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Digital Sculpture Enlargement

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1 Digital Sculpture Enlargement

2 Scanning The artists Maquette or “model to be enlarged” is scanned using a laser to create a 3 dimensional computer model.

3 Laser measurements are taken covering the full surface of the Maquette.
The 3 Dimensional computer model created from these measurements is accurate to within a few thousandths of an inch.

4 Areas that couldn’t be measured during the initial scan because of “shadowing” are scanned after removing the part of the Maquette that was in the way.

5 3D Computer Model Processing
Several scans my be required to capture the complete surface of the Maquette. The next step is to combine the separate scans into one “water tight” 3D model.

6 The 3-D model captured by the scanner can be oriented in any position to verify the accuracy of the scan.

7 When the scan is complete, the 3D computer model is sectioned into pieces that can be cut on our computer controlled foam cutting machines.

8 The sectioning minimizes undercuts reducing the amount of work the artist must do on the enlargement.

9 Synappsys Digital Services own software is then used to generate a CNC “Computer Numerical Control” tool path to cut the foam enlargement.

10 The wolf body is shown on one of our CNC machines after the final detail cut.

11 Foam Enlargement Assembly
The artist receives the enlargement in several pieces that must be assembled like a 3 dimension jigsaw puzzle.

12 The foam weighs between 2 and 3 pounds per cubic foot therefore it is very easy to mount on an armature and easy to manipulate if changes need to be made to the enlargement.

13 After the foam enlargement is assembled, it is covered with a thin layer of clay so the artist can tool the final surface texture.

14 Kristen Visbal applying the final touches to “Alexander Hamilton”

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