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Working The Web Lisa Kuhne Learning Choices Expo Sydney – 24 th June 2004.

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1 Working The Web Lisa Kuhne Learning Choices Expo Sydney – 24 th June 2004

2 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne2 A little bit about me? Disability Studies at Deakin University Burwood Worked with 8-18 year old with intellectual & physical disabilities in a home environment Camp America In home support worker with shire Employment consultant for people with a disability Youth Worker + part time TAFE Youth Programs Co-ordinator at TAFE (VCAL, CWE, CGEA, YEP) Co-ordinate programs, teach, support students & staff Enjoy finding resources for staff & students and looking for new ways to teach

3 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne3 The VCAL Program Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE – Leongatha Campus Foundation and Intermediate 28 Students Age Range 14 – 21 Students choose to study at TAFE for a wide range of reasons Full time and Part time As flexible as possible

4 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne4 How do we use technology? Digital cameras and video for recording events and assessment purposes Set of 10 laptops for use in and out of the classroom and a computer lab Computers are used highly by both students and teachers

5 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne5 Student Computer Use Word Processing Presentation of information Research on the internet Going to a specific site to complete a task Games TAFE VC Communication with students & staff

6 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne6 Teacher Computer Use Research Internet based activities for students With the data projector as a ‘whole class’ activity Communication with students & staff TAFE VC

7 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne7 Key areas of information for today Web Quests and online activities Health Human rights, Citizenship & Government Literacy Numeracy Work Related Skills Puzzles, Quizzes & Games Other Good Stuff TAFE VC

8 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne8 Web Quests & Online Activities Best Web Quests an example: what does it mean it be Australian what does it mean it be Australian Matrix of WebQuest Examples SBC Knowledge Network Explorer : Online LearningSBC Knowledge Network Explorer : Online Learning Hotlist: Researching the World! Hunt: World War One Web-Based Projects

9 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne9 Health Child and Youth Health Like it is - Sex Education scarleteen - sex education for the real worldscarleteen - sex education for the real world Virtual Party Reach Out SHine SA - Youth Home Page Head Room

10 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne10 Human rights, Citizenship & Government achers/ achers/ Lawstuff Discovering Democracy The minature earth We Were Humans MapQuest: World Atlas Racism. No Way.

11 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne11 Literacy The Learning Edge - Voice Newspaper CGEA - The Certificates in General Education for AdultsCGEA - The Certificates in General Education for Adults Language Australia ARIS - The Adult Education Resource & Information Service In AustraliaARIS - The Adult Education Resource & Information Service In Australia The Age Literacy Net

12 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne12 Numeracy YOLA Numeracy Online Get Phoning Money Stuff: Take The Challenge Interactive Maths Games Maths - Virtual Classroom ABS Education Services Escape From Knab

13 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne13 Work Related Skills ACTU worksite for schools Webquest - enterprising people Virtual Hotel OHS: YouthSafe: Audio Stories OHS: YouthSafe: Classroom activities Workplace Health and Safety Training Resource WorkSafe Smart Move - Student Resources safe@work - Teacher Resources Future Choices: Weblinks Job Guide 2004

14 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne14 Puzzles, Quizzes & Games BrainPOP Cool Quiz FunBrain Puzzle Maker free Puzzles

15 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne15 Other Good Stuff EnhanceTV ABC Online BBC - Home of the BBC on the Internet The Idea Machine Search Site SBC Knowledge Network Explore Search PageSBC Knowledge Network Explore Search Page Froguts http://www.froguts.com ABC Education Resources teacher resource TALK IT UP - Adults Only IT UP - Adults Only Vivisimo Clustering - World News The Source

16 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne16 TAFE VC TAFE VC Virtual Campus Out There

17 24th June 2004Lisa Kuhne17 Subscribe to Youth Field Express Edna on line Enhance TV IMAX Education Dusseldorp Skills Forum Australian Training Products TAFE Frontiers

18 Thank You If you would like a copy of the presentation please contact Lisa Kuhne at GippsTAFE on 0356 623595 or

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