property owners liability Liquor Liability Claims arising from forcible ejection by third party security guards Injury (whilst performing) to performers/actors/singers/entertainers/participants and the like (where applicable) Damage to the ground, pitch, grass area, carpets, rugs and the like due to normal use, wear and tear or abuse Product Liability for all second hand electrical goods and toys Product Liability for cosmetic and beauty products Product Liability for all medicines, potions, oils, fragrances and soaps Amusement rides of any kind Massage, manipulation of muscle, chiropractic or similar Hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods Cross liability for the council. Can include them as an interested party only

9 In the event of an accident/claim 9 ACCIDENT REPORTING AND INVESTIGATION  You must report to your insurer all accidents and incidents involving third parties, including - - All serious bodily Injury Incidents including concussion; - Any injury involving a fractured/broken bone; - Any injury requiring serious medical attention, i.e. stitches; - Any incident requiring an ambulance to be called; - Damage to property of a third party - Any incident involving an aggressive customer who makes mention of taking the matter further, regardless of the severity of injury.  You must investigate the matter and complete and return a full Incident Report within 24 hours of the accident. WHAT IF THE INCIDENT OCCURS WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE? Your customers should be informing you of incidents that occur in areas that are your responsibility. It is the Manager’s responsibility to have a method of capturing your customers’ incidents. Any incident that potentially could result in liability to you needs to be reported to Proclaim for immediate assessment.

10 In the event of an accident/claim 10 FIRST AID AND WHAT SHOULD YOU DO AFTER A CUSTOMER INCIDENT  Provide a high standard of care and response. If you have staff members trained in first aid, ensure they assist to the extent possible.  If requested by the injured person - call for a supervisor, a person experienced in first aid, a doctor/ambulance or the injured person should be accompanied to the nearest medical surgery/hospital. Call an ambulance or doctor for serious injuries.  *While you should not admit liability, that is not an excuse for not providing a high standard of care. * INCIDENT REPORT  Complete the Incident Report/Customer Injury form as soon as the injured person departs.  Witnesses should be identified on the Incident Report.  Ensure you have accurate detail of the injured person (including contact details) and have recorded details of the injury.  If it is a slip or fall injury, inspect the area the incident occurred for reasons for the fall. Also note the customer’s footwear or any other factor that may have contributed to the incident (intoxication, skylarking, lack of supervision).  In the event of property damage, supply full details of the item damages and contact details for the owner.

11 In the event of an accident/claim 11 FOLLOW UP! The person who attended to an injured customer should work with Proclaim, as they will follow up within a week to ensure the customer is OK. Any complaints should be recorded and communicated to Proclaim. WHAT IF THEY ASK ME TO PAY BILLS? Any request for payment of medical bills or compensation should be directed to our accident management team at Proclaim. HOW DO I COMPLETE THE INCIDENT REPORT FORM?  To complete an internet Incident Report Form go to: USERNAME: clubsonline PASSWORD: direct  or when completing a paper based form, fax it to: PROCLAIM at fax number: PLEASE COMPLETE AND SEND THE INCIDENT REPORT FORM WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE INJURY OCCURRING TO: RICHARD THOMAS Level 2, 134 Flinders Street Phone: Fax: PROCLAIM HELP DESK

12 Anglican National Insurance Program (ANIP) Aon Risk Services Service ExecutiveNicole Broadhurst Contact phone number Client ManagerMichael Hambleton Contact phone number Contact Details 12 Risk Management & Insurance Manager Matthew Wilson Contact phone number Risk Management & Insurance Department Eric Schreiber Contact phone number Risk Management & Insurance Department Ralph Halnon Contact phone number

13 Please note this presentation is not intended to replace the policy schedule and wording. We recommend that you review these documents at least annually to ensure that they meet your needs and requirements. Note 13

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