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Training Index V5 1 2010 CARD PRINTER TRAINING Training Index.

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1 Training Index V5 1 2010 CARD PRINTER TRAINING Training Index

2 Training Index V5 2 General Information on Zebra Card Printers and printing processes, spare parts lists, tools3 P1x and P3x/P4x series4 P6x and ZXP series5 Escape commands, test cards and images, manuals6 Mag encoding, Upgrade kits, sample defects 7 ZXP Printers8 Extra information, Zebra web site9

3 Training Index V5 3 General Information Color Fundamental Printer Models Media RMA Spare Parts for P100 Spare Parts for P1x Spare Parts for P3/P4 Spare Parts for P6 (browse the CD for older models) All Parts in Excel File US prices All Parts in Excel File Euros Theory of Operation Tools for P1/P3 Tools for P6

4 Training Index V5 4 Training Contents – Printers P1x/P3x/P4x P1x User’s Print Engine Sensors ATM P3x/P4x Basic Printer Main P3xTraining Cleaning Covers Driver Ethernet kit Feeder Operator PCBA Print Head Mechanical Print Head Adjust Flip

5 Training Index V5 5 Training Contents – Printers P6x General Index P6x Training Contents – ZXP Printers General Info/Printing Process ZXP

6 Training Index V5 6 Training Contents – Escape commands, test cards, test images and service manuals. Mostly Used Escape Commands Programmer’s Manual Test Cards Test Images (look into the CD for more) Service Manuals P100 P1x P3x P4x P6x End of Life Products

7 Training Index V5 7 Training Contents – Mag Encoding, Upgrade Kits and others. Mag Encoding ISO Norm KIT for the P3x/P4x series Mag Head Ohm Checking Resetting to ISO Word Document (look in CD for more) Sample Defects Smart Card P3x/P4x Mifare Upgrade P3x/P4x Contact Encoder Upgrade P3x/P4x Contac Station Upgrade P1x Ethernet Upgrade P100i Mifare Upgrade P110i Contact Encoder Upgrade

8 Training Index V5 8 Training Contents – ZXP Printers Generalities Principle of Operation Cleaning the Feeder First Use Card Settings

9 Training Index V5 9 Other Useful Training Information Beside all the information provided in the CD, please visit for drivers and FW plus additional information on cards,… You will find the Tech Notes and spare parts on

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