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An Introduction to PPIR Christine Kanellakis, Implementing PPIR Project Director.

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1 An Introduction to PPIR Christine Kanellakis, Implementing PPIR Project Director

2 Self-funding, non-profit, independent, industry-linked institute Based at the University of Sydney Fostering excellence & innovation in engineering Projects on issues of national significance What is the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering?

3 Leading Sponsor Silver Sponsors Gold Sponsors Platinum Sponsors - - - As at 1.12.10 Supporters

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5 “A common underlying theme is that there is no shared and accepted view within the engineering profession, and between buyers and sellers of engineering, of the engineering perspective that should govern the relationships between the parties to an engineering task and of the professional engineer’s duty and standard of care in that task.” Why Do We Need PPIR?

6 I guess I should have defined the job a bit better We actually would have preferred a tunnel The engineer told me he’d done one of these before.

7 Engineering profession already has Ethics and Competency standards What is at the core of PPIR? Ethics Competency

8 Ethics

9 Demonstrated when judged by one’s peers to be eligible for registration by: National Engineering Registration Board (and in Queensland by Board of Professional Engineers QLD) Competency Elements of Competency Knowledge and skill Engineering application ability Professional and personal attributes

10 Engineering profession already has Ethics and Competency standards Performance : “How does the professional engineer approach, arrange and undertake a new task to ensure delivery of the final agreed outcome” What is at the core of PPIR? Performance Ethics Competency The PPIR Protocol defines “professional performance” in engineering

11 The eight elements of The PPIR Performance Protocol The PPIR Performance Protocol

12 What is our plan for PPIR? PPIR Protocol Improving Liability Framework Risk Framework AS.PPIR Guide to Contracting Benefits Defines role, obligations and “duty and standard of care” A formal, fully integrated “best for risk management” approach “Best practice template” Including approach to expert witnesses Integrated Change Program

13 The PPIR Protocol offers A guide on how to perform tasks professionally Clear definition of individual and team expectations & responsibilities Greater confidence in future assessment of professional judgment A complement to top/down corporate processes More effective & productive employees & higher standards of commercial decision making Employees & employers:

14 PPIR Protocol & Change Plan offers Buyers: Best for project/ product philosophy Mechanism for measuring performance of contractors Better risk management More confidence in innovation Suppliers: Emphasis on defining the task not on remedies More balance & equity – a level playing field Better risk management allowing for innovation & improved insurance profile

15 Greater understanding by the public of the profession of engineering Greater recognition of the engineer Increased status of engineering PPIR Protocol & Change Plan Offers The Engineering Profession:

16 Management Committee Steering Committee Education & Training Communication Industry Adoption Standards Liability Implementing PPIR TWC BOARD


18 A Project about Engineering Professionalism in the 21 st Century The PPIR report Winner of the NSW Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Award 2010

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