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Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Overview.

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1 Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Overview

2 Your Assistant Sales Training2 Visions of Convergence Imagine controlling a telephone or conference call using simple drag-and-drop commands? Or knowing who is calling and being able to quickly review your communication history with that contact before answering the call? Or even knowing the real-time availability status of employees within the enterprise before placing the call?

3 Your Assistant Sales Training3 Your Assistant (YA) A desktop application that provides an intuitive interface to manage real-time communications –Control calls using simple mouse clicks or drag and drop commands Provides the flexibility to communicate the way you want and how and when others communicate with you –Review communication history before answering calls –See the availability status of individuals before making the call

4 Your Assistant Sales Training4 YA Leading Convergence Mitels score for softphone … is by far, the best score among competitors In general interactive voice quality on softphones tends to be below the toll quality rating of 4.0. Mitels 4.83 score is truly outstanding –Miercom Report Feb 6 04

5 Your Assistant Sales Training5 But Why, Eh? The Market is Expanding... IP PBX market is expected to grow to $3.9 billion in revenue by 2005 VoIP will account for approximately 75% of world voice services by 2007 Pricing, ease of use, administration and applications will drive the adoption of LAN telephony Applications will drive VoIP growth!

6 Your Assistant Sales Training6 In short? Applications! Users Are More Demanding What do users want? More access to their contacts More information at their fingertips The benefits of integrating data and telephone To be able to send and receive data via faxes and from and to anywhere on the planet, and Internet access to go If a phone can store 100 phone numbers, why not 1,000, with addresses, to-do lists and schedules? And if a handheld device can store 1,000 numbers and addresses, why can't it also make a phone call?

7 Your Assistant Sales Training7 Introducing… 3300 ICP (Min Release 3.3) Your Assistant + Our Solution? = True value of VoIP

8 Your Assistant Sales Training8 Why Buy Your Assistant? It's about YOU…the user Multiple call handling Increased likelihood of successfully communicating Simplified interface to complex call control features Enhanced collaboration experience Database searches for immediate access to information relevant to incoming caller

9 Your Assistant Sales Training9 Why Sell Your Assistant? It's about YOU…the reseller Compelling buyer benefits Stay competitive in the end-user space Electronic distribution provides easy and inexpensive installation Modular upgrades that expand functionality of current release - that drives platform sales Future - customize to reflect a company's brand, push messages to end-users through browser, or communicate in multiple languages

10 Your Assistant Sales Training10 The Dawn of a New Evolution

11 Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Server Versus Client

12 Your Assistant Sales Training12 Your Assistant Past and Present Previously Your Assistant was a client-based application –Full application resided on the individual users PC / laptop Two versions of Your Assistant existed –Your Assistant (desk phone) and Your Assistant PRO (softphone) Your Assistant is now a server-based solution –Provides Enterprise features and functionality –Presence and Availability Management (PAM) –Secure File Sharing and Instant Messaging (IM) Chat Your Assistant is now a modular-based solution –Simply add-on new modules to the solution as desired –Your Assistant Softphone no longer called PRO

13 Your Assistant Sales Training13 Your Assistant Server The YA Server extends new presence and availability functionality to enterprise users –Server-based users only no client-based support * Your Assistant Server 3300 ICP *See Notes for Details

14 Your Assistant Sales Training14 Your Assistant Server Head Office Branch Office The Your Assistant server has no limit on the number of 3300 ICPs connections Each server can support up to 1000 Your Assistant users

15 Your Assistant Sales Training15 Minimum Requirement Specifications Teleworker, 5700, and Ops Man servers are unable to accommodate Your Assistant YA stand alone server required

16 Your Assistant Sales Training16 LAN 3300 ICP 3300 NSU SX-2000 Peripheral Node 4025 Phone PC with YA DNIC Phone Support Your Assistant can now be used with Mitel Superset phones (DNIC) on the SX-2000 peripheral cabinet connected to a 3300 ICP Controller Phones are supported are 4015, 4025, 4150 Coming soon - Support on the SX-200 ICP!!

