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November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 1 Philips BR30 with WarmGlow LED LAMPS NAM Bo Chen LED Lamps NA 2014.

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1 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 1 Philips BR30 with WarmGlow LED LAMPS NAM Bo Chen LED Lamps NA 2014

2 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 2 Ambience is Critical for Restaurants The right restaurant ambience can lead to more enjoyable dining experiences and positive attitudes toward food and overall satisfaction Lighting and music can play an integral role in creating a restaurant’s ambience and a relaxing dining experience Research conducted by Dr. Brian Wansink of Cornell University and Dr. Koert van Ittersum of Georgia Institute of Technology showed a restaurant’s ambience with a relaxed atmosphere using soft dimmed lighting and music led guests to dine longer and rate food more enjoyable 1. 2 1. Wansink, Brian and van Ittersum, Koert. “Fast Food Restaurant Lighting and Music can Reduce Caloric Intake and Increase Satisfaction.” Psychological Reports: Human Resources and Marketing (Aug. 2012): Volume 111, Issue 1, pp.228-232.

3 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 3 Energy Regulations and New Alternatives Restaurants often use incandescent lamps to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere similar to that of candle light However, certain commonly used incandescent lamps are being phase out by government (EISA) legislation Hospitality owners and managers now have new lamp options available to meet energy requirements – IR Halogen – CFLi – LED 3

4 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 4 Balancing Ambience and Energy Savings Legislation compliant halogens reproduce the incandescent dimming effect, but may deliver limited energy savings compared to CFLi and LED CFLi can provide increased energy savings to legislation compliant halogens, but do not have the light quality and dimmability of incandescents Standard LED retrofit lamps provide enhanced energy savings and meet lighting requirements for many applications; however, they do not replicate the warm incandescent dimming effect. The dimmability of LEDs make them particular attractive in the restaurant segment. Philips introduced the first BR30 LED retrofit lamp in the US to create a warm ambience while delivering the energy savings of LED lamps 4

5 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 5 Choosing the Right Color for Your Ambience 2700K LED/CFLi lamp example 5 CFLi and Standard LED Retrofit Lamps Emits Light with Constant Color Temperature When Dimmed

6 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 6 Philips BR30 WarmGlow Replicates Incandescent Dimming to Create the Preferred Warm Ambience Flux Level vs. Dimming Level CCT vs. Dimming Level Example: Standard incandescent 65W BR30 Incandescent 65W BR30 BR30 LED with WarmGlow Example: Standard incandescent 65W BR30 6

7 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 7 Philips LED BR30 with WarmGlow FeaturesBenefits Dimmable 2700K CCT to 2200K Create ambience with warm color light, like an incandescent Dimmable down to 10%Flexibility to control the light level 80 Color Render IndexExcellent light quality 80% Energy Savings 1 Save money on energy bill 25,000 hrs rated average life 2 Low maintenance/labor Instant 100% light outputNo warm up time to full output No IRIncrease guest comfort No UVReduce color fade No MercuryBetter for the environment 1 Compared with a Philips 730 lumens 13W BR30 DimTone LED versus a Philips 650 lumen standard incandescent 65W BR30 2 Rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis. 7

8 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 8 Longer Life, More Light, and Less Energy 1.Rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis. 2.Rated Average Life (RAL) is the length of operation (in hours) at which point an average of 50% of the lamps will still be operational and 50% will not. 12.5x longer life12% more light80% energy savings Philips 730 Lumens 9.5W BR30 WarmGlow(25,000 RAL 1 ) Compared to Philips 650 Lumens 65W BR30 Standard Incandescent (2000 RAL 2 ) 8

9 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 9 Restaurants and Hotels Luminaires 9

10 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 10 Delivering Ambience and Savings Many restaurants use BR30 lamp recessed and track lighting for general lighting Philips BR30 with WarmGlow can provide the light quality of standard incandescent and the energy savings of an LED With 80% energy savings 1 and long life Philips 9.5W BR30 WarmGlow can reduce energy and maintenance – that can go to increasing the bottom line while enhancing the guest experience 1. Compared to a Philips 650 lumen 65W BR30 standard incandescent 10

11 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 11 Thank You

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