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Volleyball By Kylie Woodward.

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1 Volleyball By Kylie Woodward

2 My Passion “Volleyball is my life, it’s who I am” My involvement:
Started when I was young Playing high school Coaching Competitive Tournaments

3 Misty May “Turtle” First Back-to-back Olympic Gold medalist
2004 & 2008 108th strait match winning streak AVP player of the year MVP Most wins out of any female to play this sport 5’10 tall

4 General Rules Rally Points Games vs. Match Right uniforms No jewelry
Game lasts up to 25 points 2 games per match Tie breaker needed of 15 points Right uniforms No jewelry 3 hits per side

5 Kerri Walsh “Six feet of sunshine”
Misty May’s teammate Played professionally for 7 years. 3rd season of playing she was voted: Best blocker, hitter, offensive player, and most outstanding player In college she recorded: 1,553 kills 1,285 digs 502 blocks 6’ Tall

6 Live vs. Dead Balls Live Balls: Dead Balls:
Been served into court boundaries Is playable Dead Balls: Hit out of bounds Touches walls, ceilings, or floor Touches non-player Fault by player

7 Training Cardio Arm strength Leg strength Vertical Jump
Every other day Arm strength 2 hrs every other day Leg strength Vertical Jump 2 hrs, 2 times a week

8 Top 3 Injuries Rotator Cuff injury Jumpers Knee Sprained ankle

9 Rotator Cuff Consists of 4 muscles
All help the rotation of the shoulder Injury is the rupture of a tendon Treatment Rest and ice Rehabilitation Heat after acute stage is over

10 Jumpers Knee Also known as “Osgood Schlatters” disease
Patella tendon is under extreme stress, partial rupture Inflammation and degeneration of the tissue Treatment Ice and rest Strength building

11 Sprained Ankle Stretch and tear of ligaments
Most commonly occurs with hitters and blocking Treatment Rest, Ice, compression, and elevation Strength building to prevent future damage

12 Uniforms!

13 Story Time!

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