17 Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Features

18 Your Assistant Sales Training18 Your Assistant Features Your Assistant Drag & drop call management Call forwarding profiles Right-click call number options CLID screen pop Call timer and annotation Detailed call history logs Presence and Availability Secure IM Chat & File Sharing Personal Information Manager & Corporate Directory Integration Connectivity & Personalization Your Assistant Softphone All the basic YA features, plus –IP-based software telephone –Call recording as.wav file = New!

19 Your Assistant Sales Training19 Navigating the Interface People Section Quick Connector Box History Section Settings Section Communications Section Menu BarSlide Out Dial Pad

20 Your Assistant Sales Training20 Status Tray Icons

21 Your Assistant Sales Training21 CLID Screen Pop Answering a call opens a communications window. This window provides you with visual status and controls for handling the call. When a call comes in, a pop-up window lets you know who is calling.

22 Your Assistant Sales Training22 CLID Screen Pop and PIM Integration

23 Your Assistant Sales Training23 Personal Information Manager (PIM) YA can retrieve caller information directly from the PIM so that callers are identified before being answered and also so that the call can be correctly logged Personal Information Manager integrates with –Outlook 97 or greater –Lotus Notes R5 and R6 –ACT! 2000 –LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) –Corporate Directory List

24 Your Assistant Sales Training24 PIM Integration Indexing

25 Your Assistant Sales Training25 Quick Connect The quick connect field operates much like the address field in Internet Explorer. You can simply type in the destination you want, or you can drop down the list of up to 20 recently dialed numbers.

26 Your Assistant Sales Training26 Favorites (Speed Dials)

27 Your Assistant Sales Training27 People List The People List is a two-part offering: 1. Personal Contacts 2. Corporate Directory

28 Your Assistant Sales Training28 Presence and Availability The People window provides State of users phone –Available (on hook) / busy (off hook) Status advisory messages –In a meeting / At my desk / Out of Office PC presence for secure Instant Message (IM) –Online / Away / Busy / Offline / File Sharing –Also have integration with MSN availability (non-secure)

29 Your Assistant Sales Training29 Secure Instant Messaging Your Assistant provides convenient chat communication with other Your Assistant users, if you and those other users have Chat enabled

30 Your Assistant Sales Training30 Visual Conference Call Management

31 Your Assistant Sales Training31 Visual Conference Call Management

32 Your Assistant Sales Training32 Call Forward Profiles

33 Your Assistant Sales Training33 Call Forward Profiles

34 Your Assistant Sales Training34 Do Not Disturb

35 Your Assistant Sales Training35 Call Timer and Annotation Calls can be timed or annotated for future reference. All information is stored in a detailed call log.

36 Your Assistant Sales Training36 Call Recording Calls can also be recorded – the caller hears a tone to signal that you are recording. This feature is available with the Softphone module only.

37 Your Assistant Sales Training37 Call Logs

38 Your Assistant Sales Training38 Call History

39 Your Assistant Sales Training39 Configurable Interface

40 Your Assistant Sales Training40 Customize Your Assistant Users can tear-off shutters (click and drag) to position them independently on the screen Parent window automatically resizes itself to fit the remaining items

41 Your Assistant Sales Training41 Your Assistant Modules Video Conferencing Audio ConferencingData Collaboration Your Assistant 3.x Softphone

42 Your Assistant Sales Training42 Your Assistant Modules Your Assistant - Base software Presence and Availability Secure Instant Messaging Knowledge Management Softphone Module Full featured IP-based softphone Audio Conferencing Module (Future) Conferencing controls accessible from YA desktop Modular format to meet the specific needs of the customer Data Collaboration Module (Coming Soon) Desktop sharing Video Conferencing Module (Future) Video conferencing controls accessible from YA

43 Your Assistant Sales Training43 Softphone Module Enterprises can benefit from call recording capabilities and a software-based IP telephone - enabling cost savings and increasing worker mobility while enhancing productivity of staff who travel or roam. Softphone uses a USB and sound card headsets.

