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Evaluations and Comparisons In conjunction with Interchange, Level 2, Unit 3 By Prof Briana Songer September 9, 2012.

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1 Evaluations and Comparisons In conjunction with Interchange, Level 2, Unit 3 By Prof Briana Songer September 9, 2012

2 Bright Beautiful Cheap Clean Comfortable Convenient Cramped Dangerous Dark Dingy Dirty Expensive Inexpensive Huge Inconvenient Modern Nice Noisy Outdated Private Public Quiet Safe/Secure Shabby Shared Small Spacious Tiny Ugly Uncomfortable

3 POSITIVE Bright Beautiful Clean/Nice Comfortable/Spacious Convenient Inexpensive/Cheap Huge Modern Private Quiet Safe/Secure NEGATIVE Dark/Dingy Ugly Dirty/Shabby Cramped Inconvenient Expensive Tiny Outdated Public/Shared Noisy Dangerous

4  Where do you live now?  Which would you prefer to live? A house, apartment, studio, condo?  Which is the ideal place for families to live? University Students? Working professionals?  City or country?  Beach, mountains, desert, forest?

5  My apartment is very _________and _________. My house is ________but ___________.

6  My house is __________ and ______________.  My apartment is very _________________ because it is close to the bus stop and many restaurants.

7 My neighbor’s house is ________ and ________. My neighborhood is very ____________________.

8  My apartment is too __________. I wish I could move to a house. My house is not _______enough since it is located by many clubs.

9 SUBJECT+(is/are, isn’t/aren’t)+adjective + enough:  The condo is comfortable enough.  Houses are spacious enough.  My house isn’t modern enough.  Cities aren’t safe enough.  The apartment isn’t bright enough.  The houses in that neighborhood aren’t quiet enough.

10 SUBJECT + is/are, isn’t/aren’t + too + adjective. Notice that the adjective is put last with too.  Cable plaza is too noisy on the weekends.  Downtown is too dangerous at night.  Kindergarten classrooms are too noisy.  Manizales isn’t too dangerous.  Bars aren’t too bright.

11 1. The house _____ modern _______ for Kate’s taste. 2. Kim’s apartment ______ ______ dark because it is surrounded by tall buildings. 3. My house ______ cheap ______ for first time buyers. Write evaluations using adjectives: 4. A husband, wife, baby, and a dog move to a one- bedroom, one bath apartment. 5. A retired man living in an apartment above a dance club.

12 SUBJECT + has/have, doesn’t/don’t have +enough + noun. SUBJECT + verb + too much+ noun. The house has enough bedrooms. Country houses have enough privacy. The classroom doesn’t have enough desks. Houses don’t have enough convenience since they are so far from the city. Houses cost too much money. Apartments don’t cost too much money.

13 There is/are too much (noncount)/many (count) + noun  There is too much furniture in my house.  There are too many cracks in my apartment.  That house doesn’t have too much space.  In my apartment, there aren’t too many bedrooms.

14 1. Manizales _____ _____ _____ bars. 2. VEA _____ _____ __________space. 3. Big cities_____ _____ ______security. 4. There ______ ______ _____ parking near VEA. 5. Houses in Manizales _____ cost ______ ______ money. Make an evaluation using a noun: 6. Spacious, quiet house built 50 years ago 7. Modern, relaxing apartment, but far from transportation and night life (for a university student)

15 SUBJECT #1+ (IS/ISN’T/ARE/AREN’T)+ AS ADJECTIVE AS SUBJECT #2. 1. My condo (is) just as big as yours. 2. New York (is) as dangerous as Los Angeles. 3. Tom’s house (isn’t) as modern as Tammy’s house. 4. The downtown cathedral (is) as beautiful as the sunset in Chipre. 5. Manizales (isn’t) as expensive as Bogota. 6. Palermo apartments (are) just as noisy as Milan apartments. 7. The bedrooms in the apartment (aren’t ) as spacious as the house’s bedrooms.

16 1. Houses _____ _____ cramped _____ apartments. 2. Condos _____ _____ modern ______ apartments. 3. Apartments are _____ ______ bright ______ houses. 4. My bedroom is _____ _____ spacious as my roommate’s bedroom. Make comparisons using adjectives: 4. Houses in Manizales vs Bogota 5. Your house/apartment compared to a relative’s house/apartment.

17 SUBJECT #1+ (has/have) + just as many/much NOUN as SUBJECT #2. SUBJECT #1+ (doesn’t/don’t have) as many/much NOUN as SUBJECT #2. 1. Apartments (have) just as many bathrooms as some houses. 2. Houses (have ) just as much light as apartments. 3. An apartment (has) just as much comfort as a house. 4. A condo (has) just as many bedrooms as a house. 5. Manizales (doesn’t have) as many parks as Medellin. 6. City houses (don’t have) as much privacy as country houses. 7. Cartagena (doesn’t have) as good of weather as Manizales.

18 1. Apartments _______ ______ ______ ______ bills ______ houses. 2. El Corral _____ ______ ______ expensive _____ Presto. 3. Apartments in the city _______ _______ _______ ________ parking as houses in the suburbs. 4. My kitchen ______ ______ ______ _______ appliances as my mother’s. Make a comparison using nouns: 5. The mall in El Cable and the mall in Fundadores

19 We will now perform a role play where you will be an agent or a client calling about a house or apartment. 1. First do some evaluations and comparisons with the two properties you were given. 2. Read the sample role play. What do you need to listen for and/or say? 3. Let’s begin! Role Play from

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