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Contains U.S. Cellular® confidential information. Not for external use or disclosure without proper authorization. Page 1 St. John of the Cross Youth Catechesis.

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1 Contains U.S. Cellular® confidential information. Not for external use or disclosure without proper authorization. Page 1 St. John of the Cross Youth Catechesis Council Member Orientation 2010-2011

2 2 YCC New Member Orientation – Table of Contents YC Council Overview Mission Constitution – Responsibilities By-Laws Goals and Accomplishments 2007-2010 Accomplishments 2010-2011 Potential Areas of Focus 2010-2011 Events YC Program Overview YC Class Schedule YC Council Members 2010-2011 YC Council Members YC Council Directory

3 3 YC Council Overview – Mission The mission of the Youth Catechesis Council (YCC) is to provide leadership and direction to the Youth Catechesis Program and advocacy for the children and families in the program. The YCC acts in an advisory capacity to the pastor and the Director of Youth Catechesis. The YCC has three main constituents: Catechists YC StaffFamilies

4 4 YC Council Overview – Constitution Initiating counsel and advice for the Pastor and Director of Religious Education on issues regarding the Youth Catechesis Program, and responding with counsel and advice as requested by the Pastor and/or Director of Religious Education On-going overall needs assessment Advising on and discussing Youth Catechesis Program goals and policies Setting the broad strategies for implementing those goals Reviewing and advising on the annual YC budget, appreciating its part in the parish budget, specifically approving any tuition or fee adjustments from year to year In collaboration with the Pastor, participate in the annual performance review of the Director of Religious Education Evaluating the Youth Catechesis programs success in carrying out the parish and programs mission

5 5 YC Council Overview – By-Laws The term of each delegate selected to serve on the Youth Catechesis Council shall be up to three (3) years. To ensure continuity of membership, the term of four delegates should expire annually. The other delegates shall continue to serve. The term of a retiring delegate will expire at the commencement of the June meeting. All delegates shall serve no more than six (6) years consecutively on the YC Council. The YC Council shall meet once each month with the exception of July and August, in which meetings will be called only if determined to be necessary by the Chairperson, Pastor or Director of Religious Education (DRE). The first fifteen minutes of every meeting are open to the public. Persons wishing to make presentations are strongly encouraged to request the YC Council Chairperson to place them/their item of business on the agenda. Requests should be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting time.

6 6 2007-2010 Accomplishments A.Facilitated Development of Flexible Registration (feedback from parent surveys) A.Option to register students in grades K-6 in either Sunday or Monday classes B.Increased Communication with Parents (feedback from parent surveys). As a result there were: 1.Greater parental involvement in classes 2.More family events incorporated into YC calendar 3.More email communication 4.Distributed class lists to parents C.A Stronger YC Community (feedback from surveys). As a result, the YC Council hosted many events for families Christian Family Series* (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) Planning underway for Parent Sessions during YC class times formerly known as Christian Parenting Series B.Conceptualized and implemented program to fund thank you gifts for Catechists 1.Launched Angel Fund in Spring 2009 and raised $3,800 for 197 catechists 2.$3,000 raised in 2010 for 195 catechists C.Successful Catechist Appreciation/Recruitment Month in 2008/2009 1.Bulletin profiles on catechists throughout month of April (2008/2009) 2.Brunch with Mens Club attended by 200+ people (catechists and family members) 3.Garnered support/donations from local businesses and families D.Vacation Bible School for YC and school children 1.Successful and continued growth for three years

7 7 2010-2011 Areas of Focus Continue to Improve Communication between Parents & Catechists Open House, Website, Newsletter, Know-Your-Catechist Initiatives Support Parents in their Role as Primary Catechist Family/Adult Faith Formation Opportunities Parent Sessions Christian Parenting Series (somewhat abbreviated due to 50 th Anniversary celebrations) Fundraiser(s) to Support YCCs Initiatives Angel Fund/Catechists Appreciation/Recruitment Administer Parent Survey Administer Catechist Survey

8 8 2010-2011 Events MonthEvent(s) SeptemberOpen House OctoberParent Session: Service NovemberParent Session: Book Club Advent Wreath Workshop Father Daughter Dance JanuaryService Project Parent Session: Elliott Dees FebruaryParent Session: Valentine Project MarchParent Session: The Mass The Shroud of Turin Presentation AprilYC Registration YC Council Elections MayCatechist Appreciation

9 9 YC Program – Staff & Volunteer Overview Volunteers Coordinators Director of Religious Education Janet Caschetta Special Needs Grades K-2 Barb Campbell 72 Catechists Grades 3-6 Sue Bidstrup 66 Catechists Grades 7-8 Deb Pusinelli 51 Catechists Family Faith Connections Kim Ostrowski Jane Gill Mary McGovern Liz Buhrmaster 77 Children Office Staff Liz Clawson Mary Jamrozik Kathy Steider 297 Children 479 Children 288 Children Music: Ann Marie Calistro, Ann Maney Music: Ann Marie Calistro, Ann Maney Confirmation Prep 1 st Reconciliation 1 st Eucharist Pastoral Staff YC Council

10 10 YC Program Overview – Class Times Over 195 volunteers offer their talents and gifts to minister the youth of St. John of the Cross parish. GradeMeeting Time Pre-SchoolFamily Faith Connections Kindergarten-6 th GradeSunday Morning OR Monday Evening Grades 7 th -8 th Small Faith Sharing Groups in homes Family Faith ConnectionsParents meet with their children in their home and attend Family Gatherings offered five times per year Special Needs ClassroomSunday Morning

11 11 2010-2011 Council Members YCC MemberAreaCatechist Jakkie Tisa (Chairperson)Field ParkY/ Family Faith Alicia Moore (Vice Chairperson)SJC Home School N Laurie Smillie (Secretary)HighlandsY Jeremie SandsField Park McClure N John TuohyLaGrange (Cossit) Park N Mike CoyneField ParkN Mike McGinnLaidlawN Madonna MuscarelloBurr RidgeY Colleen FritzscheForest Hills McClure Y Cindy BlumField Park McClure Y Carolyn FergusonLaidlaw McClure N Ellen MeyerLaidlaw McClure Y Megan BrennanLaidlaw McClure N Michelle FinkForest HillsY

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