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Preparing the Anesthetic Syringe

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1 Preparing the Anesthetic Syringe

2 Equipment 1) Sterile syringe 2) Disposable needle
3) Anesthetic cartridge

3 Syringe Loading Technique
1) Follow aseptic procedures 2) Remove sterile syringe from autoclave bag 3) Hold syringe in the left hand and use the thumb ring to fully retract the piston rod

4 4) Piston rod retracted, place the
cartridge in the barrel of the syringe 5) Rubber stopper end goes in first 6) Once cartridge is in place release piston rod

5 7) Engage cartridge and harpoon
by placing moderate pressure on the thumb ring bar 8) Do not hold hand over cartridge while engaging the harpoon (safety)

6 Engaging the Needle Remove protective plastic cap
Screw needle onto the syringe

7 ProTector – needle recapping guard
Needle Safety ProTector – needle recapping guard

8 Recapping the Contaminated Needle
Recapper located in instrument cassette One handed scoop method

9 Unloading the Anesthetic Syringe
1) Unscrew needle with protective cap in place

10 2) Retract the piston to release harpoon from the cartridge 3) Remove the cartridge from the syringe by retracting the thumb ring

11 4) Discard cartridge and needle
into sharps container

12 Changing to a Second Cartridge
Recap the needle Retract piston Remove used cartridge Place new cartridge Engage the harpoon

13 Preparing the Anesthetic Syringe Quiz
1. Where should the used needle and cartridge be disposed of? a. The regular garbage b. A sharps container c. A plastic biohazardous bag d. Any of the above

14 b. A sharps container

15 2. Name two acceptable ways to recap the needle.
___________________ __________________

16 One handed scoop method, recapper

17 3. The ProTector is a _________?
a. Guard against overdose b. Guard against needle over insertion c. Card for needle recapping protection

18 c. card for needle re-capping protection

19 4. What is recommended to assemble on the syringe
first, the needle or the cartridge? a. Needle b. Cartridge

20 b. Cartridge

21 5. When inserting the cartridge into the syringe,
which end is down, or toward the harpoon? a. The end with the metal/latex opening b. The end with the rubber stopper

22 b. The end with the rubber stopper

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