44 Your Assistant Sales Training44 Active Device Call Forwarding

45 Your Assistant Sales Training45 Click here for Teleworker Integration Your Assistant –You can now control your Teleworker phone when working remotely using a VPN Your Assistant Softphone Module only –Using the embedded IP-based softphone, when remotely connected to the 3300 ICP via a VPN, mobile users can make and receive calls as though they were inside the corporate network –Note: When used in a remote location, YA is not suitable for providing reliable access to call for emergency services (i.e. 911, 999 or 112)

46 Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Selling Tools

47 Your Assistant Sales Training47 Target Market Exercise Question: What type of businesses would benefit from the Your Assistant? Answer: Any business that... –Has highly mobile Sales / Marketing Senior-level Managers & Executives –Provides a service ('one-on-one') e.g. lawyers, securities brokers –Has team-based knowledge workers

48 Your Assistant Sales Training48 Lead Generating Questions Do your employees use MSN Messenger? What Personal Information Management (PIM) software are you using? Do you have a telephone-based customer service component to your business? Do you have mobile employees (sales, marketing, executives, analysts, etc)? Do your employees frequently participate in meetings, conference calls, and web conferencing?

49 Your Assistant Sales Training49 Tools to Help YOU Available on Mitel Online (MOL) Flash Demo Sales Primer Data Sheet

50 Your Assistant Sales Training50 Product Certification Procedures Mitel Your Assistant Certification self-paced program –Pre-requisite 3300 ICP Training –Certification based on results of a written test Course available for download June 1, 2004 at: Students receive certification # upon completion –Provide certification number to Mitel CSR

51 Your Assistant Sales Training51 Product Ordering Procedures Your Assistant licenses will be sold in bundles –10, 25, 50 and 100 packs only no single licenses Details of all the price changes can be found on MOL – Your Assistant portal –"Guide To Your Assistant 3.0 Pricing" details price breakdown of server software and licenses for Your Assistant and Your Assistant Softphone module –Also contains details of special offer for existing Your Assistant 2.x customers

52 Your Assistant Sales Training52 Product Ordering Procedures CSR checks certification then authorizes licenses on AMC –Customer Service (fax: ) CSR provides you with Service Account Number (SAN) –Place SAN into your YA server YA Server talks to AMC and gets licensing details –AMC sends licensing details to your YA server Download software from Your Assistant MOL portal:

53 Your Assistant Sales Training53 90-Day Trial Program Server software & 10 Your Assistant softphone clients licenses Available at Your Assistant product portal: Fill out required fields Download software 90-day period starts from download day –No support offered on 90-day demo

54 Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Competition

55 Your Assistant Sales Training55 Avaya IP Softphone R3 Competitors' Softphones 3COM NBX pcXset Client Software Cisco IP Softphone 1.3

56 Your Assistant Sales Training56 Siemens optiClient 130 easyCom Nortel i2050 Software Phone Competitors' Communication Management Applications Alcatel 4980 PC Telephony Application

57 Mitel | Confidential Mitel Your Assistant Sales Training Futures

58 Your Assistant Sales Training58 Future of Your Assistant 2.x Availability –Effective June 15, 2004 Your Assistant 2.1 will not be available for sale in NA & LAM –Only Your Assistant 3.0 Support –Support for installed base of Your Assistant 2.1 and Your Assistant Pro will continue for one calendar year –Support until June 1, 2005

59 Your Assistant Sales Training59 its about YOU! Truly a communications management tool for the end user –Drag & drop call management –CLID screen pop & PIM integration –Presence and availability management –Visual conference call management –Secure Instant Messaging and File Sharing All future applications will be easily accessed through one intuitive interface

60 Your Assistant Sales Training60 Your Assistant Modules Video Conferencing Audio ConferencingData Collaboration Your Assistant 3.x Softphone Available today! Coming Soon! Future!

61 Your Assistant Sales Training61 Perfect for: * Enterprise video requirements * Multi-location collaboration requirements * External party requirements via secure web address * Distance learning & training * Home office users Perfect for: * Enterprise video requirements * Multi-location collaboration requirements * External party requirements via secure web address * Distance learning & training * Home office users Coming Soon - Data Collaboration Module Features: –5-party video (usb cameras) –Desktop sharing –Application sharing –White boarding –Remote desktop control –Chat

62 Your Assistant Sales Training62 Future Integration!

63 Mitel | Confidential Thank You!

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