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Nuclear Matter Programme Juha Äystö, programme leader Overall HIP operations budget 330 k € ISOLDE at CERN ALICE at CERN FAIR project at GSI ISOLDE Ari.

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1 Nuclear Matter Programme Juha Äystö, programme leader Overall HIP operations budget 330 k € ISOLDE at CERN ALICE at CERN FAIR project at GSI ISOLDE Ari Jokinen, project leader ALICE Markku Oinonen, project leader Jan Rak (March 2003 -)

2 ISOLDE-project 2006 Research areas and personnel: Nuclear phys., weak inter. and instr. (JY): J. Äystö, Nuclear matter program leader A. Jokinen, ISOLDE project leader, ISCC-representative U. Hager, I. Moore, A. Saastamoinen. R. Julin, P. Greenlees, P. Jones, S. Juutinen, M. Reponen Solid state physics (HY&JY): J. Räisänen, I. Riihimäki O. Koskelo, S. Väyrynen and V. Tuboltsev Beam preparation & radioactive ion beams (JY): A. Jokinen (EURISOL task leader in beam preparation) P. Suominen (ECR development, MTOF-project), presently at CERN as a post-doc. Ph.D degrees (2006) S. Rinta-Antila, A. Kankainen Ph.D. degrees (2007-08) U.Hager Master’s thesis (2007) M. Reponen Activities 2006 with JY/HIP participation: Advanced lifetime measurements close to doubly magic 132 Sn - to understand the evolution of shell orbits in exotic nuclei (A. Jokinen) Alpha decay of 229m Th to 225 Ra -To measure conflicting half-life of 3.5 eV isomeric state in 229 Th and investigate its properties (I. Moore) Precision mass measurements with ISOLTRAP - for nuclear physics and astrophysics and to test the validity of IMME (U. Hager) Decay study of 17 Ne - to obtain information on 12 C(  ) 16 O reaction (A. Saastamoinen) Commissioning of recoil spectrometer WITCH - Installation and characterization of the surface ion source for WITCH-setup (M. Reponen, Pro Gradu 2007)

3 Isolde-project 2007- Activities 2007 with JY/HIP participation: ECR development for advanced charge breeding - to compare Electorn Beam Ion Source and Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion sources for EURISOL-DS (P. Suominen) Feasibility study of multi-reflection TOF-spectrometer (P. Suominen) Ultra fast timing meaurements at 78 N and 132 Sn - to verify the shell model picture for the nuclear systems with a few particles and/or holes outside of the doubly- magic core (A. Jokinen) RFQ-cooler and buncher project - Installation of RFQ-cooler and buncher on-line. Last off- line tests during the summer and installation on September (P. Hietala and A. Jokinen) Experiments under preparation for on-line run with JY/HIP participation: IS457: Laser spectroscopy of gallium isotopes using the ISCOOL RFQ cooler (I. Moore, A. Jokinen, J. Äystö) IS452: Measurement of shape co-existence in 182,184 Hg using Coulomb excitation (R. Julin, P. Greenlees, S. Juutinen, P. Jones) IS450: Diffusion of 56 Co in GaAs and SiGe alloys (J. Räisänen, O. Koskelo, S. Väyrynen and V. Tuboltsev)

4 Publications 2007 Towards high-accuracy mass spectrometry of highly charged short-lived ions at ISOLTRAP A.Herlert et al., Int. J. Mass Spectrometry, 251(2006)13 Accurate mass measurements of neutron-deficient krypton isotopes, D. Rodriquez et al., Nucl. Phys. A 769(2006)1 Coulomb excitation of 68,70 Cu. First use of post-accelerated isomeric beams, I. Stefaniscu, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 98(2007)122701 Ramsey Method of Separated Oscillatory Fields for High-Precision Penning Trap Mass Spectrometry, S. George et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 98(2007)162501

5 HIP/ALICE project 2007- * ALICE silicon strip detectors in Helsinki Detector Laboratory ALICE/SSD group. Task finished: 700 SSD modules assembled in 2006 under the direction of Dr. Markku Oinonen. Dr. Markku Oinonen and Dr. Jan Rak, project leader (March 2007 -) ALICE T0 team: Dr. Wladyslaw Trzaska (JYFL) Graduate students (JYFL): Tomas Malkiewicz, Sergey Yamaletdinov, Mikko Sillanpää ALICE Physics team: Dr. Jan Rak (HIP/JYFL) Post docs: Mariana Bondila (HIP), DongJo Kim (JYFL) Graduate students: Rafael Diaz VALDES, Norbert Novicky graduate student (8/2007) Underg. Students: Timo Alho, Michal Oledzki, Henri Seppänen (HIP), Antti Kaskela (HIP) * Special presentation by Jan Rak


7  Nuclear structure. Radioactive beams  Hadron structure studies with antiprotons  Nuclear matter and relativistic heavy ion collisions  Plasma research with high-power heavy ion beams  Atomic physics, antimatter, applications Scientific pillars NUSTAR PANDA


9 FAIR - International Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research Facility Characteristics: Primary Beams 10 12 /s; 1.5-2 GeV/u; 238 U 28+ Factor 100-1000 over present in intensity 2(4)x10 13 /s 30 GeV protons 10 10 /s 238 U 73+ up to 35 GeV/u up to 90 GeV protons Secondary Beams Broad range of radioactive beams up to 1.5 - 2 GeV/u; up to factor 10 000 in intensity over present Antiprotons 3 - 30 GeV Storage and Cooler Rings Radioactive beams e - – A (or Antiproton-A) collider 10 11 stored and cooled 0.8 - 14.5 GeV antiprotons Key Technical Features Cooled beams Rapidly cycling superconducting magnets

10 Technology projects Accelerator and infrastructure FINPRO Production of cooled and stopped ions (H. Penttilä, J. Äystö) HIP-JYFL DIRAC Design Study funded by EU NUSTAR Collaboration (A. Jokinen, R. Julin, M. Leino, J. Äystö) HISPEC-DESPEC; Nuclear structure far from stability HIP-JYFL LASPEC; Laser spectroscopy of short-lived nuclei HIP-JYFL MATS; High precision experiments on rare isotopes HIP-JYFL PANDA Collaboration (F. Garcia, M. Oinonen) HIP-detector laboratory Phase 1 projects from Finland Budget 5 M€

11 Cost estimate of FAIR Construction costs about 1 G€ Accelerators and storage rings530 M€ Buildings and infrastructure290 M€ Experiments 180 M€ Operating costs about 120 M€/year – preliminary estimate

12 Estimate for Finlands share Construction 2007 - 2012 about 5 M€ –Instruments for scientific base program –Own share of JYFL and HIP2 M€ –Need for additional funding 3 M€ –Technology projects under discussion Share of operating costs (gnb-based) –400 - 560 k€/y during 2011 - 2015 –1 M€/ during 2016 – 2025

13 NUSTAR Collaboration

14 NUSTAR we are here

15 4 Storage ring HESR for antiprotons at 1.5 – 15 GeV/c GEM-TPC Prototype Development @ HIP Helsinki Group: Francisco García – PANDA Local Technical Coordinator Matti Kalliokoski – PhD Student Antti Numminen - Technician

16 Target spectrometer: Tracking: MVD, STT or TPC PID: DIRC, TOF, muon chambers EMC: PbWO crystals Forward spectrometer: Tracking: MDC or GEM Gas RICH, TOF, muon chambers Shashlyk calorimeter 9

17 TOTEM GEM detector Activities 11

18 Detector laboratory activities 15

19 FAIR and Finland 2000  Preparatory work for FAIR (with NuPECC) 2003 Letter from Minister Haatainen to Minister Buhlman: Finland is interested to join FAIR with ”some” contribution. 2004 OPM authorized Prof. Riska to sign MoU for preparation phase of FAIR and nominated HIP as the national body to proceed on scientific and technical planning. OPM financial support for FAIR: 2005-2007 ISC ja AFI: Mirja Arajärvi, OPM STI: Dan-Olof Riska, HIP, ja Juha Äystö, JY Negotiations: OPM-HIP-JY-SA-Tekes-Finpro In-kind advisory board: Juha Äystö March 2007: Government appoints Negotiation team for FAIR: M: Arajärvi (OPM), A. Joensuu (KTM), R. Munther (TEKES) April 2007: Joint Core Team application to EU: Heikki Penttilä (NUSTAR)



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